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   Chapter 69 Aftermath

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As time passed by, the sky in the east gradually turned white. Collin let go of the woman who was about to pass out...

Her weak condition made Colin feel a sense of satisfaction. He embraced the sleepy woman and made her face him, "Sophia, how was I compared to the other men you've had before?"

"Well..." Sophia was too exhausted to say a word, she just wanted to sleep! Sleep!

Since she had been begging for mercy, Colin finally let her go. He went into the bathroom and took a shower.

When he came back to bed, the woman was sleeping soundly.

An idea crossed his mind. He pulled the blanket covering Sophia, and found a trace of red on the sheets.

Something resembling red plum blossoms was stark against the grey sheets...

A sense of complexity appeared in Colin's eyes.

He could feel her genuine reaction, but why was there blood on the sheets?

After thinking about it for a long time, Colin got up from the bed in his bathrobe. Lighting a cigarette, he dialled Herring's number.

It was six in the morning and Herring was sleeping soundly in a woman's arms.

The phone kept ringing, and Shelly kicked Herring groggily.

Herring turned around and ignored it.

At the sixth time...

Sitting up with his blond bed head, Herring picked up the phone and slid the answer button angrily. "What! Don't you know what time it is? Aren't you going to let me sleep?"

Colin leaned against the wall by the window and looked at the sleeping woman. He said, "Tell me how a woman reacts during her first time."

Herring slumped in bed.

He hadn't touched a woman since he met Shelly, alright?

Shelly was harsh. She only let him hug and kiss her.

He'd almost forgotten the taste of a woman. And now, Colin was bringing up this topic cruelly with him.

But to get back to sleep as soon as possible, Herring gave him a few more detailed reactions.

Finally, Colin replied, "Alright."

Then the call was disconnected.

Herring felt confused, wondering what was wrong with Colin.

It couldn't be Sophia because he remembered Sophia saying they had slept together.

Did Colin, the abstinent CEO, sleep with someone else?

... The sky was going to collapse! Even Colin had become a bad guy! No, he would comfort Sophia some other day.

It was late autumn, and the weather outside was a bit cold. Lying in the warm bed, Sophia tried to comfortably turn over.

She hissed in pain. "It hurts."

Had she gotten in a car accident? Was she crushed by a truck? Why was her entire body in pain?

Uncovering herself from the sheets, Sophia opened her eyes. She wasn't in a hospital... She was in Colin's room.

Last night... Oh! That's right, she seduced Colin last night...

But something was wrong. Why did it feel like she was crushed by a truck?

Inadvertently glancing at the clock on the wall, Sophia blinked to make sure that she hadn't read it wrong. It was three o'clock in the afternoon.

Three o'clock, it couldn't be! The clock must be broken...

She removed the blanket and got off the bed. Her legs felt so weak that she immediately sank down to her knees.


Looking at the marks on her body, Sophia took deep breath. Was Colin... human?

She unsteadily walked into the bathroom and took a shower to relieve her sore body.

When she returned to her bedroom, Sophia screamed. It really was afternoon!

She had slept for most of the day! She miss

ed work again... Sophia groaned.

Why didn't Colin wake her up? Sophia's eyes widened in distress.

Her salary!

She immediately called Wade, "Hello, My Lady."

"Mr. Ji, I... want to ask for a leave today. I know it's already late, but I still want to inform you." Sophia said in embarrassment.

Wade smiled slightly. "My Lady, the CEO told me that you were going to deal with a contract this morning."


Well! At least Colin had some conscience!

"Oh, thank you, Mr. Ji."

"You're welcome, My Lady. As originally planned, you and Mr. Li have a dinner appointment with Mr. Lan tonight. Are you free to go?" Or shall I ask someone else to go?" Wade respectfully asked for her opinion.

Dinner with Mr. Lan? Oh! Sophia remembered the dinner that had been arranged three days ago. "I have nothing to do tonight, I'll go!"

"Okay. Does My Lady need anything else?"

"No, thank you. Goodbye, Mr. Ji."

Hanging up the phone, Sophia left the bedroom deep in thought. She dragged her soft legs to go downstairs.

Aunt Liu was busy downstairs. Upon seeing Sophia, she quickly put her work aside. "Madam, you're up. I'll prepare lunch for you."

Sophia went downstairs because she was hungry. She didn't have any strength at all. "Yes please, Aunt Liu."

She could eat an entire cow!

Folding her body over the table, she waited for the food to be served.

She opened WeChat and found a message that Colin sent just now in the company group, "Tomorrow evening, all departments shall organize dinner parties. I will cover all the expenses. Just have fun."

The WeChat group exploded in an instant, and everyone who didn't dare to talk nonsense was actively replying to Colin.

In the president's secretarial group chat, Wade was also asking them when and where to go for dinner together.

Jamie said, "I want Japanese food!"

Kyle said, "Since the lovely lady prefers Japanese food, I agree!"


Everyone seemed to agree. Sophia didn't want to express her opinion at first, but Wade asked her, "How about you, Ms. Lo?"

"I'm good with whatever everyone decides on."

At last, they decided on Japanese.

At this moment, Aunt Liu served lunch. Sophia put down her mobile phone and started to wolf down the food hungrily.

Aunt Liu came over and gave her a glass of juice with a smile. "Slow down, don't choke!"

"Okay." Sophia didn't even have the energy to speak...

At the Late Night Japanese Cuisine Dinner

The three departments of the SL Group, the Marketing Department, the Public Relations Department, and the President's Secretarial Department, gathered together that night.

The employees of the three departments occupied the entire Japanese restaurant. As they were acquainted in the same company, the atmosphere was very lively.

Sitting quietly in the corner, Sophia listened to everyone chat in a good mood.

For some reason, a few female colleagues brought the topic to Colin.

"Mr. Li seems happy these days! Something must've happened!"

"I don't know, but I want to know if Mr. Li is married. Is that true? Secretary Tao, everyone who comes to the president has to go through your department. Have you noticed any woman who often visits the president?" A female colleague from the marketing department attempted to get some information.

Since there were only a few presidential secretaries, they were merged with the Marketing Department.

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