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   Chapter 81 No Competition

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Sophia's heart throbbed in her chest. What was he doing? They were in a public parking lot...

"Colin? Aren't you being unfair to the woman you love?"

Colin pressed her onto the seat. Although he had no idea who she was talking about, he teased, "You know a lot about me, Sophia. Yes, I admit I'm a terrible man." A terrible man who enjoyed messing with his wife.

Sophia trembled when she felt Colin's hands squeeze her bum. She quickly begged, "Colin! We... We should do this at home! Let's go home, please!"

"I want to do it here. But if you want to do it at home, we can have another round later."


Meanwhile, Dorothy was taken into the operating room while Payne took care of the formalities. He scuttled back and forth, and when he passed by the parking lot, he heard some weird sounds coming from a Porsche.

He took a closer look and when he saw that the license plate number was 9999, he identified it as Colin's car.

Hoping he was mistaken, he walked up to the car and looked inside. It was dark, but he could still clearly see two people in the backseat. He didn't need to wonder what they were doing.

Noticing him, Colin flashed a wicked smile and whispered to Sophia, "Look, your ex-boyfriend is watching."

Sophia opened her eyes and looked out.

When she saw Payne staring at them, she smirked. She wrapped her arms around Colin's neck and whispered to him, "Colin, do me a favor."

Outside the car, Payne stared at them without blinking. He clenched his hands into fists as he fought against the urge to smash their car.

Colin was displeased. He didn't like being used against her ex, so he said sarcastically, "What favor? Do you want me to invite him to join us? I don't mind. Since there's nothing anything going on between you and Payne, there's very little to worry about."

Sophia gritted her teeth. She tried to slap Colin, but he caught her hand.

She kicked him hard and sneered, "Well, go on then. If you have the balls to invite him."

Colin's face darkened. He remained silent, thrusting harder.

They went on for over an hour. With gritted tee

and went back to the car.

The car slowly started, with Sophia in the passenger seat. When they passed by Payne, she didn't even glance at him. Payne was seized by heartache as he watched them drive away.

Was this how Sophia felt when they broke up?

Payne felt horrible. He just wanted her back.

The car went out of the hospital and sped along the road. Colin asked in dissatisfaction, "What? Are you upset?"

Sophia was confused. What was he talking about? "Why would I be upset?"

"Stop being coy, Sophia. If I ever spot you with another man, especially Payne Tai, I'll kill you and throw your corpse into the sea!"

Sophia was frustrated.

"Are you saying this because I stopped you from hitting him? I don't care about Payne, Colin. I was worried that you would get in trouble." Sophia tried to explain, but Colin wouldn't listen.

Colin remained silent and kept his eyes on the road.

When they got back to Li House, dinner was ready. Everyone was preparing to sit down and eat.

Seeing Colin and Sophia, the servants quickly brought two sets of bowls and chopsticks for them. But Colin went upstairs without turning back. "I'm not hungry!"

Left behind, Sophia felt embarrassed. How could he easily throw her aside after using her like that?

"What's wrong with Colin?" Wendy asked curiously.

Sophia didn't want to make up another story. "We got into a fight earlier."

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