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   Chapter 59 I Will Die if You Divorce Me!

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If Mr. He really slept with her, she would be tainted and would feel too ashamed to live in this world, let alone staying with Colin.

She regretted not giving her first time to Colin.

She thought she had slept with Colin, but the more she thought of it, the more she was convinced that there was something fishy about it. She checked the Web. And found that nothing had happened between them...

Dorothy was terrified at the fervent hatred in Sophia's eyes. She tried to calm down and said, "Of course, I'll let him go!"

The bodyguard soon came back. "Mr. He, this is the room card for the presidential suite on the 16th floor."

Henry felt as if his whole body was on fire. Taking the room card, he walked to the room with his arm clasped around Sophia's waist.

Sophia dragged herself as she left the private room with Mr. He.

On the 16th floor

Standing at the door, Sophia didn't have the courage to step inside.

Henry wasn't in a hurry. He leaned against the wall inside the room, waiting for Sophia.

"Sophia!" A cold but familiar voice called out nearby.

Sophia turned around and was shocked. Was that Colin, stalking towards them like a raging lion?

Sophia was scared to death. Covering her face, she rushed into the room and quickly locked the door.

Henry didn't know what was going on. Immediately after Sophia came in, he held her from behind. "Come on! Honey!"

Loud knocks on the door soon came. They were not so much knocks as violent pounding.

"Sophia! Open the fucking door!" From the outside, the voice of Colin's fury came.

Sophia was so frightened that she didn't move. Why did Colin come here?

Henry let go of his hold on Sophia doubtfully. Was that the voice of... President Colin Li of SL Group?

"You have three seconds to open the door, or I will kick it open!"

Sophia didn't want to open the door, she was afraid Colin would kill her...

Henry didn't know what she was thinki

Her body pressed to his back closely. Suppressing his emotions, Colin tried hard to keep his sanity.

"No! Go away, Sophia!"

Colin removed her hands from his waist and said to her without even looking back, "I'll tell mom about our divorce!"

As the man walked to the door, Sophia cried out heartbrokenly, "Colin, I will die if you divorce me!"


The room became very quiet. Sophia was confused, why did she say that?

Colin's cold eyes swept over her naked body, "Sophia, do you know the consequences of threatening me?"

Sophia shook her head, nodded, and finally shook again. "No matter how much you threaten me, it's your fault! This whole thing is all your fault! You had 3 million, but why did you refuse to lend me the money in the first place?"

She didn't care even he thought she was shameless. She wouldn't divorce him!

"So, you're willing to sell yourself to that old man for 3 million? Sophia, how low can you go?" Saying that, Colin left without looking at her anymore.

Bang! The door was slammed shut fiercely. It became very quiet.

In the corridor, Colin punched the wall with his fist.

Sophia, Sophia! You're really something!

In Room 221, Dorothy lay in Payne's arms pleasantly. She took up a glass of wine to him, "Honey, let me feed you!"

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