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   Chapter 91 Getting Along

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Sophia drank up the bowl of soup before she started to eat the other dishes.

Perhaps because of Colin's warm care, her cramps started subsiding. The sharp pain became dull and tolerable.

After dinner, they went upstairs together. After telling Sophia to sleep early, Colin went to the study to work.

Sophia went back to the bedroom and got in bed.

Because she had a long nap in the afternoon, she wasn't sleepy. After a while, Sophia took out her phone to pass the time.

When she opened WeChat, a client's update caught her attention. It read, "You can call Miss Duan as Mrs. Wen now. We're about to hit the sack now. Bye, everyone!"

Huh? That sounded familiar.

Ah. Earlier, Colin had said something similar to the press.

Sophia's heart filled with happiness as she recalled Colin's words.

When she opened Weibo, she saw that Colin's name was one of the top searches.

She clicked it. There was an article on Colin Li and his wife Sophia Lo keeping a low profile since their marriage, and how affectionate they were to each other.

There were also two photos of them included in the article. Colin's photo was taken from a magazine, while her photo was taken by the reporters when she left the company building.

Below was a new photo of the two of them together. In the picture, Colin was smiling at the camera, making him even more attractive.

Sophia checked the comments section. The netizens seemed to have various opinions about their match. Some were Leila's fans, who believed that Colin should be with her. These people were very upset that Colin had chosen someone else.

They were cursing Sophia. Some even accused her of being manipulative for not only beating Leila in the competition, but also winning Colin's heart.

Sophia was speechless.

What were they talking about?

Upset, Sophia put the phone aside and prepared to sleep.

Colin finished work and went to bed. He was displeased to find that Sophia was in her room instead of their shared bedroom. Didn't she want to sleep with him?

In her deep sleep, Sophia felt someone kissing her, then she was being pressed down to the mattress.

"Soapy." A voice called to her.

"Yes?" Sophia replied, half-asleep.

"Kiss me."

... Subconsciously, Sophia wrapped her arms around the man's neck. Without opening her eyes, she pressed her lips to his.

Pleased, Colin fiercely kissed her back.

But he soon found himself losing control.

"Soapy." His voice turned hoarse in lust.

Sophia hummed, turning to the other side. But Colin didn't relent.

He pulled her close, until there was no space between them. Her scent drew him in, and his kisses became rougher.

"Sophia, this is your fault."

... Sophia's mind was still heavy with sleep. What was he talking about?

"Since you lit the fire, you have to quench it." Colin sounded adorable when he acted like a spoiled child. Sophia opened her eyes and tried to look to him.

She cupped his face in her hands, studying him intently with sleepy eyes. He was exactly the same Colin she had married, who was always cold and merciless to her.

Colin took her hands off his face, guiding them lower on his body.

It was almost daybreak when they finished.

Getting off the bed, Colin walked out and brought back a warm towel from the bathroom. He gently wiped Sophia's hands clean and tucked her back under the blanket.

When Sophia woke up, it was almost noon.

She hurriedly sat up in bed, a feeling of dread coming over her when she realized how late she was late for work. Jumping off the bed, she suddenly stopped when she remembered that Colin had given her a leave yesterday.


d, she sank back in bed. After a while, she went to the bathroom, took her toothbrush from the shelf, and prepared to wash.

In that moment, a memory came back to her. Sophia's face flushed as she remembered the night before. Last night, she gave Colin a...

That bastard!

After putting herself together, Sophia went downstairs. Mrs. Liu was preparing lunch for her. When she spotted Sophia, she said, "My Lady, please wait for a while. Lunch will be ready soon."

Sophia nodded. "Thank you, Mrs. Liu. Do you need a hand?" She had nothing to do now, anyway.

Mrs. Liu smiled at her thoughtfulness. "No, ma'am. You can watch TV in the living room while you wait. If you're hungry, there are nuts and fresh fruits on the table. Help yourself."

"Okay, thank you."

Sophia sat down in the living room. When she turned on the television, she suddenly remembered that she still had an unfinished task.

After lunch, Sophia changed her clothes and went out of the villa with her handbag and the check that Colin had given her.

It was a bit chilly outside. Sophia pondered for a while and decided to call Colin.

When Colin's phone rang, he was having a video conference with American executives. Seeing the ID on the screen, he apologized to the camera. "Pardon me, I have to take this call."

Walking to the restroom, Colin answered the phone. "Yes?"

Sophia flushed when she heard Colin's voice. She stuttered, "I... I need to go out."

"Okay." Colin was happy she had taken the initiative to tell him. "Do you need me to accompany you?"

Although Colin couldn't see her, Sophia hurriedly shook her head. "No. But I'd like to borrow your car."

"Ask me again." Colin frowned.

"What? Again?" Confused, Sophia recalled their conversation. She asked him to lend her a car, and she told him that she wanted to go out... She suddenly understood what had displeased him. "Oh, you don't want me out?"

... Colin decided not to beat around the bush when it came to her. "I mean never use the word 'borrow' when you want something from me!"

Oh... That's what he meant?

Sophia grinned. "Mr. Li, can I use your car?"

"Everything in our villa is under your disposal. The car keys are in the living room desk drawer, and you can go wherever you want."

"Oh... Thank you, Colin." Sophia meant it. She was sincerely grateful to him.

Colin was frustrated. "Never say 'thank you' to me again, either!"

"Okay! I really appreciate it!"

"Not that, either!"

"But I didn't say 'thank you, ' I said 'I appreciate it.'" The breeze blew gently, and the giant trees along the sides of the road rustled in the chilly wind. Sophia almost burst into laughter as she teased him.

On the other line, Colin also smiled. "Sophia Lo, how dare you play word games with me? I'll teach you how to talk to me when I come back home tonight."

"That's not fair! Besides, last night... Hadn't you had enough already?"

The atmosphere became intimate when she brought up the night before.

Colin raised his eyebrows. "Then I'll teach you a lesson after your period is over."

"May I object, Mr. Li?" Sophia picked up a yellow leaf that was blown to the ground by the wind and held it up against the sun. It was a heart-shaped Ginkgo leaf.

Sophia closed one eye and squinted at the sun through the small holes spattered on the Ginkgo leaf. It was sunny today, but a little windy...

"Only if you are proactive."

Sophia was speechless. That was even worse than his previous threat! Colin was sly and cunning like a fox! Sophia quickly ended their conversation. "Okay, I have to go now. Bye!"

"Alright, be careful. Call me if you need anything."

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