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   Chapter 61 Not Wanton

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Wary about waking someone, Sophia walked lightly.

When she opened the bedroom door, the light was on. Colin had just exited the bathroom. He pretended not to see Sophia.

Closing the door, Sophia stepped in front of Colin and took out the check from her bag.

"Here's the check. Where's my brother?"

Since her brother had been set free, it was pointless for her to keep the money.

Colin looked at the check indifferently and lifted her chin. "What? Return the check to me, and continue finding men to satisfy you?"


Hearing Colin's insults, Sophia closed her eyes and opened them again. "Where's my brother?"

Colin violently pushed Sophia away, and she fell to the bed.

In the face of the silent man, Sophia didn't give up and continued to ask, "Colin, where's my brother? Did you take him away?"

Colin opened the computer, "When you stop bringing shame on the Li Family, I'll give you the answer!"

"..." Sophia put the check on the desk lightly, "The reason I needed 3 million was to get back Aaron. Dorothy wanted 3 million and I planned to borrow from you..." Colin knew what happened next. "I couldn't get the 3 million, so Dorothy told me... to sleep with Mr. He for one night... then she would free my brother."

Sophia was too ashamed to say it out loud.

Crack! Colin threw the document on the desk, frightening Sophia.

"Forget the money! Sophia, you'd rather sleep with other men than tell me the truth?" Sophia disappointed him so much.

Sophia knew it was her fault. She stood there, wringing her fingers, and said anxiously, "I'm sorry, I... didn't know you had the money, nor did I want to give you trouble..."

It was was true. She didn't think Colin had that much money.

Colin couldn't help laughing. As a regional president, 3 million was just a small amount for him.

"Sophia, if you want to lie, be smart! What a rotten excuse!"

Sophia shook her head, "No! I'm serious! Colin, 3 million is big. I didn't think..." She didn't think he'd have so much money.

"Enough! Sophia, I don't want to hear your lies anymore! You don't need to return the money to me. If we divorce one day, you can treat this money as your alimony!

He was talking about divorce again! Sophia swallowed down the pain in her heart. Taking a deep breath, Sophia approached Colin and sat on his lap with her arms around his neck. "Colin, I'm still a virgin. I'm not a wanton woman. You can check if you don't believe me!"

Her words lit Colin's eyes, but it was soon extinguished when he remembered Payne's words.

The technology nowadays was so advanced, it was possible for Sophia to have her hymen reconstructed...

"Is the money not enough?" Colin didn't push away the woman from his lap, but her shot her a disdainful look.

Of course, Sophia didn't ignore his reaction. She nipped his lower lip. "No, I'm telling the truth."

"Go to bed!" Colin pulled her away, shoving her to the armchair nearby.

Sophia bumped her head on the back of the chair. Luckily, it was soft, so she didn't hurt herself.

"My brother..." She went on asking.

Colin gave her a glance, "Don't make me repeat myself!"

... Sophia dropped her hands helplessly. What on earth could she do to make Colin believe her?

Sophia went to the bathroom and took a

shower. Colin was focused on work. She didn't disturb him and slept on one side of the bed.

Sure enough, marriage without love was painful...

After several days, the vacation was coming to an end. After Sophia saw her father, Wendy sent her to the airport.

"Colin's gone too far. Why can't he put off work and see you off?"

Sophia smiled, "Mom, please don't complain about him. I understand how busy he is. It's alright for me to go back alone."

"All right. You should persuade Colin to focus his work on A Country, so that you two can come back, okay?"

"Okay, mom. Please take care of yourself!"

"You too. Rest assured. We'll take good care of your father."

Sophia hugged Wendy, overwhelmed with gratitude, "Mom, thank you very much!"

Wendy patted her on the back. "Don't be silly, we're family. Stop being so polite!"

"Okay. Mom, I have to go. But we'll see each other again in two weeks." It would be Harold's birthday half a month later, and Sophia would come back then.

Wendy was very happy to hear this, "Well, be careful on the way. Send me a message on WeChat when you arrive!"

"Okay, see you!"

Separating from Wendy, Sophia entered the security check. Wendy didn't leave the airport until Sophia disappeared from her sight.

Before getting on the airplane, Sophia sent a message to Colin, "Colin, if you know where Aaron is, please help me take good care of him. If you think it's troublesome, please send him to Z Country and I'll take care of him. Thank you!"

But she didn't receive any response. After boarding the airplane, Sophia turned off her cellphone, feeling despondent.

Upon landing in Z Country, Sophia went back to her rental house. Colin's car was still parked in the garage downstairs.

After contemplating on it, Sophia returned the house to the landlord the next day.

Taking advantage of returning the car to Colin, Sophia brought all her things to Colin's villa.

Right! She wanted to move in and live with Colin.

She would act first and tell him afterwards!

The servant opened the door for Sophia. Knowing she was Colin's wife, the servant warmly welcomed her, "My Lady, welcome back!"

Sophia nodded with a smile. Together with the servants, Sophia moved her things into her room on the 2nd floor.

In the evening, Sophia downloaded several recipe apps on her phone and read each recipe carefully. It was Sophia's first time to cook, and she was very excited.

However, after working in the company for 3 days, Sophia still hasn't received any information about Colin's return. On the 4th day, Colin held a morning video conference with the executives. Sophia realized that he had gone to the office in the United States.

It was uncertain when he would come back.

Sophia went back to her office in disappointment. Because of Sophia and Colin's absence, Herring didn't come to the company for a long time.

After work, Sophia wandered the streets to the subway entrance. While she was queuing up, she saw a big screen playing the entertainment news.

"... A journalist reported Leila having dinner with a mysterious man in a six-star hotel in the United States. After dinner, the man was discovered to be the regional president of SL Group, Colin Li! They left in a luxury car together..."

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