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   Chapter 90 Media Ambush

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Colin went to the private consultant's office next door and didn't find anyone there.

He checked the time and it was already after 7:00pm. Sophia might have left early after work.

Colin was unhappy that she had gone ahead alone.

Why didn't she wait for him?

In the bathroom, Sophia accidentally soiled her trousers. She hurried straight back to the locker and left with her bag without changing her clothes.

A gust of cold wind blew when she exited the building. Sophia tightened her coat.

Suddenly, nonstop flashes came from far and approached her.

There were also a lot of people holding microphones, who must be reporters.

Sophia was surrounded in an instant. Like setting off firecrackers, reporters bombarded her with questions one after another.

"Are you Sophia Lo?"

"Miss Lo, when did you marry Mr. Li?"

"Colin Li is one of the top singles listed in the global rankings. How did you win his heart?"

"Miss Lo, what's Mr. Li's relationship with Leila Ji?"

"I heard that they had known each other for a long time. They were also photographed on a date in the United States. Miss Ji also attended the birthday party of Colin's father. Is your relationship with Mr. Li still good?"

Sophia was dumbstruck.

She never imagined that she would one day be interviewed on camera by a lot of reporters with microphones.

After being barraged with questions, Sophia finally got a chance to speak.

After accompanying Colin to attend various meals and banquets for more than half a month, Sophia didn't retreat and replied in a calm voice, "I'm Sophia Lo. But I'm sorry, please direct your questions to Colin."

She walked two steps forward but failed to leave because there were too many reporters. Cameras kept flashing uncomfortably at her.

The onslaught of questions kept coming, most of which were about Leila. Everyone wanted to know if Leila was a mistress.

It was difficult for Sophia to leave. She said helplessly, "Miss Ji and Colin grew up together, she's practically Colin's sister. How c

Colin, I'm fine!" She was concerned that this would... gross Colin out.

"I'm not letting you sit like that!"


Sophia both loved and hated his dominance.

Holding his neck, she leaned her face against his shoulder and said softly, "I'll wash your clothes when we get back."

"My clothes can't be washed." Colin wasn't going to give her a chance to work.

Oh! It made sense, the expensive clothes that Colin wore would be ruined if they were washed.

The car stopped at the entrance of the villa. Colin carried Sophia out of the car.

He said to Wade, "My Lady will be on leave tomorrow."

"Yes, Mr. Li."

... Sophia looked at Colin silently. How could he make the decision for her, when she hadn't said anything about filing for a leave?

After entering the villa, Colin put Sophia down to change shoes.

While Mrs. Liu was preparing dinner in the kitchen, Sophia went upstairs to get changed.

When she came down after getting dressed, four dishes and a bowl of soup was served on the table.

After wiping his hands with a wet napkin, Colin gave Sophia the bowl of soup. "Taste the black-bone chicken soup Mrs. Liu made."

"Okay!" Sophia tasted a spoonful of soup.

It was difficult to cook black-bone chicken soup because it got a strange taste if it wasn't cooked properly. But the soup Mrs. Liu cooked was very delicious.

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