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   Chapter 68 What You Deserve

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Sophia shook her head and didn't push Colin away. In this moment, his embrace could make her feel better... Holding his jacket tightly, she continued to look at the shocked Hugh. "It was my mother who pulled me out of that hellish prison. She asked my father to help me get out three and a half years in advance. And she asked my father to take advantage of his connections to look for Aaron, to transfer my mentally-ill father, who wasn't been getting proper care to a big hospital. It was Colin… who found a specialist to treat him."

"Hugh, I didn't mean to blame anyone, but I'm telling you, I will never love Payne again. I want to be good to Colin, just as he's good to me…"

The hand around Sophia's waist tightened.

After a long time, Hugh softened his expression. "Sophia, why didn't you tell me?"

If he knew that such a big thing happened two years ago, he wouldn't have stood by and let it happen.

Sophia smiled slightly as she remembered the past, "Actually, I went to your family…"

Hugh could guess what happened before she continued.

He slammed his fist on the sofa. "It was Devin, wasn't it?"

Devin is Hugh's father.

Sophia didn't deny it. She went to the Pei Clan that night. And she met Devin at the door before she could talk to Hugh. After seeing her, he immediately had the butler drive her away.

Sophia didn't cry as she recounted everything again, maybe she had gradually become stronger.

"Hugh, don't blame him." Zack had warned Hugh to stay away from Sophia in front of her.

Since then, they had been contacting each other through letters.

After collecting his emotions, Hugh looked at Colin and said, "Treat Sophia well, or I will take her away from you!"

Colin just smiled without saying anything.

On their way back to the villa, Sophia and Colin both kept silent.

During her shower, Sophia contemplated on the decision she had made earlier and finally decided to put her plan into action.

When the door of the study was pushed open, Colin was working on the Imperial City project.

At the sight of the woman at the door, Colin was unable to type another word.

A black sleeveless nightgown...

Pressing down on her fiercely-beating heart, Sophia walked to Colin. She wrapped her arms around his neck and gently said, "Colin, I want to sleep with you tonight."

… The self-control that Colin was proud of almost collapsed in an instant!

Pulling away her small hands, he asked coldly, "What do you want?"

Her hands were so smooth, he didn't want to let go.

When Colin was distracted, Sophia took a deep breath and moved in front of him to sit on his lap. "I'm alone... and afraid…"

Her whisper, combined with a sexy dress and a fruity aroma...

For Colin, it was simply poison.

He rested his hand on her waist. Her nightgown was very thin, and Sophia could clearly feel the heat through the fabric.

"Afraid? Why weren't you afraid before?" He said to her ear, unrelentingly tearing through her lies.

Sophia felt a little anxious. Was she too fat to hold Colin's interest?

"Colin..." She gently called his name, gave him a chaste kiss, and then put some distance between them.


ing the initiative, she embraced his waist.

"Get out!" Saying that in a hoarse voice, Colin pulled her arms off his body harshly.

Sophia felt dejected. "Colin, do you have a woman you like? Is that why you don't want to sleep with me?"


"I'm not keeping myself for any woman, but you are... dirty!" He didn't forget her telling him that she had been with other men after their marriage!

Sophia's heart rose in anger. How could he call her dirty! Did he see her in another man's bed with his own eyes, or did he try?

In that moment, she swore to sleep with him. Then she would have his baby and divorce with him. And let his child call another man dad!

She turned around and left the study, slamming the door heavily. Colin closed his eyes and tamped down the desire she provoked in him...

How dare this damn woman tease him!

Since she had made up her mind to seduce him, why would she give up so easily?

Sophia didn't follow through, he really despised her!

He could no longer read the document as his whole brain was occupied by Sophia...

Colin irritatedly closed the computer and put away the documents. He prepared to go back to the room for a cold shower.

Pushing open the bedroom door, Colin noticed someone inside...

Click! He turned on the light. There was someone wrapped in the sheets in his bed.

It could only be Sophia!

He strode over, pulling away the blanket. The scene almost made his nose bleed.

Taking advantage of his distraction, Sophia quickly got up and pulled Colin down on the bed.

Her face turned red, and she moved to the bed head to turn off the light.

The room was dark, and Colin sat up in bed with a serious look in his eyes.

"Sophia, get out!" He couldn't control himself any longer if she didn't leave!

Sophia boldly straddled his body, looking straight into his eyes in the darkness. "TV programs say that an ordinary man has normal needs. Collin, I just don't want you to be ruined by controlling yourself too much..."

Her small hand swept across his cold face and gradually slipped down.

Sophia's light kiss made his body stiffen.

While she was unbuttoning his shirt, he suddenly grabbed her hands. "Sophia, this is what you deserve!"

The man forcefully pressed her on the big bed, taking control.

Her red lips were swallowed in a kiss, and an odd sensation ran through her body. Sophia wanted to struggle, but Colin didn't give her a chance.

The atmosphere in the room grew more and more headier, and the last of Colin's willpower vanished.

"Let me see how experienced you are!"

Colin said in a low voice, and the Sophia's eyes widened at the force. "It hurts... Colin... It hurts, I was wrong... Stop!"

Tears slipped from the corners of her eyes to the bed.

The man looked at her reaction in confusion, wondering if she was doing it on purpose.

Although she knew it would hurt, Sophia didn't expect it to be so painful. She put both her hands on Colin's chest and whispered for mercy. "I don't want this. I was wrong, Colin. Please let me go!"

How could a man who was tortured by her seduction let her go! This was the price of provoking him!


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