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   Chapter 41 Waking Up Naked In The Morning

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Cheers! Colin was here!

She just stared at the ceiling, recalling what happened last night.

She went with Colin to meet Mr. Xu in the hotel. Then she drank a few more cups with Mr. Xu. And then?

Then she remembered vomiting in the restroom. She saw Colin when she came out of the rest room. What happened then?

Then what? Sophia felt blank. She couldn't remember anything after that..

She moved her arms further down the waist and realized that she was naked.

She slapped Colin on his shoulder. He opened his eyes suddenly in half sleep. He jumped out of the bed in panic and pressed her under his body. Then he held her neck in his big palm threateningly.

"Cough cough...", she coughed. "Help..." She couldn't speak out the whole sentence. On hearing her voice, Colin realized that it was Sophia.

He removed his palm quickly. "Sophia, what were you doing in the morning? Why didn't you sleep?"

Sophia was speechless and helpless. In the early morning, she woke up, found herself naked, and almost got killed by Colin.

"Cough... Colin... Last night, did we..." Then she suddenly recalled that she was still naked!

She held back her scream, pulled up Colin's quilt, wrapped her body with it, and then made a complaint against him. "Colin!" You took advantage of me without my consent! I despise you!"

Colin kneaded his temple and then checked the time on the watch. It was over seven o'clock. Sophia would be late for work even if she went now.

He was not late to his bed last night. Why did he oversleep?

Colin kneaded his temples again and got out of bed. "Go down and get your clothes!"

"Er?... No. Colin. I asked you why did you take advantage of me without my consent! Last night, did we..."

He was just wearing a short underwear. Sophia looked here and there, feeling shy to look at him.

This man was a bastard, going back and forth in front of her in a short underwear.

"Yes!" Colin replied.


what's it on her neck?

Sophia walked close to the mirror and rubbed the red mark on the neck.

She rubbed it for several minutes. but it became only redder...

It maybe the proof of sleeping with Colin! But she felt good and normal as usual. It was not like the feeling described by others... As easy but tired?

"Are you OK?" Outside, Colin urged her.

Sophia had to neglect the red mark. She walked out of the cloakroom. "Yes, I'm OK now!"

He threw a white coat to her. Sophia caught the coat, but said, "I don't want to wear..." a coat of this color.

"If you put on this now, you can come to work with me after finishing the breakfast. If not, you are not allowed to go out today!"


Sophia had no choice but put on the white coat.

She wanted to see how she looked in the mirror, but Colin said no. He threw her two shoe boxes. "One is boots and another is flat shoes. Choose one."

She chose the flat shoes without hesitation. Taking the shoe box, she walked out of the bedroom with Colin.

The breakfast was ready on the table. The maids said, "Sir and Madam. The breakfast is ready"

"OK." Colin nodded.

Sophia was used to being called Madam because they called her Madam when Wendy was here. She didn't oppose to it then because she wanted to make Wendy happy.

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