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   Chapter 85 Dorothy's Curse

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The waiter thought for a while. "Miss, if you want to taste the devil pepper, I can ask the cook to put one into the dish. Three devil peppers at the most."

"Good. I want three peppers in the dish." Sophia had tried four devil peppers in a dish before. Thinking the devil peppers here might be a different spicier kind, Sophia asked for three devil peppers.

Colin blew out a smoke as the waiter left. "It's not healthy for the stomach if you eat too much spicy food."

Sophia took a sip of lemonade. "I'm okay."

She liked eating spicy food a lot and her tongue had gotten used to the taste of pepper.

"Why didn't you pick up my call?" Colin hadn't forgotten what happened that afternoon.

Sophia smiled. "Mr. Li, I didn't want to spoil your beautiful date."

Colin's eyes darkened. "We were not on a date. There were several other people there too. For the last time, Leila and I are not in that kind of relationship!"

"You don't have to explain it to me." Sophia meant that he didn't have to lie to her because she could figure it out by herself.

The man flicked away some cigarette ash and looked at her lightly. "Sophia, please don't make me mad."

Sophia's eyes widened at his words. How could he say that she made him mad? On the contrary, Colin was the one making her mad! Colin was good at changing the facts.

Sophia dropped the topic. She didn't want to say anything about it any more. All she wanted to do now was eat, then go home early for a good rest.

She was quiet, but Colin broke the silence. "I've decided to send Aaron to high school to study again."

Sophia shook her head. "Now is not the right time to send him to school. If I were in A Country, he could go to school. Are you letting me go back to A Country?"

Forget it, she shouldn't have said anything.

Colin took a deep drag on the cigarette. "One year!"

He would bring her back after one year.

"Okay." Sophia let out a sigh. She was worried about her father in A Country.

Sophia's phone rang, breaking the short silence in the room.

It was a call from a stranger.

She answered the phone curiously. "Hello."

A deafening scream blared into Sophia's ear as soon as she picked up. She had to quickly pull away the phone.

"Sophia Lo, you cruel and wicked woman! You should die! I curse that you never have a child in your life and in the next life!"

Dorothy screamed and swore at Sophia like a crazy woman.

"What did I do to you?"

Sophia asked when Dorothy took a breath from the screaming.

Dorothy howled in desperation. Sophia was so alarmed that she pulled the phone away again. "It's your fault! You cursed my baby, you bitch! If it weren't for you, my baby would still be alive! Bitch! Sophia Lo, I'll kill you the next time I see you!

Sophia was silent. Did Dorothy mean that her baby died?

"Are you crazy? You lost your baby because you slipped and fell at the mall. It's none of my business. You're spitting out accusations like a crazy person." How unreasonable!

Sophia wasn't happy before answering the phone, and now she was even more annoyed after Dorothy's call.

"If you hadn't cursed my child, he wouldn't have died! I lost him because you cursed my baby! Sophia Lo, go to hell!"

What? Sophia was speechless. If the curse was real, Sophia would have died many times over from Dorothy's numerous curses.

"If my curse was real, what about yours? You cursed me before, along with my whole family. Shouldn't you be in hell by now? You framed me and sent me to jail for five years. You should be stabbed an

d tortured in the flames of the hell."

Sophia's cold voice put Dorothy's crazy accusations to an abrupt end.

Colin looked at Sophia, whose countenance grew colder and colder. He took out his cellphone and sent Wade a message, "Find the maid connected to the Lien Family who played a role in Sophia's case two years ago."

"Yes, Mr. Li."

Before the dishes were served, Sophia ended the phone abruptly. She held the phone tightly in her shaking hand.

Colin looked at her quietly. "Sophia, you're being stupid. How could you get worked up like this over your enemy?"

His words were a blow to Sophia's heart. Yes, she did lose her temper because of Dorothy, even though she didn't deserve it.

She thought she would never get emotional because of Dorothy, but she failed to do so.

"Do you know how much cosmetic surgery costs?" Sophia suddenly asked Colin.

Colin remembers Levi telling him about a female plastic surgeon who chased after Levi. "It depends on the surgery, ranging from tens of thousands to millions."

He added, "Do you want to undergo surgery?" His tone was serious and Sophia quickly shook her head.

Tens of thousands to millions? Then a major surgery would cost millions. Goodness, where could she get that much money?

That's right... Clenching her teeth, Sophia swallowed her pride and said, "Mr. Li, the previous 30 million check you gave... Does it still count?

She remembered putting the check in the bedside drawer in Colin's bedroom. It seemed Colin noticed it at that time.

Colin raised his eyebrows. "Of course, it counts!"

"Good. I'll take the 30 million as the alimony you gave me. But I'll pay you back as soon as I can."

Colin didn't reply. He wanted to wring her neck so bad. "Will you ever say something that will make me happy?"

Colin wondered if Sophia meant that she wanted to divorce him.

Sophia blinked. "Colin, why are you upset? You're the one who told me that the 30 million was for alimony."

But she might only need less, 10 million would probably be enough.

Colin closed his eyes. Being with Sophia was draining years of his life.

"Take the 30 million and buy whatever you want. Don't think of divorcing me after spending it!"

"Then I won't spend it!" Sophia blurted out without thinking.

"Good. You can keep the 30 million." Then he took out a stack of checks from his pocket, wrote many zeros on one, and threw it to Sophia.

If what happened before had taught Colin anything, it was that he shouldn't ask too many questions or the woman would do something stupid.

Sophia was stunned into silence. Did Colin have a secret money-printing factory?

Sophia counted the zeros. Ten, a hundred, a thousand... Fifty million.

The waiter began to serve the dishes and Sophia tried hard to get a handle on her emotions.

She pinched her face and it hurt. The 50-million check was real. In an instant, Sophia felt like flying in the air.

The waiter left and Sophia smirked at Colin. "I'll run away with the check."

"If you stay, you'll have another 50 million, and a third, a fourth..." Colin tempted her slowly.

Fortunately, he found something Sophia that liked.

If he had known earlier, he would've put a stack of checks in her underwear.

Oh my god, four 50-million checks! That's 200 million!

Sophia wanted to run and hug Colin's leg. He was so rich and generous!

Two more dishes were served, and Colin put a glass of fresh juice in front of her. Sophia took a sip and said something that almost made Colin go crazy. "Colin, you can go now!"

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