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   Chapter 89 Emotional Comfort

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"I'm here." It was the first time for Colin to see Sophia like this. She became soft and acted spoiled.

Maybe Herring was right. Sophia was like a cup of old tea, which was tasted better as time passed by.

Someone was knocking on the lounge door. Colin loosened his hold on Sophia and opened it to find Gillian.

Gillian handed him the brown sugar water. "Mr. Li, it's ready."

"Thank you, Mr. Huo." Colin replied warmly.

Gillian was a bit surprised. "You're welcome, Mr. Li."

When Gillan first met Colin, he was a calm person. But for some reason, he changed recently. He was usually serious or irritable these days. He rarely saw him so warm and gentle.

As Gillian left, Colin took the warm sugar water and sat down next to Sophia. "Wait a minute. It's still a bit hot."

Sophia nodded gently. "Okay."

Sophia looked up at the man who held her in his arms. She never thought Colin could be so good to her.

He was being so kind, she thought she was dreaming. When she was in pain, warm hugs and emotional comfort were better than anything else.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Colin was slightly unhappy about this.

Sophia was speechless for a long time. After taking a bold look at Colin, she spoke pitifully, "I'm not feeling well now. Are you really going to blame me?"

The saying was right. A spoiled woman enjoyed a better life!

Right! Colin kissed her on the forehead. "No, I'm not blaming you. Next time, tell me in advance if you're uncomfortable or if anything is wrong."

Sophia smiled. She rested her head on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. "Why should I tell you? You're not a doctor."

Colin paused. "At the very least, I can give you a leave and you don't have to endure the pain at work."

Fine! "Okay, I know."

"How did you get through it before?" She had been in Z Country for about three or four months. How did she get through it then?

"I filed for leave during the first two months. But this month, I've already asked for a 3-day leave to go to A Country. I decided not to ask

o hold a press conference?"

"No. There's no need to hold a press conference about my private affairs."

"Yes, Sir."

"Is there any rumor about Sophia on the Internet?" Colin knew the power of public opinion, and he feared it might hurt Sophia.

He usually kept a low profile, he didn't expect to catch so much attention from the media about his marriage.

"There are some rumors made up by netizens. But if the situation continues, they will soon find out that she had been in prison."

Colin frowned. "Send someone to the Public Security Bureau in A Country to destroy Sophia's records."

Remembering her pale and pitiful look, Colin didn't want Sophia to get hurt again.

He hadn't found the maid from the Lien family yet. The direct way to protect Sophia was to destroy her criminal records.

Even if people investigate her past, Colin would be able to find the maid. It would be easy to clear her name.

"Yes, Mr. Li."

Sophia slept until the evening. When she woke up, the lounge was quiet.

Feeling much better, she carefully sat up on the bed. After folding the blanket, she exited the lounge.

Colin wasn't outside. She thought he had already left. Anxious to go to the restroom, she left the CEO's office.

When Colin returned from the conference room, he found the lounge door was open and the woman sleeping inside had disappeared.

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