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   Chapter 79 Don't Play Dumb with Me

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The traffic light turned red. While waiting for the stoplight, Colin helplessly tried to explain to Sophia. "Sophia, Leila is like my younger sister. Even if she's a bit older than you, she'll call you 'elder sister' because we're married. Can't you behave like one?"

Sophia scoffed, spitting out a series of random letters. "FUNDURLILSISTA!"

Colin was dumbfounded. What was that supposed to mean?

Sophia sneered again, but obviously didn't intend to explain. Colin stepped on the gas when the traffic light turned green, driving back to the Li House.

They arrived home in the small hours of the morning, and everyone was sleeping.

Colin pulled the car into the garage, while Sophia got off at the gate. She went to the bedroom without waiting for him.

Once the car was parked, Colin took out his phone and called Herring.

After a long while, Herring finally answered the phone. In a hoarse voice, he barked, "This had better be important, Colin!"

How dare Colin call him at this ungodly hour? He was sleeping!

"What does 'FUNDURLILSISTA' mean?"

"What? What's that?" Herring was lost. Was he still dreaming?

Colin repeated himself. Herring remained silent for a long time before he spoke again.

"Where did you encounter that?" Herring tried his best to recall anything that could relate to the words.

"Sophia said it to me."

"Then ask her! Why do you have to call me right now?"

"She's angry with me! I can't ask her, she won't answer!" Colin lit a cigarette and breathed in a lungful of smoke.

Herring was speechless. He really wanted to tell Colin to ask Sophia so he could get a free ticket to heaven, but instead he asked, "Why did she say that to you?"

Colin recounted what he told her before that. Within half a minute, Herring burst out into laughter. "I know what it means!"

"What is it?"

"Fuck you and your little sister!"


Colin hung up the phone. Putting out the cigarette, he got off the car and walked towards the bedroom.

After quick wash, Sophia went to bed. Just as she covered herself with the blanket, Colin entered and pulled her up from the bed.

Ignoring him, Sophia shook him off and closed her eyes again.

"Sophia Lo! How dare you!" Colin glared at her.

Sophia didn't deign to reply, keeping her sleepy eyes closed.

"Hey!" In the dead of night, the sound of Colin unbuckling his belt rang loudly in the room.

Sophia shivered. She quickly gathered all the blankets and wrapped herself into a cocoon. Under the covers came her muffled shriek, "Colin! Don't come near me, you dirty bastard!"

Dirty? Colin sneered, "You're one to talk."

He dropped his pants to the floor, then his tie, followed by his shirt.

Sophia kicked off the blankets and sat up in the bed. She glared at Colin. "I don't want to sleep with you!"

Colin glanced at her. "Didn't you tell me earlier that you wanted this?"

He grasped her wrist and pulled her towards him. In the next instant, Sophia was pressed under him.

Gritting her teeth, Sophia spat, "Why don't you go find your beloved Leila? Leave me alone!"

Colin's face fell. "What the hell do you mean?" What was she talking about?

Sophia snorted, and pushed him away as soon as he loosened his grip. "What? Everyone saw how affectionate you both were. Don't play dumb with me."

Colin was too upset to say a word. "Sophia, you're infuriating!" Let's recall what happened this afternoon!"

But Sophia didn't want to hear it. She angrily turned her back to Colin and tucked herself back under the sheets, closing her eyes.

Though her face was blank, her cheeks were burning at what he said. Sophi

a quietly cursed to herself, "Bastard."

Colin felt like he was about to explode. He got off the bed and stalked to the bathroom.

Hearing him turn on the shower, Sophia let out a sigh of relief, and went to sleep.

After seeing off the Si Clan the next morning, Sophia went to the hospital again.

She had only asked for three days off, so she had to go back to Country Z tomorrow.

When she arrived, Jay was watching television. He happily reenacted everything he saw on the screen. Aaron wasn't there, the nurse told her that he had gone to work.

Despite how hard Sophia tried to explain, Jay didn't believe she was his daughter.

At 6pm, Aaron came back from work to see Sophia peeling an orange for Jay.

"Sister, when did you arrive?" Aaron had brought back the steamed stuffed buns that Jay liked a lot.

Sophia fed the orange to Jay. "In the morning."

She stood up and went to wash her hands. Aaron put the buns on the table.

When Sophia returned, she asked, "Aaron, how was work? Was it tiring?"

"No. There are 4 shifts, so we only do 6 hours a day."

Sophia took out a card from her handbag and handed it to Aaron. "There's 25, 000 in the account. Take it."

She and Colin could definitely survive with the remaining 5, 000.

Aaron gave the card back to her. "No, sister! My payday is coming up. I can support father!"

"It's not for you. For a long time, dad's expenses have been paid for by the Li Clan. Hold onto this for father." Though she was married to Colin, she couldn't just let him keep spending money on Jay.

The ward door opened to reveal one of their benefactors, Colin.

Noticing the SL Group salary card in Aaron's hand, he figured out what was going on.

"Brother! You've also come!" Aaron pushed the card back to Sophia's hands and greeted Colin. He helped Colin with the supplements he brought for Jay.

"Aaron. How's dad?" Colin looked at Jay, who was sitting in front of television. He seemed well.

Aaron grinned. "Thanks to you, dad has been good recently."

Colin waved his hand. "It's my filial duty to support my father-in-law."

Aaron was very grateful to Colin. Since the man took his sister as his wife, he not only helped her from distress, but also took on all the expenses for their father.

Jay's illness has been lingering, and the treatment he received from the hospital was the best of its kind. It must have cost a fortune. But Colin never mentioned it. Every time he visited Jay, he would ask the doctors to give Jay the best medicine and provide the best care.

Sophia remained quiet. She gave the bank card to Aaron again, but he refused. Taking a deep breath, she scolded him, "Are you going to defy me?"

"Sister, I can make money now! I don't need your savings to support father!" Even if they had to repay the Li Clan for their kindness, he didn't need Sophia's money. He would do it all by himself.

Sophia glared at Aaron. "I told you it's not for you, it's for father. Keep it for him."

Aaron wanted to refuse, but Colin calmly interrupted, "Aaron, if your sister wants you to take it, you should."

Upon hearing that, he immediately obeyed. "Thank you, brother. Thank you, sister!"

... Sophia was speechless. That was her money! What did he thank Colin for!

Colin sat down beside Jay, chatting and watching TV with him for a while. Sophia gazed out the window, lost in thought.

She wondered if she should be more tolerant about Leila since Colin was so kind to her family.

Behind her, Colin and Aaron were talking about Aaron's job. Aaron talked about how he didn't want to be a security guard for the rest of his life.

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