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   Chapter 92 Red Light District

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"Okay, see you later!" Sophia smiled as she hung up the phone.

There were two cars parked in the garage, a silver-grey Aston Martin and a black Audi. She got into the black Audi, started the car, and slowly drove out of the garage.

When she arrived at the central business district, she cashed the check Colin had given her and deposited the money into her bank account. Then she took out some cash and spent the afternoon downtown.

Night fell, but she still hadn't found the place she was looking for. After eating a bowl of Huntun at a food stall, she drove to a bar.

Pulling over, Sophia put the hat and mask she prepared in advance before getting off the car and going inside.

Three minutes later, she grabbed a purple-haired boy from the crowd and pulled him to a blind spot on one side.

"Whoa, what's the rush, chica? Come on, let me show you a good time!" The boy grinned and whistled to Sophia.

With a hard face, Sophia pushed him away. Taking out a wad of cash from her handbag, she said, "If you can tell me what I want to know, this will be yours."

The boy swallowed, hurriedly nodding at the sight of the cash.

Fifteen Minutes Later

After a 10-minute walk, Sophia arrived at the location the boy told her.

It was an alley without any street lamps. Only the lights in the hair salons and massage parlors were lit, and in the doorway stood many women in heavy makeup.

This was exactly what Sophia was looking for.

Sophia lowered her hat and went inside. At the door of the hair salon stood a middle-aged woman on her mobile phone. When Sophia saw her, she made a decision.

Sophia knew how to get the information she wanted.

Walking closer, Sophia took out 500 from her handbag. The woman immediately put away her phone and looked at her.

She was shocked to see a woman standing in front of her. Nevertheless, she took the money from Sophia's hand.

"I need your help." Sophia kept her voice deliberately low. The woman hurriedly nodded.

Hearing Sophia's purpose, the middle-aged woman led her down a darker alley.

After taking a few steps, someone called for the woman. The woman replied before turning to Sophia. Pointing at a direction, she said, "Do you see that room with the light on? Go there and tell them what you want. I have something to deal with now."

"Okay, thank you."

The woman left, and Sophia continued alone.

As the woman said, Sophia soon found the person she wanted to meet. After exchanging phone numbers with her, Sophia left.

Because she didn't want to stay long, she had asked the woman to meet her in a coffee shop tomorrow.

Taking her money, the woman nodded and promised to meet her.

After the matter was settled, Sophia left the dilapidated room drenched in thick perfume. When she went out, a man suddenly came onto her. The man held her wrist and asked with a grin, "How much?"


The man was in his late forties, dressed in dark sportswear. He looked her up and down as Sophia tried to explain, "I'm not..."

"What? Come on, let's not play hard to get. Take off that mask and tell me how much for a night."

What the hell! Sophia shook off his hand. "Don't touch me! I don't work here, I was merely looking for someone!"

"Knock it off, girl. How's 500? Is that enough?" Grabbing her hand, the man took the hat and m

ask off Sophia. He was stunned when he saw her face.

He's never seen such a pretty girl here before. "1000, I'll give you 1000. Now, will you come with me?"

"Let go of me! I've told you I'm not a prostitute!" Sophia started to regret coming here alone.

The man didn't listen to a word she said. Pulling Sophia into an empty room, he threw her onto the bed and closed the door behind them.

"Stay away from me! Or I'll call for help!" Sophia jumped off the bed, dashing towards the entrance.

But the man easily overtook her. "Call for help, then. I'm a frequent guest here. All your colleagues are on my side. Are you new here? It's all right. I'll teach you how to take a man..."

Sophia felt like throwing up. Suddenly, an idea came to mind. "I'm on my period!"

The man took it in stride. "That's fine, I'll wear a condom. Nothing I haven't experienced before."

The man took off his clothes in a haste. Sophia hurried to her handbag, but before she could take out her phone, the man tossed her bag away.

"My bag! Let go of me! I can give you money! As much money as you want! You can get whoever you want with it..." The man was already pressing her down to the bed. Sophia felt helpless as she tried everything to get away.

Despite her struggles, the man was determined. "I don't want your money, I just want to sleep with you for one night!"

Sophia paused a while before she shouted.

"Help! Someone help!" The people outside gave no response to her screaming.

What's more, she could hear the sounds of love-making from the next room...

"Come on, let me have a taste of your rosy lips! Pucker up!" The man lowered his head, pressing his face to hers.

Sophia gagged in disgust. She turned her face away, and the man missed her lips.

When the man took off his pants, she grabbed the opportunity and pushed him hard. She jumped off the bed as soon as he was caught off guard.

"Bitch! How dare you run away!"

The man caught her in a few strides. He pulled her by the hair and pushed her on the ground beside the sofa.

Sophia pulled his arm and bit him hard. The man screamed and slapped her face. "How dare you! Fuck, I'm going to kill you!"

"I advise you to let me go. Or else, I'll call the police and you'll spend the rest of your life in prison!" Sophia's hands were held tightly in his hand. When she called for help, he roughly pressed her face to the ground.

"Going to jail for you is worth it, pretty girl." His lips curled into a sleazy grin.

Sophia closed her eyes in despair. How stupid of her to come alone to a place like this!

The man forced her to look at him. He had already taken off his shirt, and was trying to tear hers off.

Sophia gritted her teeth and tried to push him off again, but it was useless.

She suddenly noticed the bedside lamp beside them. She took another bite out of the man's arm and pushed him away as he groaned in pain.

Getting up from the ground, she ran to the door and called for help. "Someone, help me!"

"Bitch! How dare you bite me again!" The man pulled her back from the half-opened door, and tossed her onto the bed.

When she fell onto the bed, Sophia grabbed the bedside lamp from the side table and hit the man hard on his head.

"Ah!" The man let out a loud scream, alarming the lovemaking couple next door.

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