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   Chapter 86 Money Matters

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Colin was perplexed. "Where?"

"You can go to your Leila, Lola, Lisa or whatever. I'll cover for you when mom asks me." He immediately wanted to end her generosity.

Colin's face darkened. "What do you want?"

Was she angry again? Sophia sat up straight, and gave the check back to him. "Just give me a 10-million check. If you give me too much money, I'll get used to buying whatever I want." Spending money is addictive!

"You can buy whatever you want. Don't hesitate to ask me for more if you want to." Colin didn't take the check. He took some fish from the fish head with chopped peppers dish and put it on Sophia's rice.

Sophia almost gave in to the temptation but she shook her head quickly. "I'm afraid I might not be able to pay you back after we divorce."

"If you can't pay me back, you can sign a contract and stay with me for the rest of your life."

Sophia was silent. Sophia thought about Colin's suggestion. Sign a contract and stay with him forever? Something felt wrong with it.

"Put the check away and eat!" Colin took two bowls of mushroom soup, one for Sophia and the other for himself.

But the number on the check was too high. Sophia was wondering how to refuse it when Colin said, "Sophia, listen to me carefully. If you continue to buy cheap clothes in the pedestrian street again and refuse to use my money, I'll never let you go back to A Country." Colin took a graceful sip of the soup and added, "Do you believe me?"

Of course, Sophia believed him.


"No. If I were you, I would take the check and get a car. Then buy pretty clothes and luxury bags that women love so much. Then I would turn to my husband if the money runs out because he is rich."

Sophia was speechless. She put the check away, swallowing a mouthful of rice. "If you were a woman, you'd be a siren! A siren willing to sell herself out to the highest bidder."

Colin hummed lightly and didn't deny her.

Sophia ate the fish and swallowed it down. "Colin, I don't want to buy bags and clothes because you've already bought so many for me. It will be too wasteful to buy any more."

The man l

e had brought back from A Country.

Sophia and Hugh's letters!

"Colin, what are you doing?" Sophia ran to him and tried to take the letters back.

She remembered putting them in the bedside drawer. How did Colin find them?

The more she wanted to take them back, the more Colin didn't want to give them to her. When she tried to grab them again, Colin held her steadily in his arms. He raised the letters with an outstretched hand as he continued reading the letters.

This time, he read it out loud. The letter was written by Sophia. "Where will I be in ten years? And what will I be doing by then?"

"Colin, stop reading! Why are you so annoying?" Sophia kept jumping to get them back, but failed to reach them because he was so tall.

Colin turned to another page. "Today, I saw the sports committee member in the stadium. Many girls like him a lot. Why do I feel nothing for him? And the..."

"No, no, no! Colin, stop it! I'll cry if you keep reading!"

Sophia was clutching and scratching him helplessly. What a bastard! So annoying!

Colin folded the letters and put them on top of a wall lamp, where Sophia couldn't reach. He could easily continue reading them next time.

Sophia seethed in silence.

Clenching her teeth, she jumped as high as she could, but still failed to reach them.

When she jumped again, the man held her tightly in arms. "Sophia, stop writing letters to Hugh."

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