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   Chapter 45 The Final Say

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With these words, Colin just remembered he was the one that had invited the flirt, Herring. Now, it was impossible to send him away.

Sophia laughed sardonically and said, "Didn't Herring ask you to seduce me? Now that I'm yours, will you abandon me ungratefully?"

The man looked stunned, "What do you mean, you're mine?"

Sophia ignored his question and said, "Mr. Li, I'm leaving now."

Colin stubbed out his cigarette in the ashtray, suddenly kissing her red lips, "Sophie, you owe me 35 kisses. Tonight, you should pay them all."

There was no way she could protest, when he aggressively robbed her of her breath.

Since he just smoked a cigarette, his mouth was heavy with its taste.

But... The kiss lasted too long. One minute passed... Two minutes... Three minutes... Soon, Sophia got desperate.

Five minutes had passed when Colin finally let her go with wobbly legs.

Her face was flushed as she gasped for air.

"No! "Colin, you're taking advantage of me!" Sophia tried to bargain with him.

"What?" Without releasing Sophia, Colin lowered his head and listened to what she had to say.

"You can't kiss me for too long. It should only last a minute. Otherwise, I'll count the extra minutes as more kisses."

"Impossible!" Colin released her and walked to his office desk, turning the computer off.

Exasperated, Sophia behaved recklessly, "Then, I won't file for a leave!" He had cheated two kisses out of her.

"Fine!" Colin put on his coat and agreed.

When Sophia turned around, she heard Colin's voice from behind, "Your father must miss you a lot, but you haven't visited him for a long time. He must feel very sad."


Sophia stopped in her tracks. With her back to Colin, she closed her eyes.

After a while, she fiercely turned around and snapped at the man fixing the buttons of his coat.

"Are you threatening me?"

"I never said I was a kind and merciful man." Colin didn't even try to deny her accusations.

Sophia didn't respond.

Her face turned red with anger, and the words left her mouth with some difficulty, "I want a divorce! I'm calling mother!"

Her words stopped Colin's movements. "Sophia, you're not thinking straight. I have the final say on when our marriage will end."

Sophia pulled at her clothes. She suddenly remembered that Colin was the one who bought these clothes for her.

Her anger quickly dissipated, "Okay."

Colin stared at the woman who had suddenly changed her mind, "Sophia, what are you doing?"

She said softly, "Don't worry. Let's just get out of here."

Obviously she wasn't herself. Colin raised her chin to look into her eyes.

The doubt in his eyes made her feel helpless. "I... I'm your wife. I shouldn't talk back to you."

"That's it?"


"Kiss me."

"..." Sophia stood on her tiptoes and kissed him.

She gave him a simple kiss, before backing away from him.

Satisfied with her good behavior, Colin smiled. He embraced her tightly and kissed her.


Leaving the office, Colin took Sophia to a restaurant for dinner.

Sophia's change in attitude made for a harmonious atmosphere.

When the car stopped at Colin's villa, Sophia recalled being drunk the night before.

Why couldn't she remember anything? The first time was always said to be painful for women. Did she cry loudly in pain?

"What are you thinking about?" Colin changed into his slippers and interrupted her though


"Nothing... It's nothing. I'm going upstairs." She quickly fled upstairs. Colin didn't bother to catch up with her. He followed her without hurry.

On the second floor, Sophia opened the door of the room where she used to stay.

But the bedding had been put away by the servants. Where would she sleep tonight? Did she have to sleep with him?

"I drove you here because I wanted to sleep with you." Colin's voice said from outside the door. Sophia turned around and followed Colin to his bedroom.

After her shower, Sophia found a lot of skin care products in Colin's bathroom.

She picked up one of them, but she couldn't read the English instructions.

Could she use them?

When she left this morning, she had no choice but to use Colin's skin care products.

She opened the bathroom door and found Colin on the phone, "I'm going to A Country tomorrow. Mr. Lian, can we talk about the details when we meet?"

Mr. Lian.

Sophia lowered the hand holding the skin care product.

Was that president Jiankun Lian? Or general manager Moran Lian, the brother of Kezhen Lian?

Whoever it was, Sophia felt unhappy hearing the family name.

"... Sophia?" Colin called Sophia several times. But she was in a daze.

"Hm?" Sophia tried to focus her attention in vain.

She was going to return to A Country, where she suffered so much.

Colin raised her chin, "Sophia, what's wrong?"


"You were lost in a daze just now. What were you thinking of?" Sophia got lost in her thoughts again before she replied.

"Nothing. By the way... This..." Feeling embarrassed, she gestured to the skin care products. She would be mortified if these products weren't for her to use.

Colin released her, "Is there another woman here besides you?"

"How would I know if you ever brought other women here?" What if he bought these for a woman he loved?

"I didn't." He confirmed firmly, because of which Sophia curled the corners of her mouth into a smile.

Raising the skin care product in her hand, she said, "Thank you."

While Sophia was applying skin care products, Colin unbuttoned his shirt and walked towards the bathroom.

"I'll be ready in a second." She hurried and patted her face gently with the facial cream.

"Take your time." Colin leaned against the sink and watched as Sophia carefully applied cosmetics on her entire face.

She closed the lid of the cream bottle and put it back in place.

"Actually, I won't stay here often. You don't need to buy these." Since she had her own apartment, they would live apart after they returned from A Country.

"You can come over anytime you want." Colin caressed her smooth face with his thumb.

The products sent by Wade were good. Sophia's skin had become delicate and soft after just using them.

Come over anytime?

Wasn't Colin planning to divorce her? Why did he say she could come over anytime?

When they get to A Country, she would discuss with the doctor about taking her father to Z Country, so she could personally take care of him.

She wanted to live with her father. But if she lived at Colin's villa, it would be inconvenient and it might trouble him. It was better to live apart from him.

She shook her head and said, "No, I can live comfortably on my own."

Colin couldn't understand her and assumed that she was refusing him again. He replied angrily, "Get the hell out and find another place to sleep!"

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