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   Chapter 78 Sibling Reunion

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Aaron quickly put on his shoes and ran to Sophia.

They hugged each other happily. "Sister! I'm so glad to see you again!"

"Me too! Why are you still so thin, Aaron?" Sophia smiled, looking at her brother with teary eyes. Aaron was now a head taller than her. Although he looked healthier than he did two weeks ago, he still looked like a bamboo stick.

And his dark skin had started to turn pale, the evidence of his suffering slowly fading away.

She knew Colin had hidden Aaron somewhere, but she never expected him to be in the hospital. Her brother was taking care of their father in her stead.

"I've put on a lot of weight, the hospital food is good!" Everyday, he ate two or three meals in the hospital.

Sophia nodded. "Aaron, have been you taking care of father all this time?"

"Kind of. Brother-in-law offered me a job, so I've been working as a security guard in the SL Group. The salary is good. He also said that when father's condition improves, he would send me back to school." Aaron's performance in school was good. But he had to give up studying because of what happened to their family.

Brother-in-law... Sophia savored the word. And Colin had given Aaron a job. He had also promised to send Aaron back to school as soon as their father had recovered.

Mixed feelings filled her heart.

She walked up to Jay's hospital bed, where he was sleeping soundly. Aaron quietly briefed her. "Father is receiving psychotherapy from Dr. Charlie. He seems better with the proper medicine, but he still has his psychotic moments. But he recognized me today, which is a big improvement!

Sister, have you figured out who the culprit is?" Aaron's cheerful mood disappeared. His eyes were red with anger as he clenched his fists.

Sophia gently shook her head. "I don't know. The murderer hasn't been found yet."

"Don't worry, sister, brother-in-law is also working on it! I'm sure he'll soon find the person behind this. When that happens, I'll avenge our parents!" Aaron's eyes were burning with unparalleled anger and determination.

But Sophia wanted to keep him from the ugly mess. She quickly said, "Aaron, you're still young. You shouldn't get involved in this. I will talk to... I'll talk to your brother-in-law!"

Sophia stuttered awkwardly as she said "br

Lo! Even Judas didn't betray his sister!"

"Sister, I'm not betraying you! The bed here is too small. I'm afraid you won't get a good night's sleep if you stay here. See you!" Aaron showed them out. Fearing that Sophia would jump off Colin's arms and sprint back, he closed the door behind them as soon as they left.

As they walked away, Aaron quietly listened to the sound of Colin's footsteps. When the sound disappeared at the corner of the corridor, he opened the door again. He stared in the direction with a serious look on his face.

'Sister, you mustn't give up on a wealthy and powerful man. Most importantly, he loves you very much.' he thought to himself.

Aaron believed Colin was the right man for Sophia, he would protect his sister.

He had noticed the changes with Sophia. She was no longer the gloomy and chubby girl he remembered.

Right now, his sister looked beautiful and confident. He knew it was because of Colin.

And he also hoped his sister wouldn't have to live in hatred like him. It was enough that he bear the burden himself.

He wished for Sophie to live happily with Colin.

When they catch the murderer who caused tragedy to befall the Lo Clan, he would do everything he could to repay the Li Clan's kindness.

Above all, he wished for his sister's welfare.

With that thought, Aaron prayed to his dead mother. 'Please help father recover soon, so I can avenge you and dad.'


In the car

Sophia didn't want to talk to Colin. She leaned against her seat, eyes closed.

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