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   Chapter 49 You Don't Have to Pretend

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Sophia lowered her eyes. She could almost imagine Payne saying, "A boy."

And his answer was exactly as she anticipated.

Payne happily answered, "I want a boy. Boys are cuter."

Sophia snorted to herself. He didn't want a boy because he thought boys were cuter. He wanted one because his mother always wanted a grandson.

Back when Sophia and Payne were together, Payne always held her in his arms and whispered to her at night. They had talked about their future and having children.

When Sophia asked him the same question, Payne honestly answered that he would like a son because of his mother.

"Okay! I'll check in a few months to see if it's a boy or a girl!" Dorothy said in a sweet tone.

From the conversation, Sophia concluded that Dorothy was pregnant.

The 12th Floor

Sophia lowered her head and said to the man in front of her, "Excuse me."

The man in front of her moved aside. Payne found her voice familiar and looked back.

But Sophia had already stepped out of the elevator and strode away. Payne stared at her back, but wasn't certain if it was Sophia.

"Honey, what are you looking at?" Placing her hand carefully on her flat stomach, Dorothy noticed him looking at something and turned to the same direction.

When the elevator door closed, Payne drew his gaze back and shook his head. "I thought I saw a friend just now. But I was mistaken. It wasn't her."

Dorothy was immediately alert, "Her?"

There was a pause. "Him! I meant him!"

12th floor Department of Psychiatry

Sophia went to her father's attending physician and asked about his condition.

"Don't worry. Mr. Li has already got in touch with the world's top neurologist, Dr. Charlie. He's coming to see your father in half a month!"

Sophia assumed he was referring to Jordan Li.

She was very touched. "Thank you, doctor. Is there a good chance that my father's illness will be cured?"

The doctor pushed his glasses. "That seems a bit unlikely at the moment, but we need to wait for Dr. Charlie to arrive. We can only make a conclusion after we consult and discuss with him."

"All right. Thank you, Doctor. Can I bring father home

other side of the living room. After some hesitation, she took out her phone and dialled Colin's number.

It was already time to leave work, but Colin was still in a meeting. He almost hung up the phone when he heard it vibrate. But seeing the name on the screen, he stood up. "Don't stop for me. I have to take this call."

When the call was put through, Colin didn't speak. Sophia felt a bit awkward in the silence. Listening to the steady sound of Colin's breaths, she began, "Um... Mom wanted me to ask you when you'll be home."

"I'm busy now."

"Oh... How long will it take? Dinner is almost ready, and everyone has arrived except for you..."

Her voice was unusually gentle, making Colin frown slightly. Why was she suddenly so nice to him? Was she pretending in front of the elders?

"You don't have to pretend. Mom and dad will only blame me if they see we aren't getting along. They won't blame you."

"What?" Sophia was lost. What did he mean?

"That's it? I'm busy now." Colin hung up the phone.

Sophia's heart ached, seeing the call had disconnected.

She had to relay Colin's answer to Wendy. After thinking for a while, she went back to the kitchen and told Wendy, "Mom, Colin is almost done with work. He'll be back soon!"

"That brat! I told him there would be a family dinner tonight. And he's been busy the whole day. Dinner is ready! Can't he just work tomorrow?" Wendy complained in discontent.

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