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   Chapter 50 Family Dinner

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Sophia hurriedly explained for Colin, "Mom, he's a CEO. There are too many things going on in the company. Sometimes, he can't help himself. He can't just leave whenever he wants to."

Wendy laughed out, glancing at her. "Sophie, you're so protective of Colin! You'll spoil him!"

Sophia opened her mouth but was at a loss for words. If Wendy was happy with that thought, she wouldn't ruin it.

"No, I don't think so. Mrs. Lyu, let me help you!" Seeing Mrs. Lyu prepare to wash the vegetables, Sophia quickly changed the subject.

"But that's a servant's job, Mrs. Li..." Mrs. Lyu hesitated. Sophia smiled at her, "I'm just going to wash some vegetables. Come on, you can help Wendy with other things."

Wendy nodded to Mrs. Lu. She reluctantly gave the vegetable basin to Sophia and started to work on something else.

The SL Group

After hanging up the phone, Colin contemplated for a while. He returned to the conference room and said, "Alright, everyone. Go home, have a good rest, and think of a better way to solve the problem. That's it for today's meeting."


Everyone was completely shocked at Colin's words. Half an hour ago, he said that if they couldn't come up with a good idea, no one would be going home tonight.

How could one phone call change his mind so quickly?

Although everyone was puzzled, they all hurriedly packed up their things and quickly left room before Colin changed his mind.

Wendy placed the last dish onto the table. Sophia was pacing in the doorway with her phone in her hands, when she heard the door of the villa open.

Pleasantly surprised, she raised her head and saw Colin come in.

"You... You're back!" Sophia flashed him a smile.

Colin shot her a strange look. What was she up to? Was she determined to play the affectionate wife to please his parents?

With that thought, Colin hummed indifferently in response.

He changed into his slippers and took off his suit jacket. When a pair of small hands reached out to take his coat, Colin was surprised. His puzzled eyes met hers.

Sophia awkwardly explained, "I'll hang it on the clothes rack for you."

Colin raised an eyebrow. It seemed that Sophia Lo had a conscience, after all. At least she knew that she should make his parents happy since they were so nice to her.

But he wouldn't let her have what she wanted.

Had she already forgotten what she did to him yesterday? He's very vindictive and believed that revenge was a dish best served cold.

"No, I can do it myself. You don't have to bother."

... Sophia felt uncomfortable because everyone was watching them.

She quickly grabbed his coat to stopped Colin from walking to the clothes rack. Her fingers tightened at the edge of his coat.

They had a silent competition. Neither Colin nor Sophia let go.

"What are you doing? Come and eat!" Wendy curiously watched Colin and Sophia who stood face to face at the door.

"Coming, mom. I'll just hang Colin's coat on the clothes rack."

Colin paused.

With Colin distracted, Sophia swiftly pulled the coat out of his hands and triumphantly hung it onto the rack.

Levi was watching them carefully. His brother was unhappy for a moment, but in the next instant, Colin was smiling at Sophia's back.

Was he mistaken?

As the coat incident passed, the whole family moved to the dining room together.

Everyone took a seat. Harold sat at the head of the table, Sophia and Colin sat next to Angie, and across them sat Levi, Jordan, and Wendy.

Jordan had taken out a bottle of Colin's treasured red wine and poured everyone a glass.

"Let's drink to our family reunion!" Jordan raised his glass.

"It would be even better if Lillian and Lola were also here." The family dinner reminded Wendy of Lillian and Joseph, who lived in C Country and only visited them occasionally.

"Bah! I've told Joseph to come visit with his wife and children more often, but he never listens!" Angie's hair had already gone white. She's at the age of always wanting to see her kids and grandchildren more often.

Jordan comforted her, "Joseph will leave the entertainment industry next year. He'll come back home soon!"

"Who knows if that was even true! He has said that numerous times, but he never came back!" Angie was not convinced. She knew that Joseph and Lillian were really busy with their career, but she believed it would be possible for them to move from Country C to Country A instead.

"I'll call Joseph again tomorrow." Jordan promised. He always tried his best to fulfill the wishes of his parents. He'd call Joseph again tomorrow to ask him to come back.

Angie nodded, "That would be nice. Come, let's have a drink. I'm so happy to see Sophie here!"

"Thank you, grandma!" Sophia smiled. And everyone clinked their glasses together.

Taking a sip from her wine glass, Sophia put it in front of her and started to eat.

The dinner was bountiful, with ten dishes and a soup. Wendy and Mrs. Lyu had prepared for the dinner the a whole afternoon. She didn't forget to prepare Sophia's favorite steamed fish.

Wendy took the bowl of steamed fish in front of her and handed it to Sophia, "Sophie, give me that plate of vegetables. Let's put the fish in front of you, so you can get as much as you want!"

Sophia hurried to take the dish from Wendy's hand, "Thank you, mom! But I can reach it even if it was placed over there."

"I know you love fish! Just put it in front of you, Sophie. So you can get more!"

Wendy insisted on placing the steamed fish in front of Sophia, so she put the plate in front of her.

"Thanks, mom!"

Angie flashed a kind smile, "You don't have to be so polite to your mother. Look how good your mother is to you, Sophie."

Sophia nodded, shooting Wendy a grateful look, "Mom has always been nice to me."

She suddenly heard Colin scoff. Her cheerful mood instantly disappeared.

Colin's voice was low, and no one else noticed.

Wendy was still smiling at Sophia, "The best reward I could wish for is a grandchild. You should hurry up, Sophie."

When people reached a certain age, they wanted different things.

Now in her fifties, Wendy was about to enter old age. She's very eager for a grandchild.

When Wendy brought up the subject, Levi remained silent. He ate his food quickly with his head down.

He and Colin had been urged by mother for years to get married and have children. Since his brother finally got married, mom hadn't paid him attention for a while.

As long as mother focused on Colin and Sophia, he could still be free...

Sophia's face flushed as she was urged to have children again. She bowed her head, "All right."

Colin didn't promise or refuse. Instead, he deliberately turned to Levi, "Levi, you're 27 years old now, aren't you?"

Levi glared, "Can't you leave me be?"

"I certainly won't, brother." Colin took a sip of his soup.

"What do you want?"

"Mom, now that Levi has also come of age, shouldn't you focus on getting him a wife?"

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