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   Chapter 44 Little Sophia, Take Care!

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"No, thank you. I gotta go. Bye!" Sophia got out from under Herring's arm and ran into the lift.

Herring smirked as he watched Sophia leave. He turned and waved at Colin.

"Phew!" Sophia felt relieved as she stepped into the lift. However, Herring squeezed in before the door closed.

Sophia felt helpless.

"Little Sophia, what shall we eat?" Herring kept his distance from Sophia when Colin was not around. She couldn't understand this sudden affection.

Before Sophia could decline, the phone rang. Oh dear! Colin!

Sophia answered the phone timidly, "Hello?"

"Hello what? You don't want Herring to know it's me calling, do you?" Colin was irritated. Each time he called her, Sophia would address him as Colin or at least, as Mr. Li.

But this time, with Herring beside her, she didn't. Obviously, she didn't want Herring to know that he was calling.

Sophia had no choice. Fine! "Mr. Li, how can I help you?" Sophia knew that Herring would make more trouble if she mentioned Colin's name. She was hoping to avoid another scene.

And she was right! As soon as Herring heard, he got closer to Sophia, "Little Sophia, I know a place that serves great food. We're going there. After dinner, we can get some dessert and watch a movie or go for a walk. What do you think?"

Even though Sophia covered the phone, Colin could hear Herring's voice clearly.

Sophia was anxious at that moment. She lowered her voice, "Herring, I'm on the phone. We can decide where to go later."

Only Herring would not agree, "Little Sophia, why are you so afraid of Colin? We don't need his approval to go on a date. He doesn't like you after all, does he?"

Sophia thought about what Herring had said... And he was right to remind her that Colin did not seem to like her. What was she nervous about?

Sophia held the phone up to her ear, "Hello, Mr. Li, what can I do for you?"

Sophia's tone had changed dramatically. If Colin hadn't heard Herring encourage her, he would have been confused.

Good job, Herring.

"There's something wrong with your leave mail. Come and rewrite it!"

"Is there a specific problem?" But she had sent the mail to Mr. Ji. If there was a problem, Mr. Ji should be calling her. "Yes! Big problem! You are not new here. How could you not know how to write a note? What were you doing all this time? Come up! And I'll tell you what's wrong!" Sophia was upset as Colin was yelling at her. It was only a note. Did he need to go so far as to get angry?

"Yes, sir. I'll be there in a minute." Sophia ended the call and bit her lip. Why did he yell at her? What a mean guy!

Colin was so mean!

When the lift arrived at the lots on the first floor, Herring asked, "What's wrong? Do you need to go back to work?"

"No. I asked for a week-long leave. I'm going to A Country tomorrow. There's something wrong with my application, so I have to rewrite it. Sorry, Herring. I can't go with you." Sophia felt terrible. Herring had done so much for her. She had never considered herself to be a beautiful woman. And yet, the dress he had helped her buy had changed her perception. Even Colin had found

her alluring!

Every time she saw the picture of herself wearing that beautiful evening gown, she grew more confident of herself.

"What? You're leaving for A Country? Tomorrow? Hmm... Let me come with you." He had nothing to do in Z Country anyway. He could go back to A Country and have some fun.

Sophia waved her hand dismissively, "No, no. You should go to dinner. I have to go up now." The phone rang just when Sophia said those words. It was Colin!

Sophia pushed Herring out of the lift, rejected the call, and pressed the button for the 88th floor.

Herring watched the anxious woman and wondered if she had truly fallen in love with Colin. He also wondered if Colin knew.

He had to figure out if Colin loved Sophia or not.

If Colin did love her, then Herring would be in a lot of trouble for what he had done a moment ago.

Others might think that Colin was gentle, but Herring knew that he was actually a difficult man!

Herring shivered as the thought. He had better avoid Colin for a while. Little Sophia, take care! Herring trotted to his red supercar and drove away.

At the office, Colin was angry at Sophia for not answering his call.

But his heart bounded with joy and surprise when he heard a knock on the door.

"Come in!" he said coldly.

Sophia entered and stood by the door, "Mr. Li."

"Come here!" Colin reclined on his chair. He narrowed his eyes to appear angry the moment he saw Sophia.

To avoid more trouble, Sophia closed the door and walked up to the desk.

She looked at the computer screen.

Her mail was not there at all! There were only some documents sent from the company in the US.

"Mr. Li, what's wrong with the mail?" The email only needed her to write her name, date, reason, and duration. How could she have written it incorrectly?

Colin lit a cigarette. His subsequent explanation frustrated Sophia. "I misread it. There's nothing wrong with it."

Sophia stared at him, "Stop smoking! Aren't you afraid that your lungs will turn black?"

"They are already black." He had been smoking for over a decade. How could his lungs remain normal?

"Anything else? Otherwise I'm leaving."

"Why? Is Herring still waiting for you downstairs?" Colin blew smoke in Sophia's face.

Sophia choked and coughed.

"Mr. Li, I'm already off duty. I don't have to report everything to you. And it's my private life." Colin didn't like her anyway. Why should she bother to explain?

"Sophia Lo!" Colin stood up and kicked away the chair. He walked towards Sophia, cigarette balanced in his right hand. He tucked his left hand in his pocket.

Afraid of Colin's temper Sophia ran to the door.

At that time, getting away from Colin was her top priority. The farther, the better.

However, he caught her, "What are you running away from? I'm not gonna eat you."

Sophia shook her head, but Colin kept pushing, "You don't want to stay with me, do you?"

Sophia felt that Colin would throttle her had she dared to nod or say yes at that moment.

"Mr. Li, what do you want?" Sophia's heart beat faster as Colin come closer to her.

"Stay away from Herring."

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