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   Chapter 70 The President's Wife Is a Friendly Person

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Serena Tao shook her head in bewilderment. "All the women who come to see the president are our clients. There's nothing unusual about that."

Wade glanced discreetly at Sophia, who was eating her sushi quietly. She was keeping to herself as much as possible.

To some extent, Wade liked Sophia. Despite being the president's wife, she was never cocky. Instead, she had been keeping a low profile and never looked down on anyone.

Women were very good at talking nonsense, and the topic shifted to Colin and Jamie. Wade cleared his throat and said, "Stop talking about this. The president is on his way."

Hearing that the president was coming, over twenty women in the traditional Japanese room burst into an uproar.

Married or not, the women couldn't help getting excited. They took out their cosmetics and began to retouch their make-up.

Colin's marriage was only a rumor, and nobody knew whether it was true or not. Many believed they still had a chance to marry him.

Beside Sophia, Serena said casually, "Let's leave a seat for our president!"

"Let the president sit beside me!"

"Beside me!"



Everyone moved around vehemently. With a mournful shake of his head, Wade thought to himself that they didn't have any chance, as the president's wife was present.

"Miss Lo, Miss Tao, please move over and make room for the president." The seat that Wade chose was at the end of the dining table. It was a suitable seat for a host, from which everyone could be seen.

On the left was Sophia, and on the right was a male colleague from the Marketing Department.

Everybody looked at the seat that Wade pointed at with a disappointed look. Some wanted to exchange seats with Sophia. "Miss Lo, how about exchanging seats?"

"That's right, Miss Lo. Don't you have a boyfriend?" Don't even think about the president. Just switch seats with us!"

... Trouble could easily be stirred up among women.

Swallowing her salmon, Sophia agreed without protest. "Okay."

She picked up her tableware but was stopped by Wade, who put away his mobile phone. "

, that nobody noticed.

Leaving the restaurant, Sophia walked alone to the metro station.

Maybe the woman talking with Colin on the phone was Leila Ji, who was spotted dining with him in the United States. After all, she heard Colin asking her to be careful during filming.

Does he like Leila?

Maybe he liked her. Back when Wendy asked them to get married, Colin personally said that he had a sweetheart...

The more Sophia thought about it, the sadder she became. Standing in front of a bakeshop, she decided to get rid of her messy thoughts.

Anyway, despite her efforts to improve their relationship, nothing had changed.

Their relationship remained as strained as before. Maybe he believed Payne's words when he said that she was dirty...

Maybe it was because he liked someone else...

Walking to the bakeshop, Sophia bought a piece of cream cake to go.

She bought the cake for herself.

It was her birthday yesterday.

She only needed a small piece of cake to celebrate.

Nobody remembered her birthday. Having gotten used to the loneliness, she didn't care much about it.

When she exited the bakeshop, a Porsche stopped in front of her. Sophia noticed that the driver was Colin.

She subconsciously hid her cake, but Colin noticed her movements.

Glancing at the bakeshop behind her, Colin remembered Wendy's instruction the last time he went home.

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