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   Chapter 58 No Other Choice

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Sophia's idea of asking other men for help enraged Colin.

"Sophia, who do you think is willing to help you besides me?"

... Sophia held the mobile phone tightly and said nothing.

Maybe she thought highly of herself. Herring was neither her relative nor her friend. Why would he lend her that much money? Hugh... She probably couldn't contact him at all.

"I see. Thank you, Colin. I'm sorry for bothering you, goodbye!" Sophia endured the pain in her heart and was ready to hang up the phone.

Her last hope shattered. Sophia stood blankly in the middle of the bedroom.

"What do you want the 3 million for?" Colin interjected quickly, preventing her from hanging up.

Sophia was hesitant to tell him about her brother. Colin had helped her take care of her father and even sent for a specialist...

"I have a friend who needs it." She lied because she didn't want to trouble Colin anymore, she was afraid that... he disliked her.

"Which one?" Colin asked her to elaborate.

Sophia couldn't tell, and was ready to hang up again. "No one, just an old friend. I'm sure you're busy, Mr. Li! Don't worry about it."

Sophia hurriedly disconnected the call, a drop of tear slipping from her eye. She felt hopeless. There was a chance to save her brother, but it was in vain.

Painfully closing her eyes, Sophia made a decision. To save her brother, she had to be brave and sleep with someone...

Wiping away her tears, Sophia took her handbag and quickly walked out of the Li Villa.

Having forgotten to borrow a car from Colin, Sophia could only leave the Li Villa on foot.

Colin stared at his phone in annoyance.

When the car drove into Li Manor, Wade noticed a figure on the side of the road, "Mr. Li, isn't that Mrs. Li?"

Colin looked up. Indeed, the woman walking briskly outside was Sophia.

Where was she going, so late at night?

The car passed by Sophia. Deep in worry thinking about her brother, she didn't notice a car turning around to keep up with her.

After a long walk, Sophia made a private car from her mobile phone and rushed to the place that Dorothy told her.

At the Age Bar

Sophia went directly to the second floor and knocked on the door of Room 221.

Pushing the door open, Sophia saw Dorothy sitting inside. She was well-dressed, with five or six bodyguards around her.

Sophia felt a little anxious when she didn't see Aaron.

Dorothy gave her a sidelong glance. Parting her lips gracefully, she said, "Don't worry. Give me the 3 million, then you can see Aaron!"

Sophia bit her lower lip in silence. "I don't have..."

"No?" Dorothy looked Sophia in the eye and gloated, "Well, then. Mr. He, the general manager of Runchang Enterprise, is in the next room. If you spend the night with him, I will release your brother tomorrow morning!"

Mr. He is a prodigal son infamous for abusing women. Practically none of the women who got in his bed got out unharmed.

Sophia closed her eyes. "Dorothy, I can write you a promissory note. I can even pay you interest!"

Dorothy enjoyed seeing Sophia so distressed, and refused her request after a hearty laugh.

Sophia paused. "Let me see my brother first!"

Dorothy didn't reject her request this time. She gave one of the bodyguards a look, and he went out of the private room.

Ignoring the waiter standing at the door, he went to get Aaron.

Three Minutes Later

"Aaron!" Sophia looked at her brother with astonishment and joy. Although he was dark and skinny as he was in photos, it was indeed Aaron!

With eyes red from crying, Aaron looked at his sister who had also lost a lot of weight and sobbed, "Sophia."

They hugged each other, bursting into tears immediately. Dorothy looked at them with disdain and reminded coldly, "Well, Sophia. Now that you've seen him, tell me your decision!"

Aaron knew Dorothy through Payne, and he knew that she was a bad woman. "Dorothy, what do you want to do to my sister?"

Dorothy laughed, "What do I want to do to your sister? What can I do to her? Take him away!"

Despite his fierce struggles, Aaron was taken away by two bodyguards.

Sophia tearfully watched her brother until he disappeared from view. She wiped away her tears and turned to Dorothy, "Dorothy, aren't you afraid that I'll call the police? You violated the law!"

However, she forgot about the power of the Lien family. Dorothy looked at Sophia with disdain, "If going to the police helped, why were you sentenced to five years in prison?"

... Sophia felt desperate again.

"Okay, I'll do it."

Dorothy grinned and ordered the bodyguard next to her, "Call Mr. He over!"

The bodyguard left. Sophia looked at Dorothy coldly, "How can I guarantee that you will release my brother in the morning?"

"Sophia, do you have any other choice than to believe in me?"

Sophia was silent. Indeed, Sophia had no other choice.

Soon, Mr. He entered with the bodyguard.

Henry He was 42 years old. With his burly figure dressed in a grey suit and his hand holding a cigarette, he looked like a scoundrel.

At the first sight of Sophia, Henry scoffed. But after looking her up and down carefully, his eyes lit up.

This woman was neither fat nor thin. She would be wonderful in bed!

"Mr. He, I'm sorry to disturb your business." Dorothy stood up from the sofa. In her flat shoes, she looked a little shorter than usual.

Henry grinned. "That's all right. Why did Miss Lien call me over? Do you have something good for me?"

Dorothy lowered her head and smiled. "Mr. He is really smart! How do you feel about her? She's supposedly very experienced!"

Sophia clenched her fists tightly. She wanted to burn this place down, so they could all perish together!

Henry smiled crudely and lifted Sophia's chin up. "Good, let's go. Thank you Miss Lien!"

"You're welcome, Mr. He. Have a wonderful night!" Dorothy waved her hands to the bodyguards, "Get Mr. He a room the upstairs!"

Henry lowered his head to kiss Sophia, but she took a step back. Although he missed, his eyes were full of interest.

She seemed to be a little wild cat. Good. He liked it!

"Hey! Why are you hiding? You should be honored to be kissed by Mr. He!" Seeing Sophia act pure and lofty, Dorothy felt irritated and pinched her arm.

Sophia kneaded her sore arm and glowered at Dorothy, "You'd better release my brother tomorrow morning. Otherwise, we will all die together!"

Sophia had made up her mind in the few minutes just now. If she was destined to sleep with Mr. He that night, she would accept such misfortune as predetermined by God.

After Dorothy had released her brother the next morning, she would die with her!

If Dorothy broke her word, she would kill Mr. He and Dorothy, find a way to save her brother, then kill herself!

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