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   Chapter 72 Meeting the Li Family

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Jamie looked at Sophia, wondering how this ordinary woman could wear such a big diamond ring.

The diamond was definitely genuine.

"Miss Lo, are you going to get married?" Gillian asked her.

Sophia withdrew her hand and nodded. "Yes."

"What does your fiancé do? Tell us about him." Everyone was very curious about Sophia because she always kept to herself and never talked about her private life. She also had a close relationship with the CEO.

Sophia smiled. "He's..." She initially wanted to describe him as an ordinary employee, but then she realized that an ordinary employee couldn't afford such a big diamond. It would obviously be a lie. "He's from a rich family."

"Oh! An heir of a rich family! Miss Lo, you're going to be wealthy. Enjoy your marriage!" Gillian's husband came from the countryside, and he had been subsidizing her in-laws with his salary.

She thought it was good for Sophia to marry a man from a wealthy family.

Sophia touched her ear lobe in embarrassment. "He's not that rich, he's just an ordinary man."

She hoped they wouldn't ask for more details because she wasn't good at lying. She would get in trouble if she accidentally betrayed Colin's identity.

Serena realized that Sophia didn't want to say more about her boyfriend, so she changed the topic. "Miss Lo, you've become prettier lately. Your boyfriend must be very good to you. You look so happy."

"Yes. You look lovelier than when you first came to work at the company. Miss Lo, cherish the man who loves you very much." Gillian put her hand on Sophia's shoulder amiably and Sophia didn't shy away. "Thank you. I'll be good to him."

Jamie walked out the dressing room, fuming. Beside Jamie, Carrie didn't say anything.

Outside the dressing room, Jamie couldn't help complaining to Carrie. "She must be the mistress of an old man. If I had a rich boyfriend, I wouldn't keep it to myself."

Carrie shook her head at Jamie's envy.

Jealousy made a person look ugly.

Hearing Jamie's complaint, the two men behind the girls both frowned. "Find a way to fire Jamie." Colin said darkly.

Wade nodded his head. "Yes, Mr. Li."

Two different rumors about Sophia's diamond ring quietly spread at the company. One rumor was that Sophia was marrying the son of a rich family.

The other one was Jamie's assumption that Sophia was the mistress of an old man.

All discussion on the topic happened after work hours, when everyone got off work. They didn't dare say anything at the company.

It was another dinner party night. At the end of dinner, Sophia left early. She took a taxi and went back to the villa to pack their luggages.

They would fly to A Country tomorrow morning to celebrate grandfather's birthday.

Though Colin only had two business trips in the past two weeks, Sophia had become skilled enough to pack a luggage for him.

After finishing the packing, Sophia went back to her room. She vomited the wine she drank in the toilet. Then she took some warm milk to soothe herself.

Stomach pains had recently become more frequent, but she was able to endure it without having to take medicine.

After packing her luggage, Sophia fell asleep holding the pills.

It wasn't long before the bedroom door opened quietly. A tall figure stood beside her bed, watching her sleeping face in silence.

Casually throwing his coat on the nearby sofa, he got in bed and embraced t

he sleeping woman.

Half asleep, Sophia felt herself being pressed down under a man's body. Without opening her eyes, she knew it was Colin. She turned over and wrapped her hands around his neck, responding to his needs.

It was difficult for a man to hold back after the first time. For the past few nights, Colin had been desperately in need of her.

It was another night of passion for Sophia.

Before dawn, Colin went back to his bedroom. He caught sight of the luggage Sophia packed. His eyes darkened.

He felt that something was wrong. Sophia had recently been gentle and docile at home, and was receptive to his needs.

But he couldn't figure out why she was acting strange.

He lifted the luggage and found it heavy. He knew that everything had been prepared for the flight.

Colin unconsciously thought to himself that it was good to have Sophia at home. Though they had small arguments sometimes, it felt nice having her around.


In A Country

Hand in hand, Colin and Sophia appeared intimately before the family. His palm held hers tightly.

Sophia would be smiling freely if not for Colin's earlier reminder.

Five Minutes Ago

At the door of the Li Manor, Colin was resting with eyes closed in the backseat, when he said suddenly, "Behave affectionately when you see my family."

Sophia had been rendered speechless. Could she say no to this pretentious display?

No, she couldn't. She had to obey his order.

The car stopped in front of the villa entrance, which was open because people regularly came in and out.

Colin walked out of the car first and helped Sophia out of the door. Under the gaze of Lola and the twins, he took Sophia's hand.

They approached Lola and Colin greeted them first. "Hello, Auntie, Melissa and Michelle."

Sophia followed to greet the elegant and amiable woman in front of them. "It's nice to meet you, auntie!"

Lola Li was Colin's aunt and the mother of the SL President.

Before Sophia met Lola, she imagined her as a serious and proud woman.

But she was mistaken.

Lola looked at her with a big smile and took her another hand. "You must be Sophia! What a beautiful girl! You must be tired from the trip. Come in!"

Instantly, Sophia liked Lola. The Li family were nice people. They were kind to everyone.

"Yes. And these two kids must be Melissa and Michelle." Sophia took her hand out of Colin's palm, and crouched down. She looked at the two little princesses, they were pretty and lovable.

Lola touched Melissa's head. "Yes. They're the twins of your cousin. Girls, say hello to your auntie."

"Hello, auntie!"

"Hello, auntie!" The two sweet voices softened Sophia's heart.

Sophia took out two candies from her pocket. "The candies are for you."

The candies were brought back by Colin from New Zealand and Sophia had casually put them in her pocket when they left the villa. She didn't expect it would come in handy.

"Thank you, auntie." Each of the twins took a candy from Sophia and gave her a sweet smile.

Looking at them made Sophia envious, she wanted a lovable daughter too.

"Let's go inside." Colin took Sophia's hand and they walked into the villa.

The twins trailed after them cheerfully. "Auntie, we'll come with you!"

"Let's go, grandma."

The group walked into the villa together. Inside, the hall was filled in a lively atmosphere and the entire clan was present.

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