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   Chapter 76 Leila's Feelings

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Colin's eyes went cold. "Why? Haven't I satisfied you this afternoon?"

... If it wasn't for dinner, Sophia would force herself on Colin. Oops! No, she was more likely to punch him in the face!

"Fuck off." Sophia glared at him.

It seemed they'd better keep their distance.

"Did you just tell me to fuck off?"

"Yes! You heard me. Now fuck off!" Sophia was so furious, she had totally forgotten her personal promise that she would be nice to Colin in the future.

Instead of pulling away, Colin lowered his head and kissed her roughly. He kissed so hard, that he was almost biting her.

But Sophia didn't push him away. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed back fiercely.

They didn't let go even when they started losing their breath.

Since Sophia had been with Colin several times, she knew exactly what would happen next.

Before Colin moved further, she forcefully pushed him away and rushed towards the bedroom door as soon as he was caught off guard.

Sophia almost burst into laughter when she slammed the door shut behind her. She was so happy that she had to hold back the sudden impulse, trying not to jump up in joy.

It was indeed her victory. Left in the room, Colin felt like pulling her back inside and having her against the wall...

A sweat broke out on Colin's forehead as he tried to reign in his desire.

Another figure emerged from the staircase. When Sophia saw her, her triumphant smile faded away.

"Miss Ji, guests are not allowed on the second floor tonight. May I show you out?" Sophia didn't like her. The woman wanted to seduce her husband, after all!

Leila glanced at Sophia, then ignored her. She went directly to Colin's room and knocked on the door, "Colin? Are you there?"

"He is, but he can't see you now. Bad timing, Miss Ji." Sophia's face was still flushed and she spoke breathlessly. It was obvious what she and Colin had been up to.

Leila ignored her again and kept knocking on the door. "Can I come in, Colin?"


Before Leila pulled the door open, Colin walked out. "What's up, Leila?"

"Colin, is she really your wife?" Leila looked curiously at Sophia.

Colin frowned. Hadn't he introduced them? "Yes, Leila. As I have told you, Sophia Lo is my wife."

Leila ignored Colin's unpleasant tone and turned to Sophia. "Then why aren't you devoted to Colin? Why are you seducing Dorothy's husband?"


"Did Miss Ji misunderstand something? When did I seduce Payne Tai? Who told you that?" Sophia asked coldly.

"I overheard Payne talking to Dorothy. Isn't Colin enough for you?"

Sophia smiled wryly. "Miss Ji, who are you to ask that?"

Turning around, she drew her angry eyes back from their faces. Then she walked downstairs without looking back.

Colin watched her retreating back until Sophia disappeared from his sight. "She's a bit straightforward. Don't take it personally, Leila."

"It's okay, Colin. I'm more concerned about you. Why would Payne say that if it wasn't true? I feel so bad for you." Finally alone, Leila gazed at Colin with unabashed affection.

Colin smiled. "That's not possible. Sophie isn't that kind of person."

Leila was seized by a sudden heartache. She couldn't help holding Colin's waist. "Colin, why didn't you wait for me? Why did you have to marry a woman like her? You're out of her league... Colin, do you have any idea how I feel about you? Why didn't you choose me?"

Leila's quiet sobs made Colin feel bad. He reached out a hand to softly caress her long wavy hair. "Leila, I've told you before that y

ou deserve a better man. I'm not the right person for you. Don't cry, Leila, your make-up will be ruined."

"Colin, do you dislike me?" Leila buried her face into his chest, greedily breathing in his smell.

Not far from them, stood Sophia in silence. She had gone back up to get her cellphone, which she left in her bedroom. She looked at them with a blank expression on her face.

"How could I dislike you, Leila? You're like my own sister!" Colin tried to comfort her. When he spotted the figure standing by the stairs, a guilty look crept up his face.

The hand that was reaching to pat Leila's head froze in an awkward gesture.

Their eyes met, but Colin couldn't make out the expression on Sophia's face.

Oblivious, Leila continued talking with her face buried in his shoulder. "You know I don't want to be your sister. In the past several years, I've made so many phone calls to you. Didn't you notice? I've stayed single all this time. I've been waiting for you, Colin.

I've always said that as long as you're not married, I won't get married, either. Then all of a sudden, you tell me that you've married someone else. Colin, how could you be so oblivious?" Leila cried bitterly and hugged Colin tightly.

Sophia watched the whole scene unfold. They've been hugging each other for three minutes, but neither of them let go.

Now, she was certain that Leila was Colin's true love.

Sophia went downstairs, the light in her eyes fading away. She felt a suffocating pain engulf her chest.

Colin stared helplessly at Sophia's back as she turned back downstairs. He wanted to go after her and explain to her, but couldn't heartlessly abandon Leila. He stayed in place, comforting the crying woman in his arms.

"Leila, if we were suitable for each other, we would've fallen in love a long time ago. But we didn't. We're not meant for each other."

Leila was 29, and he was 30.

If he had feelings for Leila, he wouldn't have kept her waiting for so long.

Leila knew he was telling the truth. She choked with sobs, hugging him tightly as if he would disappear if she let go.


Downstairs, dinner had began. Taking Sophia's hand, Wendy settled her in the seat next to her. Many guests had started curiously asking Wendy who Sophia was. Wendy smiled and told them that Sophia was her daughter.

Wendy wanted to say "daughter-in-law." But to get Colin to agree to the marriage, she had promised him that she would keep their marriage a secret from the outside world.

"Where's Colin? What's taking him so long?" Colin's seat next to Sophia was empty.

At Wendy's question, Sophia absentmindedly unpacked a wet tissue and replied, "He's busy."

"What's he busy with right now?" Wendy then noticed that Leila's seat next to General Ji was also empty.

Among all the three tables for guests, only Leila's and Colin's seats were empty.

Glancing at the pale look on Sophia's face, Wendy sensed something was wrong.

"Sophie, where's Colin?"

"He seems to be upstairs." Sophia was still thinking about Colin and Leila holding each other. Before she realized it, she had replied with Colin's whereabouts. She was so immersed in her own thoughts that she didn't notice Wendy leaving for Colin.

In the corridor upstairs, Leila's crying had come to an end. Colin tried to push her away, but Leila held onto his coat tightly.

"Colin, Leila." Wendy's voice came from the staircase. Hearing this, Leila quickly stepped away from Colin's arms.

Lowering her head and averting her eyes, she whispered, "Aunt Wendy."

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