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   Chapter 56 Please Help Me

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The bed was neat, as if no one had slept in it. Hadn't Sophia returned?

Where was she? Couldn't she wait to go back to A Country before meeting with her lovers?

At the thought, Colin angrily took out his mobile phone to call Sophia.

The door of the opposite room opened, it was Wendy.


Colin locked his phone, "Mom, why aren't you asleep?"

"I fell asleep, but woke up when I heard you return. Did Sophia tell you she won't be coming back tonight?"

"Where is she?" Why didn't she tell him? Was this her treating him well?

"Oh, she went back to her old home. I don't know when she'll come back. If you're worried, you can go and check up on her."

Wendy yawned, feeling sleepy.

"Alright mom, go back to sleep." Colin was uncertain if he should go or not.

Three minutes later, a call made him quickly pick up the phone.

"Colin... I'm sorry to bother you... Can you come over? Please help me." Sophia's low voice sounded over the phone.

Immediately after Sophia gave him the address, he heard a scream on the phone before the line was disconnected.

A black sports car sped down the road. It was a half hour drive, but Colin arrived in ten minutes.

He rushed two steps at a time and leapt to the third floor. The door of one room was ajar, and it was dark inside.

Colin silently approached the edge of the door, and he could hear the low voice of a woman crying for help. "Let me go! Who are you? What are you looking for? Let me go..."

Soon, the room fell into silence.

Without making a sound, Colin pushed the door open. In the lit bedroom, he slowly approached the hooded figure clad in black, who was turning the room around.

Sophia was left on the bed. Her hands were tied and her mouth was stuffed with a piece of cloth.

Hiding the dagger he got from his car in his pocket, Colin slowly approached the bedroom.

Seeing him, Sophia's eyes widened in surprise. Colin gestured for her to be quiet.

Before the man in black returned, Colin raised his right foot and slammed it on the man's waist.

Caught off guard, the man fell to the ground and struggled to get up. After wrestling away from Colin, he fled.

Colin wanted to chase him, but he was worried about Sophia. He closed the door and went back to her.

Untying the ropes binding Sophia, he yelled at the woman loudly, "Why did you open the door for a stranger in the middle of the night?"

"I didn't, I don't know how he got in!" She was frightened to death.

Seeing that she was fine, Colin breathed a sigh of relief. He asked her grimly, "Why did you call me instead of the police?

... Sophia felt uneasy. Why did she always think of Colin first whenever something happened?

Depressed and uncomfortable, Sophia apologized softly, "I'm sorry for causing you trouble. I won't bother you next time."

Colin irritably rubbed his head, "No, call me next time. Some policemen are too unreliable. If you call them, they'll take longer to get to you."

Not wanting Sophia to misunderstand him, he added, "I don't want you to be in danger, it will make my mother sad."

... Of course.

"Well, thank you. I'm not going to walk you out, goodbye!" Sophia went to the living room, suggesting for Colin to leave.

Looking at the door, Colin said, "The lock has been broken, how can I leave?"

"It's alr

ight, I can find something to block the door." Sophia looked around the living room and decided to pull out the sofa.

Closing his eyes, Colin decided to be a good man. He moved the table in the living room to block the door.

Sophia looked at the man still in the room, "You haven't gone out yet!"

"Shut up! Go back to sleep!" The table was enough. Since Colin slept lightly, any slight movement would alert him.

Sophia closed her mouth and went back to the bedroom. Colin followed her in and slept beside her.


The rest of the night passed by quietly

Before Colin left the next morning, he filed a police report for Sophia and made a statement. He watched as the locksmith installed a new lock.

"Goodbye, Mr. Li!" Sophia waved to Colin.

"What! Come back in the evening!" Rolling down the window of the passenger seat, Colin told her through the window.

Sophia nodded, "Okay."

After the black sports car disappeared, Sophia went back home. She thought about the man who broke in the night before.

At the SL Group

Colin called Wade, "Have Sophia's home investigated. Find out what's in the building that lead those people to harm her family."

Wade nodded before adding, "President, we found Aaron."


"Aaron fell into Dorothy's hands." Wade reported truthfully.

Colin frowned slightly, "What does Dorothy want with Aaron? Why does she have him?"

"We're trying to investigate why Dorothy was looking for him. She found Aaron because she bought him from someone else." Not long ago, Colin took over Aaron's case from Jordan. For over a month, Colin had been spending his manpower and financial resources to find Aaron.


"Yes, someone sent Aaron to Green Cold Country to work in a coal mine. He was guarded well. Dorothy knew this because her brother had told her inadvertently." Aaron had suffered from hardships in the black coal mine for over a year. He was now skinny, and has been taken away by Dorothy.

Colin pondered for a moment. "Don't tell Sophia yet. Send someone to find out where Aaron is being held and find an opportunity to rescue him as soon as possible. If it doesn't work, I'll personally contact Dorothy." Holding people hostage was illegal and Dorothy would have nothing to say if someone called the police. She would receive legal ramifications.

The reason Colin didn't inform the police immediately was because he still had a good relationship with her brother. Once they fell out, both sides would have losses.

"Alright, president."

"Let the Deputy CEO come in. I want to talk to him about the company."

"Yes, president." After Wade left, Colin stared at the computer in deep thought. He wondered if Dorothy would do something to Sophia if she knew she had come back to A Country.

After leaving her old home, Sophia spent the whole afternoon in the hospital. Jay was still the same, there wasn't any change while she was away.

She gave the gifts she bought to the two nurses. One of the nurses refused, "Miss Lou, it's our job to take care of your father. I can't accept these."

Sophia shook her head and told the woman in her thirties, "It is not a big gift. Since I noticed you use lipstick, I went to the mall and bought one for you. This is my personal gift. Taking care of my father is hard work. Please accept it."

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