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   Chapter 53 The Fifth Time

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"Selina, is he listening beside you?"

"No. Go back the hotel first. I'll come back later." Levi was sworn mother Lola's nephew. He wouldn't dare do anything to her.

Angela promised Selina, but continued to follow the bodyguards and headed in the direction that Levi went.

Five Minutes Later

Sven called back, "Angela, the car belongs to a senior colonel of the A Country army. His name is Levi. He's Lola's nephew."

"Really? Lola's nephew? Why did he take Selina away?" Angela asked Sven in confusion.

"I don't know, either. I asked Lola about it, and she said she would call Daniel's uncle. Since they know each other, Selina will be safe. Don't worry. Take care of yourself."

"All right! I'll wait for her." Angela hung up the phone. She still hadn't caught up with Levi's car.

Thanks to Angela, it wasn't long before Wendy and Jordan found out that Levi was with a girl.

Wendy stared at her husband in surprise. "Levi said there was a girl he liked. He was telling the truth."

As he dialled Levi's number, Jordan glanced at his wife. "When Levi was leaving, he said he would return to the military."

Momentarily surprised, Wendy said, "That brat! Tell him not to return if he doesn't come back with the girl!"

After a while, Levi's phone connected. "Dad."

"Where are you taking the girl?" Jordan asked bluntly.

Glancing at the woman in the passenger seat, Levi asked Jordan in confusion, "How do you know that?"

"That's not the point. The point is, where are you taking her tonight?" Jordan's voice was very calm. It was difficult to tell how he felt.

Levi slowed down the car, "I'm not yet sure. Please don't worry, dad."

"Your mom is worried about you. She wants you to bring the girl back home."

Levi didn't respond. He ran his hands through his hair in frustration. Colin was already married! Why did mom still want a daughter-in-law? "How about another day? We're busy now."

When Levi was about to hang up, Jordan warned him, "Don't screw around with her."

"Alright, I get it!" Hanging up the phone, Levi turned to a frightened Selina, "Who called you just now?"

Levi wondered how his dad knew he was with Selina. Was he the one who called Selina? No, she mentioned the name Angela.

"Let me go, and I'll tell you!" Where on earth was he taking her?

"I don't want to know anymore!"

They both stewed in angry silence.

The military vehicle shook off the two cars following it, and entered a parking lot in a garden.

"Get off!"

"No!" Selina held the handle on the car roof tightly.

Levi got off the car, and then opened the door of the passenger seat. He unbuckled Selina's seatbelt and dragged her over his shoulder.

"Put me down!"


"If you don't put me down, I'll scream!" It was uncomfortable on Levi's shoulder, and Selina got dizzy.

Ignoring her, Levi headed forward. "Whatever."

Selina's voice suddenly softened. "I feel very uncomfortable. I want to get down..."

Levi stopped and gently put Selina down.

Feeling dizzy, Selina almost fainted in Levi's arms.

"Are you alright?" Levi asked with concern. She loo

ked sick.

Selina hit his chest, "Of course not, You carry me on your back!"

Levi stepped in front of her and crouched, waiting for her to get up.

Hearing a sound behind him, Levi turned around to see Selina running towards the exit of the parking lot.

She lied to him!

But was she sure she could race him?

Three minutes later, Selina was carried into the elevator by Levi.

Pressing the 6th floor, Levi put his left hand in the pocket of his pants and waited for the elevator to arrive at 6th floor.

"Levi, I'm sorry. Please let me go!" Knowing she couldn't run away, Selina began to mellow down.

Having been tricked once, Levi ignored her.

The elevator doors opened. Levi pulled her towards his apartment.

Seeing the man use his fingerprint to enter, Selina's heart beat faster.

Was this his home? Why did he bring her here?

The apartment door opened. Levi pulled Selina into his room.

It was very dark inside, with only the street lamps outside to illuminate the apartment. Levi changed his shoes skilfully before turning on the lights.

He took out a new pair of men's slippers. "Make do with them."

What? Selina stared at the slippers in silence. "I don't want to wear them. Why did you bring me here?"

It seemed to be Levi's home.

"To take advantage of you, then murder you!" Levi exclaimed in frustration. He crouched down to untie her shoes.

Selina blushed, her heart beating fast. She refused Levi. "What are you doing? Let me go!"

Levi held her ankle tightly. He didn't loosen his hold until he untied her shoes.

Selina watched him.

"I've apologized already. Just let me go!" The first time Selina and Levi met was in bed... Selina had kicked Levi in the crotch, making him lose his breath.

The second time, Levi caught her and got to the second base with her. Except actually having sex with her, Levi had done everything with her.

The third time was on Daniel and Janet's wedding. After the ceremony, Selina got away from Levi.

The fourth time was... about half a month ago. To get back at Levi, Selina deliberately asked him out. Instead of showing up, Selina asked the famous trans woman in their campus to meet with Levi.

Later on, the trans woman told Selina as she nursed her black eye that Levi beat her up after she kissed him, ruining her artificial breasts.

The fifth time... This was the fifth time. Levi brought her here and threatened to take advantage of her and kill her...

"Impossible!" There was no way Levi would let her go this time.

As she was dragged to the bedroom, Selina held onto the doorframe tightly. "If you don't stop, I'll call the police!"

"All right. Call the police quickly!" Levi took out his cellphone and handed it to Selina.

Selina looked at the phone in surprise. He didn't seem to fear the police!

What the hell? She didn't believe him!

Selina took his phone. When she was about to unlock it, she was pulled into the bedroom.

She was fooled!

"Levi, if you dare touch me, I'll tell my dad to destroy your apartment! Ah!" Trapped in the bed under Levi, Selina let out a scream.

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