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   Chapter 46 The Lonely Figure

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Colin's face looked dark. Why was he angry again? Was it because she refused his offer of coming to live here?

No, it couldn't be that.

Sophia walked out of the bathroom and hesitated, before climbing onto the large bed.

Staring at the ceiling, she began to think.

Recently, she had felt drawn to Colin. It felt like something was binding them together for some reason.

She didn't know whether it was good or bad.

She made her mind up and decided to ask Colin if he still wanted to divorce her.

If a divorce was inevitable, it was better to keep a safe distance from him.

If not, what should she do?

Thinking about it made Sophia's heart beat fast and her face flush. What was wrong with her?

Colin came out of the bathroom and found Sophia covering her face with her hands.

He watched her coldly, "Are you thinking about someone? What a frivolous woman you are."


The blush on Sophia's face faded immediately. "A bastard, " Sophia said softly.

Colin didn't expect her to admit that. He stood beside the bed and looked down at her. In a cold tone, he said, "A bastard?" "Must be one of your lovers."


Restraining the strong urge to hit him, she gritted her teeth and nodded, "You're very clever."

With this, Colin removed his bathrobe and threw it onto the bed.

Despite Sophia's shock, Colin went under the covers and held her tightly.

"Sophia, I warned you that you're not allowed to have other lovers. How dare you ignore me!" Although he had a bathrobe for Sophia, he never gave it to her.

It made it easier to remove the towel off her body.

Blushing profusely, Sophia grabbed the blanket and tried to cover herself up, but Colin stopped her. Soon, they were both naked.

"Colin, wait. I have a question!" Sophia pulled back from Colin's eager hands.

"Tell me."

She took a deep breath as she sorted her thoughts. She calmly asked, "How do you feel now? Do you still want to divorce me?"

What a bastard he was if he wanted to divorce her and sleep with her!

Colin didn't expect her question.

After a moment, he replied, "You have so many lovers. Why would I keep you as my wife?"

His words stung. "What if I didn't?"

Didn't they sleep together last night? Did he really think she made things up when she went to the hospital?

Colin couldn't tell whether she was telling the truth or not. He said, "Sophia, I warned you that if you wanted to be with me, you couldn't be with other men. But you flirted with Herring and other men. How could a woman like you be my wife?"

He didn't care about her past. But he couldn't ignore her recent and future behaviors.

Sophia wanted to protest. She never acted inappropriately with other men. And Herring was just a friend.

But why should she have to explain herself to a man who refused to believe her?

Downhearted, Sophia pushed Colin away. She put on her clothes and left the bedroom despite Colin's protests.

When she reached the stairs, she heard a loud noise in the bedroom.

She paused for a moment, then walked out of the villa without turning back.

She wasn't able to return his recent f


But when she got the chance, she would definitely repay him and his parents.

At the Bedroom of Colin's Villa

Colin violently smashed the bed lamp against the wall, and it shattered into pieces.

He took out his mobile phone and called Herring, "Herring, get your ass over here."

But instead of Herring, Shelly answered his call.

"Brother, what's wrong?"

Hearing her voice, Colin suppressed his fury, "Where's Herring?"

"He..." "He's showering."

"What are you doing with this playboy? Go home. Herring is a nasty person. Don't see him again!"

Colin's anger stunned Shelly.

Where did his rage come from? She's never witnessed Colin lose his temper before.

"Colin... What happened?"

"I'm fine. Don't worry. But you need to leave now."

Shelly paused. "Okay."

Hanging up the phone, Colin paced around the room. He rushed to the wardrobe to put on some clothes and left.

It was quiet outside. Sophia walked along the road slowly, and mulled over the recent events.

All of a sudden, it started to rain. Sophia stood still, watching the rain under the dim light. On the day she went to jail, it was raining like this.

It was also raining when she was released from jail three months ago.

This was why she hated the rain.

Sophia felt like a great failure. She couldn't find her little brother, her mother's murderer, Payne, or even Dorothy. It was impossible to find the evidence to prove her innocence.

As for those who helped her... If she couldn't repay them, she was better off dead.

Driving his Porsche, Colin followed Sophia's lonely figure.

Thinking of her past, he hit the steering wheel in frustration and accidentally hit the horn.

The sudden loud beep disrupted the quiet night, but didn't pull Sophia from her thoughts. She continued to walk, and sat on the bench in the nearby garden.

Mom, are you doing well in the heaven?

Do you know how much I miss you?

Mom, please give me strength so I can find the murderer who killed you. Perhaps one day I could also find Aaron.

Mom, I feel so bad.

Why do so many people hate me? Why did they frame me?


She bowed her head as hot tears flowed down her face.

But she was fortunate to have another mother who treated her well. Mom, thank you for blessing me with my mother-in-law, Aunt Wendy, who is very good to me.

Sophia was bewildered when a pair of black leather shoes appeared in front her.

Raising her head, she found it was Colin.

She hated it when people saw her weak side. Wiping her tears in a hurry, she stood up and walked out of the garden.

"Sophia." Colin called.

Sophia stopped, but didn't turn around. "Sorry, I'll leave now."

Sophia spoke through her tears. With this, she started walking faster.

Everybody hated her. Maybe she shouldn't exist anymore...

Her words hurt Colin. Obviously, she misunderstood.

He quickened his steps and grabbed her wrist, pulling her into his arms.

He didn't let her go despite her violent protests.

Perhaps she was exhausted, because she stopped struggling. Resting her head on his shoulder quietly, she stopped crying.

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