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   Chapter 60 Only Three Hundred Thousand

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That bitch Sophia must be having a rough time with Mr. He. Dorothy felt very pleased at the thought that Sophia was being fucked by that disgusting man.

Payne took a drink from the glass his wife offered.

Bang! The door was slammed open. Frightened by the loud sound, Dorothy let go of the wine glass, and it fell to the ground, breaking into pieces.

Upon recognizing the person who entered, Dorothy didn't dare lose her temper. "Mr. Li, what brings you here?"

Looking grave, Colin strode into the room and seized Dorothy by the collar, pulling her up from the sofa.

"Mr. Li... What are you doing?" Payne grabbed Colin at once. Dorothy was too distressed to say a word.

Colin looked at Dorothy furiously, "Didn't I tell you not to go after Sophia?"

Although Payne was puzzled, he still held her wife cautiously, "Mr. Li, there must be some misunderstanding! Isn't Sophia in Z Country? We've been in C Country the whole time."

"Dorothy, why did you ask Sophia for 3 million?" Paying no attention to Payne, Colin continued interrogating Dorothy, who was choking from his grasp.

Dorothy shook her head, and flustered, "She... She was willing to... sleep with that man!"

Payne tried to help her out. "Mr. Li, Sophia's just a wanton woman. You don't need to get worked up over her. Dorothy is pregnant, Mr. Li. How about letting her down now?"

Hearing that, Colin gradually loosened his hold on the suffocating Dorothy. He didn't need to flare up because of Sophia, she's just a wanton woman!

When the grip on Dorothy relaxed, she gasped for air.

Colin was really a formidable man!

"Why did Sophia come here?" Colin didn't trust her easily.

Dorothy's eyes flashed nervously. She was considering if she should tell the truth, when Payne asked her in surprise, "Did you meet Sophy?"

Sophy, Sophy, Sophy! Dorothy hated her husband for calling that woman so intimately!

"Sophia is short on money, so she asked me to set her up with some men!"

Colin believed her, because Sophia had asked him to borrow some money. Colin didn't refuse Sophia, but Sophia hung up without giving an explanation.

When she was unable to get money from him, Sophia went to... sleep with men for money?

But why would Sophia ask Dorothy to arrange it for her? Colin doubted this.

"Dorothy, the contract with the Lien Group only needs my signature. What if I tell Mr. Lien that there was a problem with you..."

Dorothy shivered with fear, she had to tell him the truth, "It's... for Aaron. She needs the money to get Aaron back."

With those distant eyes, no one could tell what Colin was thinking of.

"She needs 3 million to redeem Aaron?" Colin wouldn't be distracted so easily.

Dorothy thought fast. She nodded, but then shook her head. "No, she only needs 300, 000 to redeem Aaron. She must've wanted keep the rest for herself!"

Wade told Colin that Dorothy took Aaron back for 300, 000. Colin believed Dorothy and let her go.

On wobbly legs, Dorothy sank into the sofa behind her.

"Here's 500, 000. Now, send Aaron to this address." Seeing the hesitation in her eyes, Colin warned her harshly, "Ms. Lien, are you trying to destroy the Lien Group?"

If he wanted to, he could knock down the Lien Group completely.

Dorothy shook her head

at once. Without the Lien Group, she would live on nothing. "Mr. Li, I understand!"

After Colin left, Dorothy felt her heart beating violently and gasped for air.

Dorothy couldn't understand how Colin could be so harsh. She clearly remembered her elder brother saying that Colin was a gentleman...

Payne blamed Dorothy, "Is Sophia in A Country now?"

Feeling his dissatisfaction, Dorothy glared at him, "So what? I was frightened to death by Colin, and you're berating me now?"

Thinking of the baby inside her, Payne hastily comforted her. "No, honey. Don't be angry. Be careful with the baby!"

Just as he said this, Dorothy covered her belly painfully. "Honey, my belly hurts..."

Too scared to say anything, Payne picked her up and rushed to the hospital.

On the 16th floor

Sophia sat on the bed staring at the check in a trance.

What should she do? How could she explain to Colin?

She couldn't even go out, because Colin ruined her clothes...

Soon, someone knocked on the door. Sophia didn't intend to answer it, but she thought it might be Colin.

She quickly got off the bed and looked through the peephole. But, it wasn't Colin...

"Who is it?"

"Hello, I'm the attendant for this floor, and I've come to bring you some clothes."

"Okay, please wait a moment, " Finding a bathrobe from the closet to cover herself with, Sophia opened the door.

The attendant gave her two bags. "Hello, a gentleman asked me to bring these to you."

"Okay, thank you." It might be Colin...

After putting on the clothes, Sophia called Dorothy again, "Dorothy, set my brother free. I have the 3 million for you!"

It was Payne who answered the phone.

"Sophie, what do you mean 3 million?"

Hearing it was Payne, Sophia started. Then she said immediately, "Where's Dorothy? Tell her to set my brother free!"

Payne looked at the examination room, "Dorothy is having a check-up now. Sophie, is that true?"

Dorothy told Colin just now that it was 300, 000...

When he was about to ask Dorothy for more details about what she told Colin, Dorothy said her belly was hurting, so he said nothing.

"Tell her to call me back!" Then Sophia hung up.

She didn't want to hear Payne's voice at all. After dressing up, she left the suite.

When Sophia was walking to the bar entrance, Dorothy called her, "Sophia, I didn't expect you to be married to Colin!"

Payne had no other choice but to tell Dorothy the truth.

Dorothy's hatred and jealousy boiled over. How could a bitch like Sophia marry an excellent man like Colin?

"It's none of your business! Where's my brother? I can give you the 3 million!" Sophia avoided the topic coldly.

Although Dorothy didn't want to, she told her the truth. "Mr. Li took him away!"

Sophia was dumbfounded. "Where was he taken?"

"How would I know? Go ask your husband!" Dorothy didn't feel well. How could Sophia marry Colin?

Finding out the whereabouts of her brother, Sophia didn't want to say another word to her and hung up directly. Then she blacklisted Dorothy's number.

Dorothy, this isn't the end!

Sophia hurriedly took a taxi to the Li Manor.

Opening the door of the villa, Sophia found it was completely dark inside. After changing her shoes, she walked upstairs silently.

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