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   Chapter 64 Let Me Treat You

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Sophia shook her head blankly. "No."

Colin berated her, "You're so careless!"

Feeling wronged, she burst out, "You're the one who suddenly closed the door and hit my tray!"

"Are you blaming me?"

Sophia nodded in response. "Yes!"

Colin was speechless. He threw a cold look at her. "Should I apologize to you?"

"No! You don't have to. But please don't kick me out." Sophia looked at him hopefully.

Colin turned away and said, "You don't need to do this for me."

There were servants in the house. She didn't need to do it and tire herself out.

But Sophia misunderstood him, and thought Colin didn't like the food she prepared. Depressed and silent, she crouched down and picked up the bowl and spoon from the floor. They didn't break because of the carpet.

Getting cleaning tools from downstairs, Sophia swept the mess on the floor.

She replaced the dirty carpet with a new one.

After changing his clothes, Colin went out and saw Sophia cleaning up and stopped her immediately. "Let Ms. Qin do that!"

Ms. Qin was currently in charge of cleaning up the villa.

"No, I can do it. I've put a new carpet on the floor and I'll wash the dirty one."

Colin threw her a glance and said lightly, "You're not good at it."


When Ms. Qin was asked to clean up, Sophia went downstairs to wash the dishes. She had cooked the last few sweet dumplings for Colin and had nothing left to eat now.

After finishing up in the kitchen, Sophia washed her hands and went back to her bedroom.

She closed the door and threw herself on the bed wearily. Then she got a message from Hugh on WeChat, "Are you happy?"

Sophia held her cell phone, contemplating how to answer him.

Was she happy? She didn't know the answer either.

To reassure Hugh and prevent him from worrying, Sophia replied, "I'm very happy. You should be happy too!"

When Sophia was about to fall asleep, Hugh replied after a long time, "I'll be happy if you're happy."

... Realization dawned on Sophia.

She had forgotten that Hugh was in love with her. But she didn't know how he felt about her now.

Sophia stood up from the bed and took a quick shower before going to sleep.

The next morning, when Colin passed by Sophia's room on the way downstairs to breakfast, he found the door open and the bed neat and empty.

When he got downstairs, Ms. Liu was working in the kitchen and told him, "My Lady had an early breakfast and went to the office."


At the SL Group

Sophia looked at the ten copies of the company policy she had made, wondering why she hadn't handed them to Colin.

Colin didn't ask her to do it. If she had known it earlier, she wouldn't have done it.

Oscar Zhu, one of the secretaries, accompanied Colin to the morning meeting. Sophia was busy with her work until lunch time.

Stretching, Sophia put the files away and went to the dining hall.

Everyone was gossiping with each other quietly. Sophia knew exactly what they were talking about without having to listen to them.

The news that Colin and Leila were spotted together in the United States had been the topic of discussion for several days. The whole company had secretly been talking about it.

There's a rumor going around that Leila was Colin's secret wife.

Sophia couldn't understand why they've been gossiping about it for days. Aren't they bored of it by now?

After lunch, Sophia received a message alerting her that her two-month salary had been depos

ited to her personal account. Sophia was very happy. It was thirty thousand.

She put away her leftovers in a hurry and was on her way to the 88th floor, when she suddenly changed her mind.

She rushed to the coffee shop beside the office and bought two cups of freshly ground coffee.

When Sophia went to the CEO's office, she could see through the glass walls that Colin was busy inside with work. The lunch that Wade prepared remained untouched.

She knocked on the door and Colin's low voice came from inside, "Come in."

Sophia walked in and stood in front of Colin's desk.

The man looked up at her and bowed his head again to resume work. "Miss Lo, what brings you here?"

She put down one cup of coffee on the desk. "Mr. Li, I got paid today. Let me treat you to a cup of coffee."

At her words, Colin looked up again. He paused a while before speaking, "Tell me what you want."

She had left the check for thirty million in the bedroom. Colin was puzzled. Why did Sophia refuse the check?

Dumbfounded, Sophia stuttered, "I don't... Wait, I do." At first, she didn't have anything to trouble him with. But he reminded her that she did.

He knew it! Colin smiled sardonically, "Tell me."

"I want to know about my brother." Did Colin bring Aaron to Z Country? If not, where was he now?

Colin looked at her and said lightly, "He's taking care of your father in A Country."

Taking care of father? Although she was surprised, she was more than happy. Finally, she could stop worrying about her father and brother.

Aaron was eighteen years old, Sophia believed that he would take good care of their father.

"Thank you, Colin!" Sophia looked at Colin gratefully, but he kept working on his files.

Colin told her uncharacteristically, "I didn't do anything. Aaron went to A Country by himself."

Colin just gave him a job.

Sophia shook her head in denial. She knew how much Colin had helped her. It was Colin who saved her brother from Dorothy. If Aaron was still under Dorothy's control, he wouldn't be able to take care of their father.

Sophia decided to thank him in her own way. Ignoring the puzzled look in Colin's eyes, she moved closer, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him.

Colin was shocked at Sophia's sudden kiss. Then he got very angry.

He pushed her away, "Sophia, what do you want this time?"

Sophia took it in stride and smiled. "Mr. Li, please enjoy your lunch!"

"I'll eat it later." he replied coolly.

Sophia opened his lunch box for him and couldn't help swallowing when she saw the delicious food inside.

She handed the chopsticks to Colin but he refused. "You can leave now."

Sophia reluctantly obeyed. Putting down the chopsticks, she took the other cup of coffee, and started to exit the office.

"Wait, " Colin stopped her.

Sophia looked back in confusion.

"Accompany me tonight to the Shining Technology Company dinner meeting." There was a flash of emotion in his eyes, but Sophia failed to catch it.

She didn't know why he asked her to accompany him, but she nodded her head without asking further. "Okay."

When she left Colin's office, Sophia passed by Jamie, who had just come back from lunch. They didn't speak to each other.

Jamie stared at her back. She must've been trying to seduce the CEO in his office just now.

Jamie knew that the famous star Leila was the CEO's wife. She would take the chance to tell on Sophia when Leila came to the office.

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