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   Chapter 62 A Letter from a Foreign Land

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Sophia was still staring at the large screen when the subway arrived. Seeing the face of the woman in the lilac coat, she recognized that it was indeed Leila. When the tall man in a suit beside Leila turned, Sophia saw a familiar face. It was Colin.

The two people didn't hide away from the camera. They walked straight towards a black luxury car and left.

With a heavy heart, Sophia went home. On the way, she searched online about Leila and Colin. They were mentioned on Weibo as well.

She checked their Weibo accounts and was relieved to find that neither of them had made a response.

But she was rather depressed by the reviews calling for them to get together.

Her marriage with Colin had been a secret all this time. Only a few people knew that Colin had married. The number of people wanting Colin and Leila to get together were growing.

When she got home, Sophia took a bath to calm herself down. After much hesitation, Sophia finally sent Colin a message, "Colin, where's my brother? Is he okay?"

But by the time she fell asleep, she still hadn't gotten a reply from Colin.

At the University of Jeju in H Country

Actors and actresses were taking a break after a commercial shoot.

A tall and handsome man sat down on his chair casually, when a crowd of girls surrounded him, "Hugh! I love you! Can I take a photo with you?"

"I love you, Hugh!" "I love you! I love you!"

"Hugh! Can I have your autograph?"

Hugh satisfied every request from his fans. Signing autographs for them, he charmed them with a smile that would make most women go crazy.

Ten minutes later, he was still signing autographs

When his assistant approached him, "Hugh, there's a letter for you from A Country."

Hearing this, Hugh paused and asked, "From whom?"

He was filled with anticipation. Could it be from the person he had lost in touch with for almost two years?

"Oh, it was sent to your previous address. I got a call and asked them to forward it here." His assistant explained.


een on the phone camera.

Noticing Colin approaching, Hugh narrowed his eyes and his gentle face suddenly clouded.

"... Hugh, why don't you come here? I'll show you around Z Country. I'll get paid tomorrow. We can go out for a dinner and... Oh, no. We can't. You'll be followed by the paparazzi. I've forgotten that you're super famous now."

She grinned, unaware of the mutual jealousy between the man she was talking to and the man behind her.

Remembering the news on Colin and Leila, Sophia wondered if things would be the same if she and Hugh went out for a meal together.

She suddenly felt pity for Hugh, his fame came at the cost of his privacy.

Sophia came to herself when she heard Hugh ask a question.

"Why are you with Sophia?"

"What?" Sophia turned her head to look at the phone in confusion. She saw Hugh's cold face first, then she noticed there was a man behind her.

"Goodness!" Sophia was so scared, she jumped off the bed.

Colin... What was he doing here?

Ignoring Sophia's distress, Colin looked at person in the video calmly, "I'm with my wife. What's so strange about that?"

Hugh's eyes widened in shock.

How was that possible?

Sophia had married Colin?

No way!

Didn't Sophia love that loser, Payne? Why would she marry Colin?

"Sophia! Is that true?" Hugh asked incredulously.

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