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   Chapter 66 Do You Love Him

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Sophia figured that Colin wouldn't agree. She was still his nominal wife, after all.

But Colin's response disappointed her. He flipped to the last page of the contract and pointed to the signature section. "If Mr. Gong signs here, Miss Lo will go out with you tonight... It depends on you. "

"Good! Mr. Li is really a straightforward man!" Gage picked up the pen to sign the contract.

Sophia stood up suddenly, her trembling hands clenched into fists. She looked at people at table who had quieted down. "I'm sorry, I'm not feeling very well. I have to go now."

Taking the handbag behind her, Sophia rushed to the door of the room.

Someone came up to stop her. "Miss Lo, it's your honor that Mr. Gong would like to take you out. How could you leave now? That's just disrespectful!"

"I'm sorry!" Sophia slightly lowered her head. Her vision blurred suddenly, and she almost fainted.

In the end, Sophia tried to keep conscious and rushed out of the private room despite everyone's calls.

Only after reaching the far side of the road from the hotel did Sophia dare to stop and catch her breath.

Her tears couldn't stop falling. Colin... How could he do this to her?

Even if he hated her, he shouldn't give her to others...

Feelings of sorrow flooded Sophia's heart. She hid in a small garden by the road and cried.

Despite all her grievances, Sophia finally calmed down and returned to the villa.

Colin hadn't come back yet. Taking off the high heels that blistered her feet, Sophia put on her slippers and went back to the bedroom.

She didn't want to think how Colin had to face those managers after her escape.

She also didn't want to think about the contract.

... Her heart was so tired and all she wanted to do was sleep.

From that day, Sophia became Colin's personal secretary...

No matter what occasion, he would take Sophia along.

Once, twice, three times... Sophia gradually became numb. She constantly dressed herself with beautiful clothes that Colin had customized for her to meet different clients.

The amount of alcohol she could drink rose from a few ounces to a pound and a half. Eventua


Hugh's words ran through Sophia's mind. Her confused eyes fell on Colin, who always concealed his real feelings. Did she love him?

Fearing she would give an answer that he didn't want to hear, Colin stood up and pulled Sophia from Hugh's arms. "Whether she loves me or not is not important."

Holding Sophia in his arms and sitting down on the sofa, Colin tightly kept his hold on her.

The strong possessiveness of the man doused the happiness in Hugh's eyes. Such intense emotions represented everything. Without words, Hugh knew that Colin liked Sophia.

In that moment, he knew that he had missed his chance with the woman he had loved for many years. In less than two years, Sophia married his best friend.

Did he have to call Sophia "sister-in-law" in the future?

After drinking a glass of wine, Hugh slapped the empty glass on the table with a crisp sound. "Sophia... Come over. I'd like to talk with you alone."

Hugh didn't want to give up. Sophia liked Payne, but she married Colin. She must have her own difficulties...

Sophia wanted to push Colin's hands away, but he didn't loosen his grip at all. Eventually, she had to say, "Colin, I just want to talk to Hugh."

"Talk with him here." Colin insisted.

Sophia bit her lower lip in discontent. Why was Colin so upset?

"Hugh, let's just talk here." Sophia moved to Hugh's side. She wanted to get closer to him, so she could clearly hear him.

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