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   Chapter 83 Heartbreaking News

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The fifth picture was taken from the side. On Colin's back, Leila looked quite happy.

All the female workers around Sophia were squealing in excitement. But her mind had gone blank and she couldn't pay attention to what they were saying.

She couldn't tear her eyes away from the pictures of Colin carrying Leila on his back.

If she had any doubts about the identity of Colin's true love, she was certain of it now.

It couldn't be anyone but Leila.

Drawing the conclusion that the woman Colin loved was the famous star Leila, Sophia's eyes became wet. As she lowered her head and filled her mouth with noodles, tears dropped into the bowl.

Why was she crying? Colin had meant to take her with him. She was the one who refused Colin's invitation.

But she still felt sad because Colin hadn't mentioned that Leila would be there as well.

She thought that Colin was going with his male friends. Had she known that the big star who coveted her husband would also be there, She would have gone with Colin even if it would cost her a month's salary.

Sophia wiped her tears with a tissue and tried to calm down.

By the afternoon, every employee in the SL Group in Z Country was talking about Colin and Leila's marriage.

They called them the golden couple because of their charming appearance and privileged backgrounds.

At the private consultant's office, Sophia was staring blankly at the picture. What should she do? Should she leave their marriage and step aside for Colin and Leila?

Her phone rang as mulled over it. It was an unknown number.

Only a few people had her phone number. Sophia wondered who was calling her.

She answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Sophia, it's me." It was Hugh.

Sophia smiled. "Hugh, how did you get my phone number?"

Last time they met, Colin was there. They didn't get a chance to exchange numbers.

"My assistant helped me. Sophia, did you

e, Mr. Li?"

"Yes!" Colin walked into his room as he disconnected the call.

Leila followed him into the room. She said carefully, "Colin..."

Colin suppressed his irritation and smiled at her. "Leila, I have something to deal with in Z Country. I have to go back first. Have a good time with everyone."

The people who accompanied them on the trip included Herring, Hugh, and sons of other rich families. Leila was familiar with every one of them.

"Can't you wait until the day after tomorrow?" Knowing Colin was leaving, Leila became upset and felt like crying.

Colin packed his things rapidly. Then he walked to Leila and stroked her hair. "No, it's urgent. I have to go back now. Go stay with Herring and Hugh."

Leila knew him well enough to know that he wouldn't change his mind once he had decided on something. "All right. Colin, can I go to Z Country to see you?"

Go to Z Country? Would Sophia be upset? Probably not, Leila just wanted to visit and have fun. "Sure. Call me when you're coming."

He wavered for a while before responding, which hurt Leila a lot.

She nodded. "Be careful on your way home."

"I will. Goodbye, Leila."

Colin called Herring on the way back. Having read the news, Herring understood Colin's sudden departure.

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