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   Chapter 84 Overtime

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Colin was sinking into the swamp of love!

"Coax her when you arrive. Women like to be coaxed. Got it?" Reclining on the edge of the hot spring pool, Herring looked at the silent Hugh.

One was happy, while the other one was sad. This was how his two brothers have been lately.

Women like to be coaxed? Sitting in the car, Colin pondered on Herring's words.

He started his silver-grey Aston Martin and drove at full speed towards the expressway.

He was in Green Cold Country. It would take at least five hours to get to Z Country from here.

And it was already 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Even if he could get there early, it would still be past nine.

In Z Country, Sophia was puzzled by the extra work Wade had given her. "Miss Lo, a lot of work accumulated in the past three days you weren't here. These documents are needed tomorrow."

Well, that sounded reasonable. "Okay. I'll work on it."

"Thank you, Miss Lo." Wade felt guilty, since the documents were neither urgent nor important at all. But Mr. Li told him to do so. He had no choice.

"That's alright, Mr. Ji."

While everyone had gone home, only Sophia and the Public Relations Department remained in the office.

The Public Relations Department stayed to handle reports about Colin and Leila. Meanwhile, Sophia was doing overtime work because of an order from Colin.

At 10pm, Sophia took off her glasses and rubbed her sore eyes. She felt like it would take endless hours to process those documents.

She sighed helplessly and put on her glasses back to continue.

In that moment, the door was pushed open. Sophia startled at the sound.

What? Colin?

Seeing Sophia sitting at her desk, Colin sighed in relief. It was worth rushing over.

"Sophia Lo!" He called.

"Yes, Mr. Li." She looked back to the computer and continued working.

Colin strode over, pulled her into his arms, and responded with a kiss.

Sophia couldn't get out of Colin's grasp because o

n. She had been mad at Colin this afternoon, but she was now holding his hand, about to have dinner with him.

The restaurant was decorated in a retro style. They picked a luxurious private room with a window.

Two menus were placed in front of them, and Sophia slowly read the menu.

"Order anything you like." Colin closed the menu and let Sophia order first.

Sophia was really hungry. She had skipped supper because of the extra work. She ordered the fish head with chopped pepper, the stir-fried pork, the beef soup with enoki... All spicy dishes.

In the end, she lifted her eyes and asked Colin, "Can you eat spicy food?"

Was she doing it on purpose? He ate all spicy food she cooked at home.

"Of course."

Getting his approval, Sophia closed her menu and gave it to the waiter. "That's all. Make them spicy, please. Super spicy. And I'd like two bowls of rice and a glass of fruit juice. Thank you!"

Colin opened his menu. "I'll take the dry pot beef, the fried bamboo shoots, and a glass of fruit juice. That's all."

The waiter confirmed their orders. Then he asked, "Miss, would you like to try Naga Jolokia? We can add some in the stir-fried pork."

Sophia had tried Naga Jolokia once. It was one of the hottest chilis native to India. She asked, "How much will you add?"

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