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   Chapter 51 A Relaxing Evening

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At Colin's words, Sophia got confused. She figured Colin didn't want to have a baby with her, so he shifted Wendy's attention to Levi.

Did Colin dislike children? She loved kids herself. What should she do?

Wendy let out a deep sigh, "You both need to work this out. Colin must have a baby as soon as possible. And Levi, I'll introduce you to some girls."

After swallowing a piece of pork, Levi said, "No way. There's this girl I like. Don't worry about me. Just take good care of yourself, and everything will be fine!"

The girl he liked was a college student who was younger than him.

Wendy was thrilled, hearing that her son had a girl he liked, so she couldn't help asking, "Who is she? What's her name? How old is she? What does she do?"

Levi replied, "Eat first, talk later!"

Wendy stared at him in disappointment.

Although she was at a loss of words, she recovered and joined the conversation again. The family had a good meal and moved to the living room to chat.

"Go ahead, I have work to do." Colin stood up from the sofa and went upstairs.

Seeing his brother get up, Levi followed, "I'm leaving now, I have to go back to the army."

Levi found Selina updating her Facebook that she and Angela had arrived in A Country. He was going to seize this chance to see her. Otherwise, it would be a big waste.

"Oh, those brats!" Wendy stared at her retreating sons in a sulk. Having sons was irritating! Why couldn't she have had a daughter? Daughters were better.

"Mom, they're busy. But that's alright, I'll stay with you." Sophia peeled an orange before giving it to Wendy.

Wendy took the orange with a sigh, "I don't depend my sons anymore. Sophia, let's take care of each other."

Sophia laughed, "Mom, you can live with me, but dad would definitely say no!"

Jordan nodded in agreement.

Halfway up the stairs, Colin was little shocked to hear Sophia laughing.

He rarely saw Sophia so happy. Whenever she was with him, she would lose her temper, cry, and somet

xious. She was too full to eat anymore. Although she knew Colin didn't like dragon fruit or oranges, she tried to feed them to him.


"Yes?" He answered without moving his eyes from the screen.

Sophia forked a piece of dragon fruit into his mouth without hesitation, and he swallowed.

Colin knew what she was doing. He didn't want her to catch on, so he kept eating.

Sophia took the empty plate and stood up, ready to go downstairs.

"Done?" Colin asked.


"Why you feed me the rest?"

"Well… Um... I thought you liked them!" Sophia was a terrible liar. She looked away as she spoke.

Colin raised his eyebrow and bluntly said, "You didn't want to eat them, so you fed them to me."

Colin saw through her. Sophia turned red. Without replying, she fled from the room nervously.

Behind her, Colin looked at the laptop with amusement in his eyes.

Everyone downstairs was ready to leave when Sophia went down with the empty plate. Holding Angie, Wendy said with a smile, "I thought you had gone to sleep!"

Sophia blushed, "No, I just waited for Colin to finish before coming down."

Everyone could see that Wendy's words made her shy. It seemed the couple got along well, and everyone was happy about it.

"Well, go ahead!" Wendy helped Angie as she went upstairs, while Jordan helped Harold.

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