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   Chapter 82 Out of Line

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Thinking Colin was upset for what happened the other night, Wendy pulled Sophia to sit at the dining table "Sophie, I've got your back! You've done nothing wrong."

Sophia was shocked and flattered.

She was so moved that she almost burst into tears.

At the end of dinner, Sophia went to the kitchen. She made a bowl of tomato and egg noodles for Colin, and brought it upstairs.

In the Study.

Colin was talking to someone on his phone, possibly Wade Ji. When Sophia brought the noodles in, she heard Colin say, "Refund Sophia's plane ticket, and..."

"How dare you!" Sophia yelled at him.

Colin shot her a glance, but continued, "Refund her ticket, and give her a week's leave."

Sophia put the bowl on the table and grabbed the phone from Colin's hand. "I'm going back to Z Country tomorrow!"

She couldn't afford to take any more leaves. All her bonuses would disappear!

How could she support father without her bonus?

"Give me back my phone." Colin reached out a hand.

Sophia put his phone to her ear. "Mr. Ji, I will return to work the day after tomorrow. Please don't listen to Mr. Li. Thank you!"

Wade wanted to say something, but Sophia hung up the phone.

Wade felt frustrated. Did Sophia have any idea about what she was doing? Mr. Li wanted to go out on a holiday with her!

After hanging up the phone, Sophia let out a sigh of relief and handed the phone back to Colin. "If you have to stay in A Country for a while, I can go back on my own."

After all, she had traveled alone last time. She was an expert with the airports now.

Colin restrained his anger as he tried to explain to her, "I want to take a few days off, and I want to spend it with you. We can travel abroad along with some friends of mine."

Travel abroad?

Sophia shook her head. "You can go with your friends on your own. After all, our marriage isn't real. I don't think it's proper for us to travel together."

Colin was angry and frustrated. Taking several deep breaths, he gritted his teeth and shouted at her.

"Get out!"

Sophia quietly obeyed. But before she went out of the room, she turned back, and said, "The bowl of noodles is for you. Have some for dinner."

"Fuck your noodles! Get them away from me!" Colin angrily sat down at his desk, and started sorting through some documents.

Sophia approached him and put the bowl of noodles in front of him. "Have some. It won't taste good if you eat it cold."

How could Colin have any appetite now? Trying hard to suppress his anger, he shouted again. "Take it away, I don't want your noodles!

Don't make me say that a third time!"

Sophia gave him a slightly injured look. She picked up the bowl and scooped out some noodles with the chopsticks. "Would you like me to feed it to you? Come on, at least take a bite. I made it for you..."

"Leave!" The restrained anger felt like a knot in his stomach. How could this woman be so stupid!

Sophia touched her bloated stomach. She was really full now, she couldn't take another bite. If Colin didn't want the noodles, it would be thrown away... What a waste.

She lifted the chopsticks of noodles to his mouth, and urged, "Try it. It's pretty tasty..."

Thanks to Colin, Sophia had become an awfully good cook. The noodles she made smelled really good. If she wasn't so full, she would eat it herself.

Colin raised his hand to push her away. But his hand accidentally landed on the bowl, which slid off Sophia's hand.

The floor didn't have a carpet, and the bowl broke when it hit the tiles. The contents spilled all over.

Wendy rushed to the study when she heard the crash. "What's wrong

, Sophie? What happened?"

Seeing the mess on the floor, she gasped, "What a shame! Sophie, you've gone to so much trouble to make that!"

Wendy's words made Colin's heart clench tightly.

He suddenly felt guilty for his actions. He turned to Sophia to apologize, "I'm..."

Before he could apologize, Sophia interrupted, "It's okay, mom. I'll clean it up."

"No, Sophie! I'll call the servants to clean it up. Were you hurt? Let me have a look." Wendy took Sophia's hands, and looked her up and down.

Sophia gently shook her head. "Mom, I wasn't hurt. I'll go and call the servants."


When Sophia exited the room, Wendy flashed her eyes angrily at her son. "What happened! A bowl of noodles would never jump to the floor on its own! Whatever you did, you've let Sophie down, Colin!"

Colin didn't answer. Wendy got angrier with him but he could do nothing about it. When a servant came in to tidy the mess, she left.

As the servant cleaned the mess, Colin irritably ran his fingers through his hair.

He didn't understand either. Why did he have to refuse the bowl of noodles? Why did he have to refuse Sophia? He was also out of line.

Sophia went back to the bedroom, preparing to take a shower.

Colin exhausted her enough in the parking lot, but the encounter with Payne wore her out further. And now, the noodles incident made her feel even worse. She was completely drained after such a long day.

She decided to take a refreshing shower.

When Sophia came out of the bathroom, she was still alone in the bedroom. After packing her things, she went to bed.

At 12 midnight, the door of the bedroom opened silently. Colin entered and tiptoed his way to the bed.

Sophia was frowning in her sleep. She seemed to be sleeping restlessly.

Colin lowered his head and kissed on her forehead before going to the bathroom.

The next morning, Sophia had already left for the airport when Colin woke up.

Sophia kissed Wendy goodbye before she got onboard. "Mom, I gotta go now. You should come visit us at Z Country. I'll host you there!" With her suitcase in hand, Sophia waved to Wendy.

"Sure, I will! Take care, Sophie! If you want to eat anything, just tell the servants. You don't have to cook yourself. It's already tiring for you to go to work everyday." Fussing as if she was Sophia's actual mother, Wendy couldn't help striding towards her and straightening the collar of her coat.

Sophia hugged her. "I will! Take care, mom!"

"Have a good trip!"


As soon as Sophia returned to Z Country, she became busy again. Before she left the hospital, she told Aaron to buy a mobile phone with the money she gave him, so they could get in touch with each other more easily.

After buying a phone, Aaron called Sophia and she saved his number.

Since then, they started using cellphones contacting each other regularly. Sophia also had video calls with Aaron and Jay from time to time to make sure her dad was recovering.

On the third day after her arrival, Sophia heard a colleague cry out in surprise while having lunch in the dining hall. "Guys! Look at this! Mr. Li is in today's headline! Something happened between him and Leila Ji!"

"Are you serious? Let me have a look! ... Oh! It's real!"

"Oh my god... Is Leila Ji Mr. Li's wife? Look, here's a picture! Mr. Li was carrying her on his back!"


Hearing that, Sophia lost her appetite.

She took her phone out from her pocket. When she opened Weibo, she clicked on a piece of news that had been mentioned in today's hot topics.

Along with the report came nine paparazzi photos of the Colin and Leila.

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