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   Chapter 67 Does Colin Love Sophia

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But instead of letting her go, Colin pulled her closer and made her sit on his lap.


The atmosphere within the room was strange. Sophia blushed, wondering what Colin was doing in front of other people.

"What are you doing? Let me go!" she hissed.

When Sophia blushed and resisted, everyone thought she was shy and embarrassed.

Hugh looked away and filled his glass with wine, drinking one glass after another.

Sophia tried to squirm away from Colin's grasp several times, but failed to escape.

Finally finding the opportunity to confront Colin, Herring said coldly, "Colin, you told Shelly to stay away from me, yet here you are holding your wife lovingly."

Colin nodded. "Yes."

... Sophia had no idea what was wrong with Colin tonight.

They had been giving each other the silent treatment for a long time, whether in the office or at home. They barely talked to each other at all.

But now, Colin kept holding her and wouldn't let her go. Was it as Herring said, was Colin showing his love for Sophia?

She shook off the idea quickly.

Colin hated her so much. How could he love her in any way?

Hugh didn't want see Colin holding Sophia anymore. He stood up from the sofa and dragged Sophia up after drinking several glasses of wine.

Since neither Sophia nor Colin anticipated this, Hugh was able to pull Sophia away from Colin's arms.

Sophia moved two steps away before she could go further. She turned back to see Colin holding her left wrist.

The atmosphere had completely turned cold. Herring quickly turned off the music on the screen and looked at the two struggling men.

Standing up from the sofa, Colin looked at Hugh and said coldly, "Hugh, no matter how good your relationship with Sophia was, she is now my wife. I won't let her be alone with you."

He walked to Sophia and gave her a warning look.

Sophia actually understood what he meant, but Colin was thinking too much. She regarded Hugh as a brother and wouldn't do anything inappropriate.

Hugh stood across Colin, and looked directly at him with his cold eyes. "Since you don't love each other, why do you want to be tied up by marriage? Sophia, divorce Colin and I'll take you away!"

... Sophia's heart sank completely. It seemed that Colin and Brother Hugh knew each other. And now, because of her... they were fighting.

Colin put on a faint smile. "If she divorces me, it will be the second marriage for her next one. Will Uncle Pei let you marry a woman who has been married before?"


Although Colin was telling the truth, Sophia was upset. Why didn't he consider her when he always kept talking about divorcing her?

As the Pei Clan enjoyed a high reputation in A Country, the heirs of the family could get any woman they wanted. They definitely wouldn't be allowed to marry a woman who had divorced before.

Hugh's face remained unchanged. "If Sophia agrees, I will take her away and never return home."

Anywhere could be his home as long as he was with his beloved.

Colin smiled slightly. "Will Uncle Pei let Sophia go?"

In this moment, Hugh really wanted to kill Colin. Every word he said was like a hammer on his heart.

His entire life had always been controlled by his fat


To go against his father, Hugh had insisted on working in the entertainment industry despite his disapproval.

Sophia looked at the two men and loosened their grips on her. She walked to Hugh and said to him, "Brother Hugh, I have already married Colin. I don't have any second thoughts." Unless Colin left her, then she wouldn't let herself stay by his side.

"Brother Hugh, you're like a brother to me. I've always regarded you this way, and I still do. Please don't ruin the relationship you have with Colin because of me, or I'll blame myself!"

Hugh's slender fingers gradually clenched into fists, and he saw red. "Sophia Lo, there is no love between you! Why are you forcing yourself to stay together?"

Sophia shook her head, "Brother Hugh, I like... Colin."

She didn't know why she said this. Maybe she just wanted Hugh to give up.

Hugh's face darkened. "Sophia! What about Payne? Can you forget about him after being with him for so many years?"

Hugh knew exactly how much Sophia loved Payne.

One of the things that impressed him the most was a scene he witnessed back in their high school graduation year. A big truck that was out of control was heading straight for Payne and Sophia on the sidewalk.

Sophia immediately pushed Payne away and rolled under the truck to avoid being crushed.

Fortunately, Sophia only got a bruise instead of getting seriously injured.

She would sacrifice her life for Payne, that was Sophia Lo!

At the mention of Payne, Sophia's eyes filled with anguish. Since he brought up the subject, she decided to tell Hugh the whole story. "Brother Hugh, do you know where I've been in the past two years?"

Her voice was quiet, and there were tears in her eyes.

Hugh suddenly had a bad feeling. He remembered Sophia had told him that she would be busy and wouldn't have time to reply to his letters...

"I was in the A Country prison..."

Her words silenced the three men in the room.

Hugh still held onto his last hope. He hoped that she would tell him that she was in prison... working as a cleaning lady. It would still be better than the alternative of her being a sentenced criminal.

But it wasn't the case.

"Two years ago, I was sentenced to five years in prison because of attempted murder. A few days before I was locked in, I had someone tell you that I had something to do because I didn't want to worry you. Payne and Dorothy were the ones who pushed me into jail. If it wasn't for my mother... My mother-in-law, Colin's mother, I would still be in prison instead of talking with you here now..."

"Do you still think I'd still be in love with Payne after that? I want him and Dorothy to die! But they cannot die now because I'm not yet strong enough, and I haven't found out how to clear my name!"

"Two years ago, my mother was killed, my dad was driven crazy, and my brother went missing. The murderer wiped out every evidence. While I was grieving about losing my family, Payne, the man I had loved for many years... pushed me into the devilish prison with a third woman. How could I continue to love such a horrible man?"


Colin's heart clenched tightly. He took Sophia into his arms and told her, "Don't speak anymore!"

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