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   Chapter 77 Invisible Colin

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Wendy looked at Leila and her son. Seeing Leila's eyes red from crying and Colin's white shirt wet with tears, she choked down her anger. "It's time for dinner. When are you going downstairs?"

"Sorry, Aunt Wendy. I'll go downstairs now." Leila wiped away her tears and smiled.

Wendy smiled back and nodded. "How about you, Colin? Sophia is waiting for you!"

"I'll go after I change my clothes."

"Well, I'll go down first. Hurry up!" After saying that, Wendy turned away.

The previous smile on the face was replaced by angry look.

Colin had gone too far! How could he hold Leila like that!

Wendy deliberately ignored the tears on Leila's face. If she went to comfort Leila, wouldn't it be unfair to Sophia?

Just as Colin was about to return to the bedroom, Leila asked softly, "Colin, can I use your bathroom and wash my face?"

He stopped. Because of grandfather's birthday, the rooms on the second floor were full. Thinking of this, he nodded.

They went into Colin's bedroom. Two suitcases were lying on the floor in a mess.

Colin pointed to the bathroom. "The bathroom is over there. I'll go change my clothes."

"Okay. Thank you, Colin!"

"You're welcome."

They then went their separate ways to fix themselves.

Wendy went downstairs and sat down next to Sophia, who looked up at Wendy anxiously. "Mom, you went upstairs..."

"Yes, I went up. Sophia, you can't back down now. Go upstairs and ask Colin to come down!" Wendy gently whispered in Sophia's ear.

Sophia bit her lips tightly and shook her head. She didn't want to see them cuddling together.

"Sophia, I'm on your side. Don't be afraid. Colin is your husband. If you don't fight for him, he'll end up with someone else!"


Sophia stood up from her seat and went upstairs.

There wasn't any trace of the two in the corridor. She glanced over to the bedroom and wondered if they went in.

Sophia stepped towards the bedroom door unconsciously.

their patient care.

Concerned about her father, Sophia pulled Wendy aside. "Mom, I want to go and see my father."

Wendy looking at her in worry. "It's too late already. You should go tomorrow morning!"

"I'm too worried about dad. I haven't visited him since Dr. Charlie saw him. I won't feel comfortable if I don't go."

Understanding her feelings, Wendy asked, "Should I ask Colin or the driver to bring you there?"

Sophia bit her lower lip. "Can the driver bring me?"

"No problem!"

Without telling Colin, Sophia got in the car to go to the hospital after everyone retired to their rooms.

Jay had been transferred to Chuck's private hospital. The driver dropped her off at the in-patient department. "Thank you Uncle An. You should head back. I'm staying here in the hospital tonight."

"Okay, My Lady. I'll come back soon. Please go ahead upstairs!" Watching her enter, Arvin drove away.

On the 8th Floor

Sophia opened the door of Room 8802 and found it quiet.

Jay was already asleep. A man was lying on the bed beside him. Upon hearing the noise, he sat up in the bed.

"Sophia!" Aaron rubbed his eyes in disbelief, wondering if he was hallucinating from his sleep.

Sophia didn't expect to see her little brother and got excited. "Aaron, you're looking after dad!"

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