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   Chapter 74 A Perfect Match

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It was the first time for Sophia to see Leila Ji in person. Leila was wearing a sapphire blue knee-length dress, with a coat of the same color over it.

Her long wavy hair was dyed blonde, drooping over her left shoulder.

Everyone said that Leila Ji was a beauty. And for once, the rumors were true.

Leila had wide eyes and thin arched eyebrows that complemented her straight nose. Her lips were painted in bright magenta.

She radiated an air of charisma and nobility.

But the guests suddenly noticed something. They turned to Sophia, who also noticed that her outfit and Leila's... looked alike.

Hers was light green, and Leila's was sapphire blue.

The former brought out Sophia's fair skin, while the latter made Leila look more mature and dignified.

Without realizing it, the crowd began comparing them.

And Leila undoubtedly won, leaving the ordinary Sophia to be jeered at.

But Sophia wasn't looking at Leila's clothes, she was watching Leila's movements.

When Leila saw Colin, she quickly gave him a big hug and happily held onto his arm.

Colin also flashed her a smile. They chatted affectionately, looking like a perfect match.

Despite their upbringing, the female guests were still interested in sharing gossip. Soon, all the ladies were gossiping about Colin and Leila. "I heard that Mr. Li got married. Look at them now, is Miss Ji his wife?"

"That's not possible. If that were case, the two families would gather together through their bonding. They wouldn't allow a secret marriage."

"Quite so. But apparently, they've been close friends since childhood. And look, they make a perfect match."



Leila had a good relationship with the Li Clan. Wendy and Jordan smiled warmly at her, as did Harold and Angie.

Looking at the scene, Sophia suddenly felt the urge to run away. She didn't know why she felt this way. Perhaps she felt ashamed, or she didn't feel like she belonged at all.

For the first time with Colin's family, Sophia felt inferior.

Remembering that Wendy would come to her after the ceremony, Sophia decided to stay. But she still tried her best to keep herself invisible.

After g


Shelly smiled. "It's my nickname."

Sophia quickly understood that they were in a relationship. Herring brought over a bottle of wine and three glasses. They clinked their glasses together and drank.

"Why aren't you with my brother, sister?" Shelly curiously asked.

After a short silence, Sophia answered, "Colin is busy now. I don't want to disturb him."

He was busy talking and laughing with another woman. Why would she join him?

To ruin their fun?

But Shelly sensed the frustration that Sophia tried to hide. Letting go of Herring's hand, she took Sophia's arm. "Come with me." She led Sophia to the crowd.

Leila had presented her gift to Wendy, and was standing beside Colin, listening to him share stories with Daniel.

"Brother!" Sophia wanted to turn back, but Shelly tightened her grasp, forcing Sophia to walk towards Colin.

The three stopped talking, and looked to them. Colin glanced at Sophia blankly, then looked away.

With Sophia now standing beside Leila, the audience watched them intently.

"What's up, Shelly?" Colin calmly asked, with a glass of wine in his hand.

Now that Sophia was standing in front of them, she suddenly regained her courage. She raised her head to look at Colin.

Not knowing that Leila was trying to pursue Colin, Shelly said, "Your wife has been standing alone in that corner before I noticed her. You should spend more time with her, brother. Your work can wait!"

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