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   Chapter 71 The Birthday Present

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"The 29th of this month is Sophia's birthday. Don't forget it! I have a poor memory, so remember to remind me then!"

... Glancing at the date on the phone, he found that yesterday was indeed the 29th of the lunar month.

Last night, he should have celebrated her birthday with her. Instead, he trapped her underneath him and had his way with her.

After parking the car, Colin took Sophia's hand and walked towards the shopping mall. She walked alongside him in silence.

Neither of them said a word. When they entered the shopping mall, Colin glanced around the mall and then took her to GL Diamond store.

The shopping guides consistently followed the news during their free time, so they knew that Colin was the CEO of SL Group, which the GL company belonged to. The moment they saw him, their eyes lit up.

They greeted in chorus, "Welcome to GL Diamond, Mr. Li!"

Colin nodded and directly went up to the counter to choose a diamond. Sophia watched the man holding her hand, wondering what he was going to do.

"Do you like this one?" Colin pointed at the diamond ring in a box and asked Sophia to have a look.

The manager came at once and took out the diamond ring that Colin picked out. He put it on the counter and began to describe it.

It was a simple-looking ring, with a colorful diamond as big as a pigeon egg on top. No doubt it was worth a lot.

Sophia was bewildered. Was he going to buy it for her? Or for the woman he liked?

She asked Colin innocently, "Who is it for?"

Colin glanced at her and let go of her hand. Taking out the diamond, he then put it on her finger.

Sophia's small hands were fair and pretty. Wearing the diamond ring, her hand became more beautiful.

"This one!"

Sophia noticed the price of the diamond was nearly a hundred million. She took off the ring hastily and said, "No, Colin. It's too expensive..."

"I dare you take it off." He warned her harshly.

Sophia was halfway through taking off the ring, but she stopped at his words.

"I don't think..."

"You don't have to think about anything. Don't feel any pressure. I'm buying you this ring only to make my mother happy." Colin evaded her eyes, and pulled out a card from the wallet in his pocket.

Sophia was a bit disappointed, but still explained, "This is a little big. A small one would be fine."

This diamond was too ostentatious. If Sophia wore the ring, she wouldn't dare go out.

Hearing her words, Colin thought of something. "Go and choose another one you like."

Thinking he had compromised, Sophia breathed a sigh of relief.

Because she was too nervous, she forgot to take off the previous ring and directly went to choose something else.

Although Sophia knew that Colin only bought her the diamond ring to make mom happy, she was still delighted.

Every ring here was beautiful, and definitely expensive.

The ones she liked were too expensive, while the cheaper ones were not her style. Sophia struggled for some time, but still couldn't make her choice.

Colin got a little impatient while waiting. After observing her eyes, he immediately made the choice for her.

"This one." He pointed at the ring she had tried on and asked the manager to pack it up.

Sophia wanted to protest, "Colin..."

"Don't say another word." Colin interrupted her in a low voice.

Sophia swallowed back her words.

A shopping guide moved to put the pigeon-egg diamond ring back in the glass case, when Colin suddenly stopped her and instructed, "Pack them both."


The guide grinned brightly, but Sophia's heartbeat quickened. She grasped Colin's hand and w

hispered, "Colin..."


"One is enough..."

"I've made the decision, so the only thing you need do is go with it."


She still wanted to persuade him, so she didn't let him go. Colin didn't mind holding her hand and walking to the cashier desk together. The total cost was over a hundred million. Colin didn't need to enter his password. Instead, he just signed his name and that was it.

They shopping guides cheerfully sent them off as they exited the store.

Sophia couldn't remember how she got back to the car. Colin took out the smaller ring and put it on her finger, not giving her a chance to refuse. "You can wear this one every day, and the other one during a party or a special occasion. It's up to you."

After the car started, he added, "But if you dare wear neither, you'll regret it!"


Could Colin not be so domineering?

When they returned to the villa, Sophia realized she left the cake she bought at GL Diamond store.

As she walked to her bedroom and opened the door, Sophia was still thinking about how to convince Colin to be more inconspicuous.

She was still sitting by the bed in a daze, when Colin returned to the room after finishing his shower.

Noticing she wasn't present, he frowned. He went to open her room.

"Colin, can we talk?" Sophia blinked her eyes and looked at the tall man in front of her.

"What?" Colin was dressed in a robe, with his arms folded.

"Can I change the diamond ring into a smaller one?" Sophia raised the hand with the ring on.

Colin shook his head. "Once sold, a GL diamond ring can't be returned."


"How about if I don't wear it unless there's a special occasion?"

This time, the only reply she got was a deep kiss.

Sophia was pressed down onto the bed. After a long time, Colin asked, "Will you wear it or not?"

"... Um... I'll wear it... Wait..."

"When will you wear it?"

"Hmm... When I need to... No, every day..."

Sophia felt like she got trapped with a ravenous wolf, and every night she was being consumed endlessly.

She found it overwhelming.

At about four o'clock in the morning, Colin left her bedroom and went back to his room, casually dressed in his robe.

The exhausted woman who should have been asleep, opened her tired eyes in the darkness. She watched the closed door and thought. 'What did she mean to him?'.

At the SL Group

Sophia stepped into the office in her high heels.

There appeared to be a buzz wherever she went.

"Hey, have you seen the ring on Sophia Lo's finger? What a big diamond!"

"I saw it! I wouldn't have noticed it if she hadn't pressed the elevator button!"

"Yeah, don't you think she's changed recently? I have to admit, she's getting more beautiful!"

"I think so, too. She emits the sweet aura of a happy woman and seems like a totally different person..."


But those words didn't reach Sophia. She got off the elevator and entered the locker room.

As everyone was changing their clothes, Sophia took out her key to open the locker, only to hear a voice screaming, "Oh my god! That's a big diamond on your finger, Miss Lo!"

It was Serena. She covered her mouth and gazed at the diamond ring in amazement, which Sophia unintentionally showed.

Sophia felt a little embarrassed. She took back her hand and hid it her pocket, muttering, "It's a fake..."

Having already walked to the door, Jamie and Carrie turned around. But the diamond ring was already hidden in Sophia's pocket.

Jamie strode on her high heels. She took out Sophia's hand from her pocket, showing everyone the brilliant diamond ring.

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