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   Chapter 57 Ransom

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The nurse felt too embarrassed to accept it. "You really don't need to do this. I've just been doing my job. Besides, Mr. Li pays us a higher salary than the others. I shouldn't accept your gift."

"The salary is what you've earned. This is my personal gift. Although it's not expensive, I hope you don't mind!" Her money has been tight recently. If she had more money, she would've bought more gifts for them.

A lipstick that costs a few hundred can be considered expensive. How could a nurse from an ordinary family refuse?

Finally, Sophia convinced the nurse to take the lipstick she bought.

The nurse felt grateful to Sophia. She kept reassuring Sophia that working away from home was all right. She would definitely take good care of her father.

Before dinner, Sophia returned to the Li Villa

While making dinner, Sophia assisted Wendy to learn to cook in the kitchen. She could definitely cut vegetables, but cooking was difficult to her.

Sophia hasn't been pampered since she was a child. Back when she lived at home, she helped her parents with housework, like washing clothes and preparing vegetables.

While Sophia was cutting the onions in the kitchen, Wendy called Colin, "Will you come back for dinner tonight?"

"No. I have an appointment with a client." Colin was on his way to the hotel.

Wendy felt a bit regretful. "Well, I was going to ask you about dinner. Sophia was the one who helped me cook tonight. But if that's the case, go ahead!"

Colin didn't say anything. When Wendy thought that Colin had hung up the phone, he spoke again, "I will have dinner late."

Wendy understood what he meant and replied happily, "Okay, I'll leave some food for you later."

Going back to the kitchen, Wendy asked Sophia to take some food out. Thinking it was for Jordan, she obediently set aside some food from each dish into a few plates.

At 9 o'clock in the evening, Sophia came out of the bedroom and gave Wendy some hand cream, "Mom, you usually cook. I hope you'll apply some hand cream to your hands after meals."

Wendy was pleased, "Okay. Thank you, my dear Sophia."

Sophia felt a little shy, "Mom, I'm glad you don't mind the price!" Her savings were running out, but she still spent more than a thousand to buy this hand cream for Wendy.

She thought that Wendy used skin care products that cost several thousand, but apparently not.

Wendy waved her off, "I used to live in a poor family. Besides the skin care products that your dad and your grandmother bought for me, I usually spend a few hundred for skin care products, a thousand at most. I would be only glad. How could I mind? "

She had bought skin care products that cost only a few hundred several times. But Jordan threw them away after discovering it...

"Well, that's good!"

They talked for a while, then Sophia returned to the room.

At ten o'clock, Sophia went to bed.

Sophia had just lied down on the bed, when her mobile phone rang. An unknown number was on the screen.

Who would be calling her? Her phone number was only known to a few people close to her. Sophia assumed it was a telemarketer, so she didn't answer the phone.

But the phone kept on ringing. The third time it rang, Sophia answered the phone. "Hello."

"Sophia, it's me!"

Dorothy? Sophia pulled a long face. Why was Dorothy calling her? "Wha

t do you want?"

"Do you want to see your brother?" Dorothy asked smugly.

Did Sophia think that she hadn't noticed her in the hospital elevator yesterday? She was wrong! From the moment she entered the elevator, she saw Sophia in the corner.

She deliberately revealed her pregnancy to Sophia. She wanted to show off that she was pregnant with Payne's children.

At the mention of Aaron, Sophia immediately sat up, "Where's my brother?"

Thinking of being tricked into kneeling before Dorothy, the hope that rose in her eyes disappeared. Maybe Dorothy was tricking her again!

"I know what you're thinking of, but I'm not lying to you this time! I paid three million to get him from the illegal coal mine enterprise. Give me three million, then I'll return your brother to you!"

"Let me talk to my brother!" Sophia couldn't easily believe Dorothy anymore!

Dorothy sneered, "No. I'll send you photos, then you'll believe me."

The call was disconnected, and Sophia began trembling when she saw the photos that Dorothy had sent.

The dark skinny boy was really... Aaron.

She covered her mouth with her hand, trying not to cry out loud. What happened to Aaron?

Aaron had inherited their mother's light complexion. What happened to him? Why had he become like this?

A few minutes later, Sophia wiped away her tears and called Dorothy, "I'll meet with you. But can I owe you the three million?"

Dorothy laughed aloud as if she had heard a funny joke, "Owe me? Oh! I forgot that you're a poor wretch. It doesn't matter if you don't have three million, you can pay the debt by selling yourself for one night!"

... Sophia clenched her teeth tightly. In that moment, she really wanted to kill Dorothy, even if she had to die with her!

"Where do we meet?"

Dorothy gave her the address of a bar and hung up the phone immediately.

Sophia held herself tightly, her body constantly shaking. All she she could think about was how she would get the three million to save her brother. Three million! Not three hundred!

After dressing up, Sophia finally called Colin.

On the way back, Colin had drunk some wine, so he leaned against the rear seat and closed his eyes to rest.

Seeing the caller ID, Colin smiled but answered the phone indifferently. "What?"

"Colin..." After calling his name, Sophia fell into silence.

Colin guessed that she needed his help. She didn't talk, and he didn't bother to urge her.

Sophie bit her so lower lip hard, it almost bled. She went straight to the point, "I want to borrow three million from you. You can rest assured that I will pay you back, with a credit note as proof. If you're uneasy, I can sign a longer labor contract for the company..."

Three million was an astronomical figure for Sophia. But for Colin, there was no difference between three million and three thousand.

What does she want the three million for?

Sophia had no idea about his wealth. She added anxiously, "But if you don't have the money, it doesn't matter. I..."

"What will you do?" Colin asked her casually.

Sophia fell into silence again. What if Colin didn't have the money? Did she really have to do what Dorothy said?

"If you don't have enough money... I'm going to ask Herring or... Can you help me get in contact with Hugh?" Giving in to Dorothy would be the last resort.

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