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   Chapter 88 Sophia's Husband

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Jamie wondered why Sophia kept working at the company even after the CEO had humiliated her.

Taking advantage of the situation, Jamie said smugly, "Sophia, you bitch. If I were you, I would pack up my stuff and leave the company."

"Then leave now." A cold voice came from behind.

Everyone was very familiar with the voice. It was Colin. People started moving to escape in fear of being punished when Colin barked, "Nobody is allowed to leave!"

About 30 people were gathering at the lobby. Everyone lowered their heads and cursed their bad luck.

Colin walked to the middle of the crowed where Sophia stood. Wade followed close by.

Jamie stammered nervously, "Mr. Li, it's Miss Lo. She's married, but..."

Colin looked at her coldly and continued, "But what? She's been seducing me?"

"Yes... Look at the diamond ring on her hand. It's from... It's from her husband!" Jamie was white as a sheet. Didn't the CEO go out to see clients? Why did he come back so early?

Colin ignored Jamie and looked at the pale-faced Sophia. "You look pale. Are you frightened?"

His cold voice changed into a gentle tone when he spoke to Sophia, stunning everyone present.

Sophia shook her head lightly. "Mr. Li, I'm sorry to have troubled you. Please punish me as you see fit!"

"Give me your phone." Colin ignored her self-recrimination.

Although Sophia was puzzled, she gave her phone to Colin. Everyone held their breath as they anticipated what would happen next.

The page on the phone was still the controversial post. Colin took a look at the photos and smiled.

Retuning the phone to Sophia, Colin lifted her left hand with the diamond ring and asked Jamie, "Miss Chiao, are you talking about this ring?"

Jamie nervously nodded her head in doubt.

"Why did you blur the photos?" Colin asked her again.

"Mr. Li, I'm sorry. I..." Jamie was too frightened to speak coherently. Getting an idea, she pointed to Sophia eagerly. "It's Miss Lo! She asked me to take the photos. She said she wanted to hype herself up."

Her excuse made both Sophia and Colin laugh.

The man put his hands in the pockets. "Is there anything wrong with Miss Lo seducing her own husband?"

Jamie was slow. "Yes, she tried to seduce someone else's husband."

Sophia looked at Colin in astonishment. What did he say? Did he want to make it public? No...

"Mr. Li, you have a client to meet soon." Sophia pulled Colin's sleeve and wanted to take him away.

Colin took her hand and shoved the ring in front of Jamie's face. "Yes, I bought it for Sophia. I'm Sophia's husband."

Everyone was speechless.

His words were like a bomb to everyone's ears, leaving behind a deafening silence.

The entire lobby of the company was quiet. Everyone was in shock for a long time.

What did Mr. Li say?

Sophia's husband was Colin Li. The CEO?

Sophia stared at Colin ridiculously beside him. In that moment, she saw Colin as a handsome and heroic man.

She was moved by his actions and her eyes became wet with tears.

Standing still with her mouth wide open, Jamie was unable to say a word.

"Sophia likes to keep a low profile and doesn't want to cause any trouble. But some people keep causing trouble over and over again. Mr. Ji, sort out this mess. Give me a satisfactory report on everyone who wants to cause trouble at the company."

"Yes, Mr. Li."


ing everyone's shock, Colin put his arm around Sophia's shoulders and walked to the elevator.

At the elevator, many people witnessed Colin holding Sophia to his chest.

In the CEO's Exclusive Elevator.

A light blush filled Sophia's pale face. "Stop it, Colin. Everyone's watching!"

Didn't they agree to keep their marriage a secret? Why did Colin announce it in public? If he had told her earlier, she would have been prepared for it.

"You seem on the verge of fainting. How are you walking?" Colin didn't let her go even when they reached the 88th floor.

Colin walked out from the elevator with Sophia in arms and passed by Gillian, who was just coming out from the secretarial room.

Gillian was so shocked at the scene that he forgot to greet Colin.

Colin didn't mind, taking Sophia into his office.

He settled Sophia on the big bed in the lounge. Sophia wanted to stand up but was pressed back down by Colin.

"Are you not feeling well?" Her face was very pale.

"Yes, a little. Oh! My takeout food!" Sophia just remembered that she left her takeout downstairs.

"What did you buy?" Colin took out his phone and decided to call Wade.

But Sophia didn't want to talk about her food now. There were more important things to discuss. "Colin, you made our marriage public. Aren't you afraid of attracting trouble?"

Colin wasn't worried about attracting trouble for himself. He looked at Sophia intently. "I'm fine with it, but you..."


"Nothing. What's the matter with you? Do you need to go to the hospital?" Colin changed the topic and sat down on her bedside.

How could she tell him about her period... "It's not a big deal, Colin. I want to go back to my office."

Colin ignored her. "You haven't had your lunch?"

Sophia nodded, but suddenly closed her eyes in pain. She couldn't bear it anymore. "Can I take a nap?"

Her pained expression worried Colin a lot. "You have to go to the hospital. I'll take you!" He lifted her blanket and moved to carry her.

Sophia clutched his coat tightly. "No, I'm not sick. It's just... It's my period."

The man was puzzled. "Period?"

Flushing in embarrassment, Sophia explained it quickly. Colin was relieved. It wasn't as serious as he had feared, and put her back on the bed.

"Get some rest!" Tucking her in, he left the lounge.

The pain made Sophia toss and turn on on the bed.

Twenty minutes later, Colin opened the lounge door to find his pale wife rolling on the bed and clutching her stomach.

Colin strode to the bed and put down the soup he was holding. He gathered Sophia carefully in arms. "Sophia, I'll take you to the doctor!"

"It's no use." The doctor would have no idea how to cure this kind of pain.

Colin had consulted his private doctor. Apparently, Western medicine couldn't cure menstrual cramps quickly, but an experienced traditional Chinese medicine practitioner might be able to help.

He embraced her more tightly. "Sophia, what can I do to help you?"

Colin wanted to take her to the hospital.

'Sophia, what can I do to relieve your pain?' he thought to himself helplessly.

Her eyes filled with happy tears. It had been a long time since anyone cared about her like that.

She wanted to cry. What could she do?

Sophia buried her face to Colin's chest. "Colin."

Her tone was light and she seemed like a spoiled child.

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