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   Chapter 87 Company Gossip

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"Why not?" Sophia wasn't convinced.

"Because I'm your husband!" Colin declared it so seriously and aggressively, It was like he was obsessed with Sophia. Seizing the opportunity, Colin kissed her and threw her onto the bed.

"Colin, tell me the truth... Have you slept with other women?" She stared intensely at her husband on top of her.

Colin shook his head. "Not everyone is as frivolous as you are." Leaving no room for protest, he kissed her red lips.

'Bastard, you keep sullying my name!' Sophia thought to herself.

That evening, Sophia behaved enthusiastically. She remembered her goal of getting pregnant with Colin's child, divorcing him, and letting the child be raised by another man.

It's a pity that Sophia got her period two days later.


She kept herself fit before her prison sentence. But the dark and damp prison tortured her heavily, making her get horrible cramps whenever she got her period.

In the past, she would file for a 2-day leave and lay in bed until the pain subsided.

But this time... Since she just took a 3-day leave, she didn't want to ask for another one.

Fortunately, Herring wasn't in his private consultant's office. Whenever the pain became too unbearable, she would take a rest at his office desk.

It took a great deal of effort for her to get a glass of hot water. She fell asleep holding the glass.

At noon, she was too weak to have lunch at the canteen.

With so much money from Colin, she should use it to get a check-up in the hospital and take good care of herself until she got rid of the severe pain.

Making up her mind, Sophia ordered takeout using her mobile phone.

Soon, the food was delivered downstairs. Because of the company's security, Sophia had to come down to the ground floor and pick up her food.

For some reason, disgusted and contemptuous glances from her colleagues followed her the whole way.

Regardless of Sophia's pale face, an older woman approached her and said sardonically, "You're the sec

ow could she do such horrible things?"

"Everyone was misled. She's self-centered and thinks too highly of herself!"

Sophia noticed a man standing behind the crowd, frowning and looking at her intensely.

Sophia shot Colin a challenging look before she turned to question Jamie, "Secretary Jamie, do you know which male colleague I was seducing?"

Jamie was too frightened to reveal Colin's identity.

"His name is unimportant." "You cheated on your husband and seduced other men. How could your husband not beat you to death?"

"Do you have any evidence that I'm being disloyal to my husband? Secretary Jamie, did you come here to work or simply make trouble for me? Have you forgotten that the president forbade gossip in the company? Are you challenging the president's authority?" The last sentence was intended to get back at Jamie.

When Sophia arrived late for a meeting in the past, Jamie scolded her publicly with these words.

Jamie was more familiar with these words than anyone else. She countered, "You're talking nonsense. How am I challenging the president's authority? Should I remind you how the president treated you before? You were punished to clean the toilets!"

Since gossip was prohibited in the company, hardly anyone knew about this. But after Jamie announced it publicly, it caused an uproar.

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