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   Chapter 63 Terrible Love Story

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Sophia scratched her head awkwardly. "Hugh, Colin and I... got married."


Colin strode to end the video call immediately as soon as Sophia finished talking.

It gave Hugh time alone to himself to think about the news.

"Colin, you're back now. Are you tired? Let me prepare a bath for you..." Colin's sudden appearance caught Sophia off guard.

The man glanced at her and ignored her question. "Who let you move in?"

"Because... I wanted to move in." She wanted to say that would take good care of him, but she swallowed the words and kept it to herself.

Putting his hands into his pockets, he cruelly refused her. "Get out."

His blunt rejection embarrassed Sophia. She clenched her teeth, her pale face emphasizing the flush on her cheeks.

"No, I'm not going. I'll stay here and take care of you." She said the last words in a low voice.

Colin was silent for a while before he said sarcastically, "How would you take care of me?"

"I can cook for you and clean after you. I'll prepare your bath and wash your clothes." Sophia eagerly enumerated the list of things she could do to please Colin.

But Colin shot her down quickly. "Everything you mentioned is the job of a servant."


Sophia fell into silence, hesitating whether she should stay or leave.

"I'll say it again, get out!" Colin drove her away ruthlessly.

Feeling aggrieved, Sophia inhaled sharply. "Colin, you're different at the office. You're usually very nice... Why do you treat me this way?" He was a gentleman with other people, including his clients. Why was he always so cold towards her?

Her question made Colin feel guilty, but he kept the hard look on his face. "You deserve it!"

If she hadn't betrayed him, he would still love her. But she didn't care about her private life. Why should he be nice to such a woman?

Sophia opened her mouth and wanted to explain herself. But the fact was, Colin never believed her despite her numerous attempts.

She gave up. "I want to..."

Before she could finish, Colin grasped her wrist and dragged

tly what Hugh felt.

Colin didn't deny it.

Herring covered his forehead. It was a terrible love story. His two best friends were in love with the same woman. Sophia, who grew up with Hugh, married Colin...

Someone was knocking at the bedroom door. Colin narrowed his eyes. Because it was late, it could only be Sophia.

Ending the call with Herring, Colin went to open the door.

Sophia stood outside, holding a tray. "I didn't know you would be back tonight, so I didn't buy any food. I found some sweet dumplings in the fridge and cooked them for you. Do you want to eat?"

The maids were responsible for cooking meals. Sophia wasn't good at it.

Sophia wanted to eat sweet dumplings the night before, so she bought them in the supermarket and cooked herself some to eat.

It tasted good. Sophia wanted to cook it for Colin some time.

But Colin flatly declined, "No."

Then he closed the door forcefully.

"Ah!" Sophia yelled when the door was shut, and Colin quickly reopened the door.

Outside, the sweet dumplings were in a mess all over the floor because the door had hit the tray. Sophia wasn't injured from the steaming dumplings because she wore pants and cotton slippers.

"What's wrong? Are you hurt?" Worry filled Colin's eyes, but it vanished soon. Colin stopped Sophia from crouching down to clean the mess. He looked her up and down.

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