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   Chapter 65 Dinner Meeting

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Before leaving work, Colin threw a car key to Sophia. "Go to the wardrobe in my bedroom and change your clothes."

Sophia nodded and drove back to the villa.

In the wardrobe, the closet was full of women's clothing. Sophia had seen a lot of them in the bedroom last time.

Since they were going to deal with a business corporation, she couldn't dress herself too casually.

She matched an orange short-sleeved off-shoulder top with high-waisted wide-legged trousers and a pair of 2-inch high-heels.

Sophia looked at herself in the mirror in a daze…

She didn't think she could pull off this kind of fashion, and she never expected to wear them. They fit her perfectly. More importantly, the bright colors made her look slim.

After dressing up, Sophia returned to her room and fixed her make-up.

She replaced the rose lipstick with an orange one to match her clothes, and wore a pair of silver earrings that she bought in the Pedestrian Street.

It seemed that something was missing... Without a necklace, the off-shoulder top made her neck look bare.

But she didn't have a necklace.

Holding her handbag, Sophia was on her way to buy a necklace. Suddenly, Wade appeared in the living room of the first floor.

"Mr. Ji!" Sophia greeted Wade as she walked down the stairs.

Wade smiled at Sophia, "My lady, here's the jewelry that Mr. Li asked me to send you." Several handbags with boxes in them were placed neatly on the table behind Wade. Seeing Sophia, he raised them.

"Oh!" She didn't need to buy anymore. Sophia moved to take the boxes from Wade.

But Wade stopped her and smiled. "My lady, they're a bit heavy. Aunt Liu will help take them upstairs."

Aunt Liu took the boxes from Wade and went upstairs.

"Thank you, Mr. Ji." Sophia thanked him politely. She felt flattered that Wade personally sent these to her.

Wade was Colin's personal secretary, Sophia was surprised that he would do this errand personally.

"You're welcome, My Lady. I'll wait for y

ge laughed and patted Sophia on the shoulder. "Miss Lo is really sweet!"

Sophia smiled with a trace of unease. She clinked her glass with Mr. Gong's. "Mr. Gong, I propose a toast to you!"


Both of them boldly quaffed down the glass of liquor!

They sat down, showering Sophia with praises. "Mr. Li is so lucky, with such a beautiful secretary at his side."

"Yes. How old are you, Miss Lo? Do you have a boyfriend?"

Sophia smiled slightly, "I'm 24 years old... I don't have a boyfriend." She just had a husband.

Colin narrowed his eyes and leaned back in his chair, listening to the woman next to him talking and laughing with several managers.

Joining toasts one after another, Sophia drank heavily. She ran to the bathroom to vomit.

After vomiting and washing up, Sophia felt much better. She came back with her face flushed, attracting the attention of several managers.

At 38 years old, Gage was married with a son and a daughter. He was usually abstinent.

But in that moment, Gage couldn't help looking at Sophia.

When Sophia took out the contract and started talking about work, Gage asked Colin directly, "Mr. Li, would you mind if I take Miss Lo out tonight?"

His question made Sophia's smile freeze. She had never encountered this situation before, and she got nervous immediately.

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