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   Chapter 43 Leave Sophia Lo to Mrs. Li!

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"Why do you bother asking? You already know." Sophia blushed, which was rare.

"Great! Colin finally becomes a man!" He really admired Colin's willpower. Colin had been a virgin for thirty years.

Sophia didn't want to continue this topic, so she changed the subject by asking, "Herring, so you're really working here?"

"Uh-huh, I promised your husband that I'd work here for three months. And after that, I'll have the investment I need for my company." The investment advisory firm that Herring had registered was about to go bankrupt. He had never been there nor had he handled any problems. His underlings oversaw everything.

The company was now on its last legs. Funds were needed to sustain the company. And Herring was ready to invest more money in it.

However, in order to get Herring's help, Colin had offered to invest in his company and to hire professionals for him to run the company.

And of course, Herring had agreed.

"Did you promise him..." Sophia stopped before she could finish the sentence.

Never mind, why bother to bring that up? Sophia had guessed that Colin had seduced Herring into taking her away.

Herring rested on the desk leisurely and said, "Sophia, you finally bought yourself some clothes!"

"What?" That sounded like she had been coming to work in her birthday suit all this while.

Herring pointed at her light blue shirt, "Well, I suppose the shirt you're wearing is TER. This shirt would cost you about two-month salary. Wait, did Colin buy you this?"

It was possible that Sophia bought one fancy item of clothing. But from head to foot, inside and out, she was wearing only branded clothes. That was unusual.

Herring had been with so many women and so he could tell just by the look of it. And he knew most women's brands, Because he often bought clothes for the women he spent time with.

Also, the skateboard shoes on her feet were name-brand products. If he remembered correctly, shoes of this brand were worth at least 10, 000 a pair!

No one would be so generous except Colin. So it seemed that their relationship was headed in the right

r man in front of him!

Herring noticed Colin's darkened face. He smiled evilly and purposely leaned on Sophia's shoulder again.

"Herring! You are hurting me!" Sophia was weighed down. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Colin sitting in his office.

Sophia was nervous. She patted Herring's hand hurriedly, "Herring! Get away! I'm getting angry!"

What bad luck! Colin must have misunderstood!

Herring smirked and let go of Sophia who was about to go mad, "What are you afraid of?"

"Nothing... But we're at the company, people will gossip about us!"

Herring put his hands into his pockets and lifted his brow at Sophia who dared not look into his eyes. "Oh... I see. But I heard that Colin has released an announcement banning gossip. Why do you still worry about it?" Herring didn't debunk her. He wanted her to explain.

Sophia blushed, "Well, you know that my reputation is not good here. I don't want to get you involved."

Seeing Sophia blushing, Colin thought Herring was flirting with her.

"Oh!" Herring understood at once, "That's all right. My reputation is worse. I don't care." He put his arm across her shoulder and said delightedly, "Come on, little Sophia! Let's go out for dinner. My treat!"

'I am in so much trouble, ' Sophia thought to herself. Colin will certainly misunderstand. He will think that Sophia intentionally approached Herring and flirted with him.

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