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   Chapter 52 No Escape

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The elders continued talking about the couple. Angie commented, "Sophia is a good child. She's lived a hard life. We should look after her."

Wendy agreed, "Yes, I'll ask Colin to take good care of Sophia."


On a pedestrian street in A Country

A military car stopped by the side of the road. A man in camouflage attire got off the vehicle, immediately attracting a lot of attention.

Levi grabbed a cellphone from his pocket and opened Weibo, taking a closer look at the background of the photo.

This was the place. Maybe at the mall entrance?

Levi headed to the destination. After a couple of minutes, he found his target and put away his phone.

At the door of a yogurt ice cream store, Angela burst into laughter after hearing Selina's story. "Selina, you cunning woman! How did you make him meet with that trans?"

Levi stood behind Selina. Although he was striking in his military uniform, Angela didn't care and wasn't curious about him.

"Yeah, she said she kissed Levi!" Thinking of Levi and the trans woman, Selina couldn't help laughing.

The trans woman went to Thailand for surgery. She was the real deal, and only cheated men.

"How about Levi?" Angela wanted to know Levi's reaction.

Actually, Angela didn't know Levi.

Turning off her cellphone, Selina said complacently, "He was called back to the army before he could get revenge. I won't see him again, so he won't have the chance to get back at me!"

"Called back to the army?" Glancing at the man behind Selina, Angela's face fell.

"Yes. He's serving in the military here as... I think he's a..."

"Senior colonel." Someone answered for her.

Selina clapped her hands. "Right! He's a senior colonel!" She looked at Angela curiously. "How did you know that?"

Angela scratched her head in embarrassment. "Senior colonel is amazing, but I didn't say that!"

"Who said that?" The ice cream yogurt was ready, and Selina took one and tasted it.

Wow! It tasted sweet and sour. So delicious!

"I did." Selina heard the voice again.

Hearing the voice clearly now, she realized it was a man, a familiar man...

It couldn't be! Holding her yogurt, Selina turned around slowly in horror. "Ah! Ah!"

Selina's scream drew attention from a lot of people. Levi covered her mouth quickly.

"Stop shouting or I'll sell you!"

Selina immediately shut up. She scooped a spoonful of yogurt ice cream and brought it to Levi's lips.

Perplexed, Levi opened his mouth and took a bite.

It was too sour. Levi wasn't fond of sour food. When he was distracted with the aftertaste of the yogurt ice cream, Selina pulled Angela and ran away.

"Run! Angela, let's go!"

They rushed into the crowd. Ignoring the sour taste in the mouth, Levi quickly ran after them.

He had to catch Selina and teach her a lesson!

The two running girls got a lot of attention. Angela asked Selina loudly, "How long are we going to run for?"

"I don't know! Until we get rid of him!"

She would die if she couldn't get rid of Levi!

She shouldn't have promised Angela to visit A Country.

They ran for half a minute. Selina shouted anxiously, "Excuse me, excuse me! Oh my god! Ouch!"

Selina ran into a man in front of her.

"Running away! Where are you going to flee? There's no escape for you!" With narrowed eyes, Levi looked at the woman rubbing her forehead.

Selina smiled and whispered to Angela. "You're a Taekwondo athlete, aren't you? Knock him down!"

Angela was indeed a Taekwondo athlete. But facing such a strong soldier... Angela gulped. She wasn't sure she could beat him.

But Angela wanted to try for her close friend.

Handing her bag to a retreating Selina, Angela flexed her knuckles. She clenched her hands into fists and raised her arms, getting ready to fight. "Ha!"

In the face of this situation, Levi bypassed Angela and hoisted Selina onto his shoulder. "Here's your bag. I'm taking her with me. Go home to your bodyguards."

Holding her bag, Angela was stunned at the man's arrogance. He carried poor Selina over his shoulder.

No! No! How could she let him take Selina away?

"Hey, let Selina go!" Angela chased after him.

Ignoring Angela, Levi carried a red-faced Selina and headed for his car.

"Who are you? Believe it or not, my bodyguards can take you down!" Though Angela had a white belt in Taekwondo, she didn't have any confidence when facing Levi.

Levi stopped and looked at Angela. "I'm her boyfriend!"

Well... Angela stood here in surprise, watching Levi carry Selina away.

The man was in a military uniform. Selina should be... fine.

Angela wondered if she should call her brother. Thinking this, Angela ran to check the plate number of the military vehicle before it left.

Then she had her bodyguards drive behind Levi before calling Sven.

"Sven, Sven, something happened!" Angela began speaking frantically as soon as the call went through.

Sven rubbed his temples, "Angela, what's going on? Can you stop making a fuss?"

"Sven, a military car took Selina away! Its plate number is A6688."

"Really? Where are you?" A military car? How did Selina have contact in the army? Was it through sworn father Eason?

"We're in A Country. We just arrived this afternoon. Please check it quickly. Ask sworn mother Lola for help. Her brother's a soldier!"

"Okay, I see. Wait for my call."

Hanging up the phone, Angela got into another car and dialled Selina's number. Unexpectedly, it went through.

"Selina, Selina, where are you?"

"Angela, I... I don't know." Watching the landscape flashing outside the window, Selina was lost.

"Do you know the man who took you? If you don't, I'll call the police for you!"

"I... I don't know him! Angela, you should go back first." Selina was so pissed with Levi's rude behavior, that she lied about not knowing him.

Angela was confused. If Selina didn't know the senior colonel... Why did Selina ask her go back first?

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