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   Chapter 80 The New Sophia

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Aaron's current situation wasn't ideal. Colin pondered for a while. "No, you can't do that forever. Besides, you shouldn't be taking care of father all the time. You need to think about yourself, Aaron. I want you to resume your studies in a school, then I'll arrange a proper university for you based on your grades."

Sophia was pretending to play with her phone. Hearing Colin's suggestion, she blurted out, "That's right, Aaron. You should go back to school."

"What about father?" Aaron didn't agree.

"I'll take care of father." Sophia replied. She could quit the SL Group and find another job in A Country, so she could stay with her father and take care of him.

It was the best solution, but Colin let out a scoff. "What about me? Do you wish to abandon me?"

Sophia felt frustrated. It was indeed her duty to take care of her husband, however nominal their marriage was.

There was a short pause before she spoke. "It would be nice for you to live on your own in Z Country, Colin. You can have more privacy without me." Colin could read between the lines, and knew what Sophia meant.

Before he could retort, Aaron interrupted them. "That's not a good idea, sister! It's settled. Sister, you will live with brother in Z Country, and I will take care of father here. Let's not talk about my studies for now. I can go back to school whenever I want to, right?" After what happened to his family, he wasn't in the mood to go back to school.

Sophia remained silent. Her brother was grown up now, and he had his own thoughts about his life. She knew she couldn't say anything to change his mind. "Okay, it depends on you. Take good care of father, Aaron. I have to go back now. The plane leaves early tomorrow morning."

"Why didn't you tell me you're taking an early flight tomorrow?" Colin looked at her expressionlessly.

Sophia averted her eyes to the windowsill. "You're too busy to know my itinerary."

Colin angrily leaned back on the sofa and didn't say another word. Aaron could sense there was something wrong between the couple. Not wanting to make things worse, he didn't ask.

Silence engulfed the ward. Only the sounds from the television set and Jay's occasional laughter broke the quiet.

Sophia also remained silent as she manicured Jay's nails and washed his feet. When she was done, she stood up and left.

Colin bid Aaron goodbye and followed Sophia out.

When they reached the outpat

He tilted Sophia's face and flashed a wry smile. "But Sophia, I like it when you beg me."


Sophia's cold demeanor suddenly collapsed.

A surge of rebellion seized her. She struggled against the strong impulse to punch Colin in the face.

"Oh, I Know you want to slap me again." Colin could immediately tell what she was thinking. His Sophia was never the gentle and indifferent woman she looked like on the surface. Deep inside, she was rebellious and fierce.

Glaring at him, Sophia didn't say a word.

But Colin was neither angry nor fazed. "Don't glare at me, sweet. I always enjoy it when you hit me with your soothing hands. Go on, put them on me. Do you like to put them here? How about here? Or here?"

When Colin pulled her hands to his crotch, Sophia's face flushed instantly. She was panicking, anger and embarrassment rising in her heart. With burning cheeks, she gritted her teeth out, "You're shameless!"

Colin gave her a serious look. "What are you talking about? I'm merely letting you punish me, Sophia."

He suddenly enjoyed messing with Sophia.

Sophia's face was still burning.

Glaring at him, she hit him on the shoulder with her handbag and yelled at him. "Asshole! Go to hell!"

Colin didn't even dodge her blow, he only smiled and whistled, "Be careful, darling."

When they reached the car at parking lot, Colin opened the door and pushed Sophia inside.

Night fell, and the sky outside darkened. Getting into the backseat with Sophia, Colin pulled her into his arms. "Sophia, how dare you get angry with me and curse me like that! Let's settle this together."

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