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   Chapter 40 The Many Faces of Love

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"Colin Li! I'm your motherfucking wife! For you, it may be nominal! Still you must protect me! How dare you tell that motherfucker Payne Tai I'm a slut! You are merely jealous! If you don't have the balls to sleep with me, then shut the fuck up!"

Colin was completely irritated. What was on this woman's mind? Does she want him to sleep with her everyday?

Wade found all this funny. He barely managed to contain his laughter on hearing her words. .But Colin was in a different mood. Despite Wade's presence, Colin pressed Sophia down to the rear seat and kissed her rudely.

Did she think he was impotent?

Wade was surprised when there was no voice from the back of the car. He peeked through the rear-view mirror when the car stopped at the traffic lights.

Oops! What a surprise! They were making it out there! Are they going to do some car sex right there?

Wade pressed on the accelerator as soon as the traffic light turned. The car sped towards Colin's villa. He was in a hurry to take them home so that they can do it in the house.

He didn't want to see any live show!

"You thought I was a slut? Try me then!" Said Sophia breathlessly while kissing.

She was okay with car sex. She wanted to prove that she was still intact! Perhaps it would make him stop nagging her afterwards too!

Did Sophia asked him to try her? Colin was speechless.

Sophia struggled under his pressure. Colin wanted to see what she was going to do. He loosened his control.

Sophia wriggled out of his arms and sat on his waist. She grit her teeth as she unbuttoned his shirt, "Colin, since you are not doing it, I'll do! I'll ride you until you beg to stop! And I'm going to bear your kid! And I'll dump you afterwards!"


Her bluster confused both the men in the car.

Wade never expected this from her. Sophia always kept a low profile in public. She looked distant and cold normally. But now she is behaving really... emmm.... macho.

Colin suppressed his desire and removed her hands from him, "You're really experienced, aren't you? How many men have you dumped?"

Sophia tried to disengage herself from his grip, but failed.

epared to go in too. But Sophia suddenly realized that she had no clothes on, and shrieked, "Ah! Get out!"


She pushed him out of the bathroom. The door slammed shut behind him.

Half an hour later, the door flew open again. And Sophia went out, wrapped in a bath towel.

She was so sleepy...

But she had to dry her hair.

In a daze, she found the hair dryer and began using it. Before long, she blew her hair dry completely.

Then she saw the bed and climbed onto it. Colin had been waiting for her the whole time. But before he could took any move, he saw Sophia fall asleep immediately. In an instant!

Like, in 20 seconds? She dozed off just as she touched the pillow! And it took her less than half a minute!

Colin leaned close to her, bowed his head and kissed her red lips.

It tasted so good.

Another kiss. Sweet. And even better.

Sophia moaned in her sleep. That made Colin want to do more.

Colin called her softly, "Sophia Lo?"

She didn't respond.

"Wake up, Sophia!" She couldn't just turn him on and fall asleep! He felt terrible!

Sophia removed his hands unconsciously, pulled the quilt over her head and continued to sleep.

Colin was frustrated. He kissed her neck and took a deep breath. Then he went to the bathroom for a cold water shower.

In the morning

Sophia woke up to the sound of an alarm clock. The weight around her waist made her open her eyes in doubt.

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