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   Chapter 55 I'm Not Going to Touch You!

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Since Sophia didn't know if Colin was going to take a shower, she hesitated. Opening a small gap in the bathroom door, she asked, "Do you want to take a shower now?"

"How? Are you going to bathe me?"

Sophia huffed in frustration. "Are you going to take a shower or not?" This man was becoming more and more hateful!

"If you bathe me, I'll consider taking a shower now!" Colin put down his notebook since he couldn't concentrate on his work with Sophia around.

'Doh!' The bathroom door slammed shut. Collin's face darkened and he continued to work on his notebook.

Five Minutes Later

Finally, Sophia walked out of the bathroom and stood in front of Colin. Slightly bowing, she said gently with a half smile, "Mr. Li, the bath water is ready, please go to the bathroom."

... Colin glared fiercely at the woman, wondering what she was up to.

As the man continued to stare at her blankly, Sophia reluctantly switched back to her previous expression. "Colin, are you going to take a shower or not?"

Colin refused indifferently, "Not now."

Fine! Sophia went back to the bathroom in dejection. She soaked in and took a shower. Colin didn't seem to want her to be so active with him.

When Sophia went to bed, she took out a couple of blankets from the cabinet and covered herself. Then she started playing with her mobile phone.

She fell asleep at 11pm.

At 1am, Colin turned off his computer and went to the bed. He watched the sleeping woman in contemplation.

Did she really treat him in this active way to make his parents happy?

The Next Morning

When Sophia woke up early the next morning, Collin had finished washing up. She got up, folded the blankets, and put them back in the cabinet.

Watching her movements, Colin sneered at her.

"You don't have to do that! You're being unnecessary. I'm not going to touch you!"

Sophia fell into silence.

When she went downstairs for breakfast, Colin was ready to leave.

Jordan had left for the army early, and the two elders were doing morning exercises outside. Wendy hadn't gotten up yet. Sophia wasn't in a hurry to eat breakfast. Instead, she went to find her grandparents outside.

Right after Colin closed the door of the villa, Sophia opened it.

The man walked to the black Rolls Royce parked outside. A woman dressed in business attire opened the door for him. Having met her in a video conference, Sophia knew her. She was the general secretary of the president of the SL Group.

The woman was surprised to see Sophia come out of the Li Villa, but she politely nodded at her. Sophia nodded back in response.

After getting in the car, Colin didn't glance at Sophia.

The car slowly left. Sophia ran for a little while to another villa of the Li Manor and found Harold and Angie.

On the open space in front of the villa, Jordan had set up a variety of fitness equipment for the two elders. To avoid the rain and snow, there was also a roof built on top of the equipment. There was a small lounge nearby.

"Grandpa, grandma." Sophia approached the two elders.

Angie was surprised to see Sophia, "Sophia, didn't I tell you yesterday not to wake up early?"

Sophia used to do morning exercises with them before she went to Z Country.

When the family chatted last night, Angie mentioned this, but Sophia disagreed.

"Grandma, I'm not up early. Have you been exercising for 20 minutes?"

Sophia stood in front of the parallel bars and tried to pr

ess her leg.

"Yes. Since you're up, join us!" Angie looked at her granddaughter-in-law kindly, what a good child!

After exercising with the two elders for another 20 minutes, they returned to the villa together.

That morning, Sophia went to the hospital to visit Jay.

In the afternoon, Sophia took the subway to go to her old home by herself.

She used the key that she kept with her the whole time. Pushing the door open, she found a thick layer of dust in every room of the house.

Feeling melancholy for a while, Sophia cleaned every corner of the house.

She was busy cleaning until evening fell, and when she looked at the time, it was past 6pm.

She took out her mobile phone and called Wendy, "Mom, I won't be back tonight."

When Wendy asked where she was, she told the truth.

Understanding her feelings, Wendy agreed. She asked if she should call Colin to accompany her.

Sophia declined, "Mom, I want to be alone for now. Colin is busy, please don't bother him."

"Okay. Feel free to contact us if you have any problem."

"Okay, mom."

At dinner time, Sophia was looking through her old things in the room. They were basically memories from school.

There was also an old photo of her and Payne. Sophia found a ceramic pot and burned it.

Along with several love letters that Payne wrote her, she destroyed everything.

There was also a thick envelope with dozens of letters between Sophia and Hugh.

After reading them, Sophia took out a pen from her bag and pulled out some paper. She began to write a letter.

"Hugh, I haven't seen you for a long time. I don't know if this letter will reach you. Since you've become popular recently, I'm very happy for you. Brother Hugh, I went home today and found it full of old memories.

Hugh, since you're busy with work, please take care of yourself. I would like to get the opportunity to talk to you, the big star, soon." Sophia drew a smiling face at the end.

"Brother Hugh, you don't have to reply, since I'm going to Z Country. But if you want to contact me, add my WeChat. My handle is the complete spelling of my name.

Sophia wrote."

After writing the short letter, Sophia found a courier near the house and sent the letter to Hugh's old address.

Sophia touched the address she wrote, not knowing if Hugh would be able to receive the letter...

Back home, Sophia pushed the door of her parents' room open, and found it neat and tidy. Everything was still in place, as if nothing had happened to the family.

Before she went to prison, the house was robbed and all the rooms were turned over.

But nothing valuable thing was lost. No one knew what the robber was looking for.

The innermost room belonged to her younger brother, Aaron. There were several star posters on the wall, two skateboards in the corner, a basketball...

Why was her younger brother also missing?

Her uncle told her that he was taken away by someone. Until now, there still wasn't any news.

She didn't know if he was still alive... It was all a mystery. Sophia worried about her brother the most when she was in prison.

Lying on her bed, Sophia squinted at the ceiling. She smelled something familiar, as if she was back in high school...

At two o'clock in the morning

Colin parked his car at the garage of their house. He returned to the room and found the heating turned off because there was no one inside.

Where was Sophia? Colin frowned slightly.

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