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   Chapter 48 Complicated

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"Mom, I want to visit my father's grave at the cemetery this afternoon."

Sophia's smile faded as she thought of her family.

Wendy took Sophia's hand and drew her closer, "Sophie, your father-in-law has recently been looking for your brother. He was apparently spotted in C Country, but he was already gone when our men got there."

Sophia felt a bit sad. She raised her head and blinked back the tears.

"And the investigation of your mother's death is getting a little complicated. We sent people to the cemetery to look into it, and the collapse was caused by someone. The clue leads to several threads. I'll updated you as soon as we have the results!" One couldn't claim anything without proof.

"Finally, we've also sent people to investigate your father's accident as well. They went to the neighborhood you used to live in. The security guard said that he remembered seeing several men enter your house, then your father... got ill. But the surveillance video had already been destroyed." The Lo Clan tragedy was definitely caused by someone.

Blinking back her tears, Sophia nodded, "Thank you, Mom..."

"Don't mention it, we're a family. Don't cry, Sophie. Your father-in-law will also support you. He'll keep sending people to investigate your mother's death until we find murderer!"

"I'm not crying, mom." Sophia took the tissue that Wendy handed her and wiped her eyes.

Angie and Harold had just woken up from their nap when Sophia went out of the bedroom. They were glad to see Sophia, "Sophie! When did you arrive?"

Approaching them, Sophia took Angie's hand and smiled, "Grandpa, grandma, I just arrived."

"That's good! Did Colin come back with you?" They went downstairs and chatted.

"He's back too. But he has a lot of work to do in the company. He'll be back when his work is done."

"That brat! He cares about nothing but work. Sophie, your top priority is having a kid! Your mom always wanted a grandchild."

Sophia paused. "Of course, grandma." Why is everyone bringing up the subject of having a child?

As Colin promised, a driver came over to pick Sophia up in the afternoon. Sophia bid the elders goodbye and left for the cemetery.

Colin had arranged a black Maybach for her. Upon seeing the car, Sophia immediately gave up the idea of driving it herself. She was afraid of scratching the expensive car with her driving skills.

The driver dropped Sophia at the cemetery in the outskirts of the city, and waited for her by the car.

Sophia brought a bouquet of white lilies with her. Holding the flowers in her arms, she went to Julia's grave.

The tombstone had been cleaned, where a portrait of Julia was placed. She was smiling kindly at Sophia in the picture.

"Mom..." Sophia burst into tears. Sobbing, she knelt in front of Julia's tomb.

"I'm sorry, mom. It took me so long to visit you... You must've been lonely down there... I miss you so much, mom..."

After spending an hour at her mother's grave, Sophia wiped her swollen eyes with the back of her hand and stood up.

"Mom, take care of yourself. I'll come visit you again."

Mom, please bless me to find the murderer and my brother soon. I will avenge you and dad..."

After returning to the city, Sophia also paid a visit the hospital that Jordan had arranged for Jay Lo.

When she arrived, her father was in the garden. Basking in the sun, he was talking to a bird, "Sophie, Sophie, Sophie..."

Sophia stood behind him and covered her mouth as tears streamed down her face. She choked with silent sobs at the sight of her father calling her

name despite his illness.

"What can I do for you?" The nurse taking care of her father didn't recognize her. Shocked by her tears, she asked her tentatively.

Sophia wiped away her tears, "Hi. This is my father."

She pointed at Jay Lo and introduced herself.

Realization dawned on the nurse, "Are you Sophie or Aaron?"

"How do you know our names?"

"Since your father has been in recovery, he keeps saying these names. I guessed they were his children."

... Sophia lowered her head and thanked the nurse as she choked through tears, "Thank you so much for taking care of him..."

"Don't mention it. Go spend time with your father. He's in good shape these days, talk to him!"

"I will, thank you."

The nurse pointed to a stream not far away, "I'll wait over there. If you need anything, just call me."

"Thank you!"

The nurse left them alone. Sophia went in front of Jay, who was still happily playing with the bird, "Sophie... Aaron... Are you Sophie or Aaron?"

He had a silly smile on his face, but his condition was much better than when he was in JZ psychiatric hospital.

Thanks to her in-laws...

Crouching in front of Jay, Sophia gently took his hand, "Dad, Sophie is here."

But Jay didn't respond to her words at all. It was as if he couldn't hear her.

"Dad, It's Sophie... Look at me..." This time, her words caught his attention. Jay drew his gaze from the bird and turned to her.

He looked at her strangely, "Who are you? Why are you holding my hand?" With a frightened look, he pulled his hand away.

Sophia's heart ached at the sight. How could such tragedy strike her family?

Her loved ones were dead and the ones who lived were suffering. She had no clue how to find out who did it...

"Dad, I'm Sophie."

Jay laughed, "You're lying! Sophie doesn't look like you! My Sophie is the cutest. You're not cute, you're crying!"

Sophia wiped away her tears and tried her best to smile, "Dad, how do I look now? Am I your cute daughter?"

Jay's eyes suddenly filled with tears. He nodded and kept his eyes fixed on her, "Sophie, Sophie... Is that you?"

"It's me! Dad? Do you recognize me?" Pleasantly surprised, Sophia's eyes widened as she looked at her father.

"Haha, you're a liar! My Sophie is busy! Both she and Aaron are at school now!" Jay instantly returned to his previous state of madness. He shook off Sophia's hands, and continued to whistle to the birds.

Sophia didn't force her father to recognize her all at once. With teary eyes, she followed the nurse's instructions to retell him the happy moments of their family.

Later on, Jay ran to the stream, jumping and skipping, "Fish! I'm going to catch some fish!"

Sophia quickly pulled him back from jumping into the water, "Dad! The water is too cold. You can't go in there!"

Jay hit her on the shoulder, and glared at her angrily, "Bad! You're a bad person! My daughter likes fish! You're a bad person! You won't let me catch fish for Sophie!"

Sophia burst into tears again.

Despite his madness, her father remembered that her favorite food was fish.

She called the nurse to help her bring Jay back to the garden.

After she kissed her father goodbye, Sophia left to look for his attending doctor. In the elevator, she saw two familiar faces, Dorothy and Payne.

What were they doing here? Payne still had his arm in a plaster hanging from his neck. He pressed the 16th floor. Sophie saw it was floor for gynecology and obstetrics.

Standing quietly in the corner, she heard Dorothy say, "Honey, do you want a boy or a girl?"

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