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   Chapter 54 Just an Act

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"I don't care if you ruin my apartment. But before that, I'll test if you damaged anything from your kick. If there's any problem with me, you'll take responsibility for this!" Shoving the phone from her hand, Levi kissed her red lips...

Selina's mind suddenly went blank. This... This was her first kiss! She sobbed.

Levi had only wanted to frighten her, "Selina."


"Are you still a virgin?"

His bluntness made Selina feel too embarrassed to respond.

"Tell me!"

"Yes, yes, please don't hurt me!" Selina tried to move away but Levi pressed heavily on her body.

Levi let her go with distaste. "I don't like inexperienced women."

... Selina was completely astonished.

It took her a while to respond, "It seems you have a lot of experience."

She heard that soldiers weren't allowed to sleep around. How could he violate the rules?

Levi tried to keep his mood, but his hoarse voice betrayed him, "What would you do if you saw me again?"

Selina looked at the man curiously. Why was he suddenly acting strangely?

"I don't need to answer that because we'll never see each other again. I live in C Country, while you're in A Country. It would be impossible to see you again." After saying this, the atmosphere in the room became depressing. Selina felt upset for some reason.

"What if I go to C Country for duty? Or I might come visit my aunt some time. It's possible to meet then." Levi closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

"All right! In that case, I promise to keep a distance of three meters away from you." Selina said eagerly.

Levi nodded his head. "Stay here, I'm going to take a bath. Sleep if you want to."

Selina paused.

She wasn't stupid. She couldn't stay here and wait for him to kiss her again.

As Levi went into the bathroom to take a cold shower, Selina slipped away quietly.

When Levi walked out in a bathrobe twenty minutes later, the room was empty.

The Li Villa


slightly nervous. "Colin, I've tried to be good to you. But you keep provoking me again and again. What do you want from me?"

The man sneered at her in disdain, "When we were in Z Country, you were horrible to me. Now in the Li Villa, you're trying so hard to be good to me. Sophia, I didn't expect you to be such a manipulative woman!"

Though he was pleased that she wanted to treat him well, he was angry that she was only behaving in front of his parents. She wasn't really good to him. It was all an act.

Sophia didn't want to continue the conversation. She moved to get out of his arms. Suddenly... She accidentally pressed down on something.

Colin cried out in pain and pushed her away.

Sophia looked down to check what she'd done. She stared at her hand in shock. How could she press on... that?

"Damn you! Are you trying to ruin me?" Colin grunted the words in agony. He wanted to punish her badly.

Sophia flushed immediately. She hadn't intended to!

She stepped away from him hurriedly and went downstairs with the glass.

Her heart was still beating fast when she reached the kitchen. My goodness! What did she do...

She washed the glass slowly and put it back in place. Then she went back to the bedroom. To avoid Colin, Sophia went straight for the bathroom.

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