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   Chapter 73 The Warmth of a Family

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Colin helped Sophia get acquainted with everyone. Most of them were strangers to her, Including Joseph's family. Cole and Shelly would come over at night. Another family was Harry's family. She met Daniel, Janet, and their son.

Sophia looked at Harry and Daniel in admiration. They were the most prestigious family in the world.

Colin looked at Sophia and found her gazing admiringly at Daniel, who was teasing his son in the arms of his wife. Colin squeezed her fingers and said to her ear, "I'll take out your eyeballs if you keep looking at someone else."

Sophia paused. She gave him a light look and answered with a smile, "You should learn from your cousin and uncle, they're both known for loving their wives."

Colin smiled in disdain. "You should learn from your sister-in-law and give birth to a baby, so mother will be happy to have a grandson."

Sophia narrowed her eyes at Colin. If she hadn't taken the initiative, she would still be a virgin! A grandson? How could she give birth to a baby by herself? "You keep blaming everything on me. Colin, you're being unreasonable."

"What's the point of making sense with a person like you, who bleeds seven days a month?"

Sophia was taken aback. Was he talking about a woman's monthly cycle? His sudden shift in topic made Sophia blush.

She pinched him hard. "You're being offensive to women!"

The couple argued with each other in a low voice, but the family assumed they were teasing each other affectionately. They smiled to themselves.

Harry's family and Joseph's family were very nice and showed kindness to Sophia.

Sophia basked in the warmth of having a family again. She constantly wore a smile on her face as she chatted with them.

Colin shot her a bewildered look several times. Why was she smiling so stupidly all the time?

Suddenly, Wendy noticed the diamond ring on her hand. "Sophia! Is this the ring that Colin bought for you?"

Complying with Colin, Sophia wore the bigger diamond ring that he gave her.

Wendy held Sophia's hand up, and the diamond shining brilliantly attracted everyone's attention. Sophia felt embarrassed and tried to withdraw her hand, but Wendy held it in place until everyone had gotten a good look at the diamond.

"You two have such a good relationship!" Daniel clapped Colin's shoulder as he spoke.

Colin smiled and didn't say anything.

"Sophia, have a baby with Colin quickly. Wendy will be happy to have a grandson!" Lola said to Sophia teasingly.

What? There it was again, people suggesting she have a baby. Sophia turned to Colin for help.

But Colin ignored her on purpose.

Sophia clenched her teeth. Taking Colin's hand on her leg, she looked at him with a big smile. "Colin, did you hear auntie's suggestion? We should hurry up and have a baby. You should stop thinking about becoming a dink."

"What? Colin, do you want to be a dink?" Wendy exclaimed angrily at Colin.

Jordan shot the innocent Colin a furious look. "That's nonsense!"

Angie immediately stood up from the sofa and pulled Colin to her. "My dear Colin, What gives you that idea? Do you have some sort of disease?"

The group fell silent.

Angie's active imagination dumbfounded Sophia and Colin.

Daniel smiled at Colin meaningfully. "Sven is a good doctor. I can arrange an appointment for you if you have some disease."

"Colin, is it true that you have a hidden disease? Are you having trouble in the bedroom?" Wendy looked at

her son worriedly. What could she do to help?

People started assuming that Colin refused to have a baby because he had a hidden disease and couldn't make Sophia pregnant.

Janet looked at Sophia sympathetically. Sophia was younger than her, but she had to live a married life without sex.

"No!" Colin stopped their wild assumptions with a dark look on his face.

"That's not true. You're all mistaken. I never said that I had a hidden disease. Sophia, tell them."

At the mention of her name, Sophia immediately came to Colin's defense. "No, you're all thinking too much. He doesn't have a hidden disease."

It wasn't true that he couldn't make love. In fact, he was doing it way too well.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief at Sophia's words. "Since you don't have any problem, you should take time to have a baby. Look at the twins, they're so lovable. Don't you want to have one?"

Wendy's spoke to Colin. She wanted Colin to be moved by the lovable twins and change his mind about becoming a dink.

Colin put his arm around Sophia's shoulders tightly, responding through gritted teeth. "Don't worry. I'll do my best to have a baby. Mom and Dad, maybe we'll give you good news at the end of the year."

Sophia's shoulders hurt under Colin's grip, but she dared not retaliate. She had to endure the pain in silence.

After all, she had inadvertently caused chaos in a short amount of time by saying that Colin wanted to be a dink. When they went to their room in the afternoon, Colin took his revenge on Sophia in bed mercilessly.

Sophia had planned to see her father and brother in the afternoon, but she ended up spending time in bed with Colin until the evening.

Jordan took great importance in celebrating Harold's 80th birthday. He painstakingly decorated the first floor of the house and invited many important guests.

When the night began, people came in and out of the Li Manor, which was bustling with noise and excitement.

Sophia wore a long light green dress down to her knees and a long coat in the same color. Even though her legs were exposed in the air, she didn't feel cold.

She watched the strangers from the window because she didn't know anybody.

Jordan and Joseph stood at the door to welcome the guests. Colin, Cole, and Levi accompanied their grandfather Harold to chat around.

Soon, Herring came with a girl. Sophia guessed she was Joseph's daughter because she called Jordan uncle.

Sophia confirmed her guess when the girl called Joseph father.

Feeling alone in the crowd, Sophia didn't join in but hid herself away by the dark window.

Then she saw Patrick Lien enter the manor. He was Dorothy's brother, and Sophia had met him twice before. Patrick apparently married the elder daughter of the Ji family when he was very young. Unfortunately, his wife wasn't able to give birth to a baby, so he had to turn to surrogacy.

Since Patrick was here, Dorothy would be here soon.

Sure enough, Payne and Dorothy were behind Patrick. Dorothy was wearing maternity clothes.

Suddenly, Sophia's eyes filled with hatred at the sight of the couple.

Colin frowned at Dorothy's appearance. Then he realized he hadn't seen her for a while. Looking around the hall, he found the woman standing by the window.

He was about to walk to her when a commotion occurred at the villa entrance.

From the excitement of the young guests, everyone inside knew that the famous star Leila had arrived.

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